The Real Reason You Give Too Much

 Hint: It’s Not Always the Spirit of Generosity

From August 27 to October 13, Mars is in Leo. An excessively generous influence, this can lead to overindulgences all around. However, if you’re the type who regularly finds that they give too much without receiving in return, there’s an alternative, non-astrological explanation. Actually, there’s a handful of them.

Here are some of the real reasons you give too much and what you can to do change that behavior!

You Need to Be Needed

A healthy dose of generosity will never make you feel badly. If you often find yourself feeling slighted, consider your motivations. Are you trying to make that person realize they need or want you? Going overboard on a consistent basis (especially to your own detriment) is usually a sign that you don’t feel appreciated.

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You Don’t Know Your Own Value

Low self-esteem often leads to foolish generosity, if such a term can be applied. How to define foolish generosity: giving more than you can afford to (financially, emotionally, etc.), so as to (probably subconsciously) prove your own worth. If you ever find yourself thinking “I just want so and so to like me,” or “I just want to make a good impression,” when overextending yourself, you’re not valuing yourself and your inherent worth sufficiently.

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You Want to Craft a Grand Narrative

Ah, the power of the story. Who doesn’t love being able to share a great one? But if you’re more concerned with how you’re perceived (what other people think) than you are with who you are at your core and how you treat other people, you’re not giving too much out of self-sacrifice, or being a “good person.” No. You’re telling tall tales and you need to check yourself. Your identity is not in how you’re perceived, but in who you are.

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One thought on “The Real Reason You Give Too Much

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    thank you for sharing the wisdom of giving…

    Leo rising here and the desire to share and give always seems to make me happy. I learned via my dad that sometimes when we give to one person, not all the time do we get it back from that person. but as karma has it what we give sooner or later comes back.
    this realization allowed me the freedom to give as I want in love, friendships, family, etc. without expectation of getting back, if anything, sometimes the giving is the getting.
    although I do believe that we get back ten times what we put out. good or bad.
    karma and giving from the heart has always kept a bright light on my path when sharing/giving. learning the art of giving is very important.
    if someone takes advantage of me, that is what they are putting out and is there karma.
    I love to share, I totally enjoy the act of giving.
    Buddha bless,


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