Mr. Right is Looking for You

If you’re looking for Mr. Right, your true love or soulmate, doesn’t it stand to reason he is looking for you? As Psychic Elijah ext. 5211 states in the video: “If I’m a loving spirit, I’m going to attract loving spirits.” What kind of energy are you putting out there? Because if your Mr. Right is a loving spirit and you’re sending out “I’m desperate for anyone to love me” energy, then you won’t find him.

OK, maybe you’re not desperate (or at least not sending out that kind of energy), but you’re still not attracting what you want. Have you followed Elijah’s other words of wisdom? Have you opened your heart “…to the opportunities and possibilities of romance?”

If you keep yelling, “Yes, I have opened my heart and still nothing comes!” Why do you think that is? What belief or assumptions about love and life are you holding close that may be preventing you from find Mr. Right? When I was asked this question, I yelled back at my friend, “How in the world do I know?”

There’s a simple, unique process I recently learned. It can help uncover what limiting beliefs (things that prevent you from living your life) or false beliefs (things that were once true and no longer are true) that are standing in your way.

I’ll walk you through a limiting belief I once had. I believed I couldn’t attract Mr. Right. You can also change out the first question for your own. The model will still work.

1. Ask yourself: Why you aren’t attracting loving spirits (or why are you attracting the unwanted spirits you are attracting)?

Answer: I’m overweight.

2. Why do you think, feel or see this as the truth or an issue?

Answer: Men don’t like fat women.

3.  Why do you think, feel or see this as the truth or an issue?

Answer: I’m fat, therefore men won’t like me.

4. Why do you think, feel or see this as the truth or an issue?

Answer: If men don’t like me, I’ll be alone.

So what was driving me to find Mr. Right is that I didn’t want to be alone. Now, I did continue this exercise to figure out why it was an issue to be alone. But that’s another article for another time.

Get to what is stopping or limiting you from finding your ideal Mr. Right. The answer is there; you have to look for it.

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