Get Your Flirt On: 6 Flirting Must Haves

The word “flirt” has taken on a negative connotation in many circles. It sometimes refers to a young woman/man, keen on getting attention from anything with two legs and half a personality. It can also refer to a married, seven year itch man/woman, driven by the need to affirm that they’ve still got it. Studies would suggest that we all flirt no matter what stage of life we’re in. What’s more important to understand is that most flirtation is simply a harmless means of negotiating security and self confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or attached, flirtation can be a rewarding and fun tool. Today I welcome everyone to get their flirt on with these six flirting must haves:

1. Smile

Whether you are looking for a date on a Saturday night or the choicest cut of steak at the deli market, a broad smile can open all sorts of doors. People are naturally drawn to confident, beautiful people, but they are particularly encouraged by the ones who accept them with a warm, open grin. A smile will make almost anyone more approachable, regardless of their physical attractiveness. Studies suggest a smile can add appearance points to the face, making it practically one of the cheapest beauty treatments known to man/woman.

2. Eye Contact

People like to be acknowledged. Establishing eye contact gives people the recognition they desire, imparting a first impression that they are important to you. In fact, research suggests that engaging your eyes, will instantly make you more confident, stable, attractive, and likeable in any situation. However, there is much more to this. The locking of eyes is one of the defining moments of infatuation in couples. Studies have shown the simple act of catching someone’s gaze, can be enough to promote an oxytocin bath in their brain, initiating a pleasure boost worthy of chocolate, roses, or even heroin.

3. Elbow Room

Those who are shy, must rely on their flirtation techniques to bring the interested parties to them. Often, these demure types feel most comfortable in groups, but allowing some distance between you and your gal/guy pals, will give you the advantage of being more approachable. It is hard enough to walk up to someone we don’t know for the first time, but the intimidation factor will more than double whenever there is a studio audience surrounding you.

4. Stop, Drop and Flirt

The old saying tells us to stop and smell the roses, but singles will fare best to stop and get their flirt on. The world has become such a detail oriented place. It seems we need to schedule a time for just about anything and everything we do, including when we work, eat, play, relax, and visit the local bar scene to flirt. People are so intent on their current destiny, they forget that getting there should be half the fun. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, always keep your eyes/ears open, your head up, and a smile upon your face. You can’t schedule love, so you must welcome it at all times.

5. Keep Your Flirt On

Flirtation is nature’s way to remind us that we are all social, sexual beings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little playful exchange on occasion, provided you can do it responsibly, and know where to draw the line. The key to flirting for those who are currently attached, is not so much in hindering this natural instinct, but remembering to keep it up with your existing, long term relationship. Flirtation is an exciting experience often associated with feelings of new love, but it should also become a permanent part of mature love. If you haven’t flashed that come hither stare at your partner/soulmate in awhile, why not take it out for a spin tonight.

6. Natural Instinct

Studies suggest that most guys have a difficult time discerning between a friendly gesture and a sex driven flirt, so why fret yourself over the difference. There are all kinds of techniques you will find about how to flirt successfully, but the most important thing is to remain approachable, get noticed, and surrender to your natural instincts.

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4 thoughts on “Get Your Flirt On: 6 Flirting Must Haves

  1. terry

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree on this article flirting is an art, something you learn a growing up but yes it might be because were all sexually beings, sorry to say that’s not enough.

  2. Gwen Brush

    great article-however- If a man can not distinquish between friendly and flirtatious it is up to men to educate themselves to women not the other way around. Why do women always have to bend for men’s inadequecies?


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