Venus Enters Virgo

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. She influences us in areas of affection, beauty, social graces and sex appeal. She rules over our love affairs and our friendships. Because Venus governs the higher emotions, she has the ability to bestow the greatest gift – the gift of happiness.

Virgo is the sign of hard work and self-improvement. Virgo energy can be painstakingly analytical, always seeking perfection with the need to dissect every available fact in order to know and understand truth in its purest form.

From now through November 9, 2007, emotional and loving Venus will be making her way through the ever-analytical and sometimes high-strung Virgo. The effect will make it a time when we start thinking about the things that bring us pleasure and the people we love. Many of us will find new clarity with our existing relationships, improvements with our finances and resolution with our inner struggles.

October 8 heralds the day when Venus once again goes direct, and with Virgo’s help brings us the opportunity to find closure and peace with the issues many of us have been struggling with since Venus went retrograde on July 27, 2007.

Venus transiting Virgo brings us the opportunity to change ourselves. It’s a time to harvest the joys of life with deeper understanding. Emotional Venus combined with analytical Virgo creates a rewarding balance of harmony and peace with old issues, as well as the ability to forge ahead down the path of happiness with conscious understanding and reason.

Let’s take a peek at how Venus transiting Virgo will impact you…

Expect your emotional plane to become rather intense. Past issues will be resolved, but new and passionate ones are about to present. Proceed with caution in matters of the heart, because there is an intriguing air of secrecy. You may find that the one you love is unattainable or unavailable.

You may find an unexpected development in the midst of an existing friendship romance! Professionally, you can reach your goals. What you’ve been working toward is very likely to manifest.

You may find yourself in the spotlight now and gaining in popularity. Now is the time to “go for it” with love and career, because it is almost as if you can do no wrong. Letting go of the things that no longer serve you opens the door to bigger and better times.

Love is in the air, quite possibly with someone of another culture or a different background. This is a great time for you to travel and explore other people as well as distant lands.

You will find people being more generous with you in terms of both time and money. So whether you want to advance your relationship or acquire a special trinket, luck is with you now. All you have to do is ask.

You’re going to feel like you’ve got your balance back, free from the issues that have been holding you down. Love is all around you now and romance is soaring high. If marriage is your greatest desire, you may just get your wish!

You may find yourself on a health kick, primarily because you will be spending most of your time tending to the people and things you love. Even though you may feel somewhat fragile, your relationships are on the mend, and you will find greater appreciation for even the smallest things in life.

Your love life is heading for an upswing and your sex life is due for an explosion. Explore your creativity – it could prove to be profitable!

You will find yourself more focused on life at home, enjoying improved relationships and surroundings. Things are bound to be flowing with grace and ease, but heed to logic and watch your spending to avoid a problem later.

If you’ve been having trouble with your family, those problems are about to pass. Turn on the charm and use your mediation skills and good things will come your way.

If you’ve been in a slump, your luck is about to turn. There’s more money on your horizon, and you are likely to give yourself a treat. Renewed energy makes you radiate. Be prepared to get noticed.

Unsolicited attention comes your way as people are going to find you more attractive than usual. If you’re looking for love, put yourself out there – the odds of finding it are greatly in your favor.

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