11 Relationship Tips to Never Forget

More Do’s and Don’ts About Love

It’s springtime, the flowers are blooming, you’re shedding your winter coats, and you can actually walk outside in heels looking all cute. The construction workers will whistle at you as you saunter by. The men are starting to look good as they get in to the morning run with their dog in tow. You’re starting to think about a new relationship.

There are many elements about love and relationships that my callers ask, no matter what stage of life they’re in. The dynamics of relationships don’t change much with age. One of my favorite sayings is “all is fair in love and war,” and although I’ve never been to war, I’ve certainly been in love.

1. If you met on the Internet, and you’re both local, don’t explore the relationship any more than two weeks. If you’ve not had a date or met for coffee or a drink, it’s not going to happen.

2. If a person is ready to start dating they won’t have to juggle their calendar to fit you in. If they do, take the hint and back off.

3. If you’re with a person in another state and they want you to move to them… like the song goes, “if ya like it then ya better put a ring on it!” No moving without an engagement ring. Even if he’s moving to you.

4. The phone rings and it’s the person you just met, but it’s after 11 p.m.—unless they need to get bailed out of jail, it’s a booty call.

5. Men do not feel, they think. So if you have to ask a question, always ask “what do you think,” not “how do you feel”; this way you’ll get more out of a probing conversation. Women feel, so ask how they “feel” about this or that—get the picture?

6. If you’re dating for six months and the word love hasn’t been said, it never will.

7. Never co-sign for a car for your man or woman or let him or her drive your car. It’s not fun getting into your car on Monday morning for work and smelling perfume—and it’s not yours. The same goes for a guy getting into his car and noticing that the seat, mirrors and heat all need to be adjusted.

8. If you don’t hear from him or her within three days after a date, either his or her fingers fell off, or there is no longer interest.

9. If you haven’t heard from him or her within three days after a date, call, because their fingers probably fell off.

10. Spring is in the air and men, like bees, like to hop from flower to flower… if you’re part of a bouquet, you might want to consider another watering can!

11. Closure is overrated—if there hasn’t been any contact for weeks, months or years, chances are the relationship is closed.

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4 thoughts on “11 Relationship Tips to Never Forget

  1. cindy

    I have 6 beatiful girls and they don’t want to get married they seen what mom lived through but,I was raised you put a 100% in anything you do. I guess there dad would party with my girls I guess he thought it made him look cool. I have news for parents who party with your kids under age and even when they older please,stop that’s why kifs today think well my parents let me do it I think the parents should go to jail . I know as a parent when my husband would let my girls have parties like with 200 kids even more sometimes I would call the law and they didn’t do a dam thing about it .I hade to do something about it myself and it’s called a divorce and I don’t care if my kids got mad now they know why I’did what had to be done. Getting a divorce was the frist step.. Well I have to say, bye for now. Pertect our kids and show them the right path it only takes a short period of time God help lead all of parents and hear our prayers.

  2. cindy

    I’m old fashion gal but,I also believe that when a man tries to take control you need to run it took me 20years to learn that. Women can have a career and a family that’s what broke my marriage up he always said,he felt less of a man when I made more money then him….then when I fell down with a chronic sickness he wasn’t man enough to deal with that if anything he made things worst he wasn’t a and children want that authority figure . I love my kids enough to walk away from gthe life that were comfortable with but,in the long run they’ll come to understand why my oldest seen and heard alot and I raised to others girls that’s just like mine on and that pattern has to stop are the kids today will live what they believe that’s the way to live and God my witness I want my girls to not follow the pattern. God gave us the gift of life and what we do with it is in our control . I had my own buisness and my husband made sure that if it was up to him I wouldn’t succeed well,now their’s not anyone that’s gone to stop me. May God hear my prayers and protect all my love ones an all good people out there . Amen

  3. Cameron ext 5412

    Wow, Quinn, direct and to the point! I laughed several times, but there’s definitely wisdom here.


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