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Steamy Words

As anyone who’s tried it before knows, talking dirty is an art unto itself. The power of words in the bedroom cannot be overstated. They can titillate, tease and even intensify climax when properly delivered, not to mention a whole host of other boudoir benefits! Yes, talking dirty in the bedroom can intensify all aspects of a sexual adventure. However, in order to have the greatest impact you need to know your partner’s sign.

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Shy Types

Still, for some reason, the mere mention of dirty talk often makes shy types blush. And even the most amorously adventurous can find it difficult or embarrassing to get verbally down and dirty. No more! There is no better way to give or get satisfaction than by voicing your desires … whatever they may be, and however you choose to express them. And, if you’re looking for the specific ways to turn your lover on with language, you don’t need to look any further than the stars. Whether you lean toward the lascivious (where no naughty word is off limits) or stick to the slightly sultry (where implication alone fans the flames), get ready to empower your sexual Shakespeare and talk dirty!


Aries is simple when it comes to sex. They want to rule their partners. They want to dominate. And when it comes to talking dirty, that’s exactly how to play things with the Ram. Four-letter words are okay, so long as they’re describing what your Aries can do to you. No need to be fainthearted here. As with all things in life, the motto for the Ram is “Bring it on.”

Sample: “… me! I love the way you … me! I can’t stop thinking of how hot it is when you grab me and throw me down and….”


The devil is in the details for Taurus, who sees sex as a respite from other, more tedious endeavors and will do anything to prolong it. This is great news for the verbally inclined, since even the finest print (or most vivid description) is not lost on the bull. Rather, it enhances their experience. In fact, Taurus wants you to get down and dirty, or rather, earthy, since the catch is not to delve into the fantastical. These grounded types want you to keep it real, even here. So stick to play by plays; detailed descriptions of the things your bull can do to you (with a special focus on the use of their tongue) and you can’t miss.

Sample: “I’m thinking about you running your tongue up my thigh and…”


Heady Gemini, on the other hand, is the zodiac’s game player … and fantasizer. In fact, the more impractical and improbable the implication is, the better. To get the Twins really riled up, find the least opportune time (the middle of a business dinner, in line at the airport). The less sexual the situation is, the better. Then fill their heads with a fantasy of doing it right there. When you whisper your erotic interlude, expect your Gemini’s eyes to light up and your next session to be downright wild. P.S.: The Twins can handle your bedroom persona differing from your standard self, so don’t stress about coming off too forward if you’re actually demure, or vice versa.

Sample: “Take me into that closet, throw me up against the door and … You’ll have to cover my mouth when I scream so no one out here will catch us!”


Sensitive Cancer likes to be doted on, and anyone spinning a sexy story for the crab should keep that in mind. More important, however, is not to confuse sensitivity with timidity. These artful souls can conjure the most sordid details (sexually speaking) and they like it when their lovers step up to the plate here as well (or stoop down to it, depending on your perspective). As such, colorful descriptions (the color pink comes to mind), will go a long way … particularly by phone. If pushing it makes you nervous, ask for approval along the way. Odds are, you’ll get it.

Sample: “Do you like it when I trail my fingers and lips lightly down your stomach to your throbbing…”


Leo wants you to worship at their altar. During sex, foreplay, or even when you’re sitting at Sunday lunch. It doesn’t matter when as long as it’s often. Tell a Lion how much they turn you on (any time with any amount of detail) and you’ll certainly score points as long as your lascivious language is flattering. In other words, use your turn of phrase to make a male Leo feel like a big strong man or a lioness like a gorgeous, glowing goddess, and you’ve got it made.

Sample: “Oh my god, look at your … I have to … you until I … all over your ….” Wide-eyed sincerity does wonders.


Virginal games are not for Virgo. Nor is squeaky-clean sex talk. In fact, the precision-loving Virgin can talk (and play!) a good game themselves. You’ll want to be sure to keep up, lest you be judged! Salacious is the name of the game here, with elaborate coming in a close second. Involved descriptions of intricate lingerie and details of how you’ll take it off them will be sure to get their wheels spinning, whether it leads up to a night of passion or happens in the moment as you do the deed. You’ll get bonus points for the ability to combine naughty and nice.

Sample: “As I tie your wrists to the bed with the soft, smooth silk rope, your skin tingles, you like the sensation even as the rope tightens ….”


While unpredictable when it comes to fidelity (who wouldn’t be with so many options!), Libra is actually a consummate romantic, complete with fairy-tale wishes and idealistic sexual fantasies. Keeping this in mind, dirty talk here may lean a bit more flowery than scandalous. This isn’t because Libra is a prude. In fact, quite the opposite. Dirty talk may strike these refined types as seedy. Still, who doesn’t like a little encouragement? Engage your balanced one’s sexy side. Encourage your Libra by expressing what delights you. Keep it simple and sweet, knowing that implication is everything.

Sample: “It feels so amazing when you …. Oh yeah, just like that.”


Conversely, Scorpio knows no bounds sexually, or sexually speaking. If there’s a sign that can handle a string of four letter words intermingled with hard, wet, pierced, plunged, sucked and spanked, it’s this stinger. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The catch is, unlike Gemini, Virgo or Pisces (other signs who are particularly like to talk dirty), there’s no need for elaborate scenarios here. Just get to the point. Scorpio wants to be consumed by sex, as if their entire identity begins from the moment foreplay is initiated. That said, keep in mind that no time is inappropriate for sex talk here. After all, for this sign, a seduction is always in progress.

Sample: “I thought of you when I came home last night, hovering over me with that smile and your….”


Strong-willed Sagittarius takes sex seriously. It’s a physical act as well as a philosophical one, so for them, talking dirty is a combination of those two pleasures. As such, The Archer responds well to a delicate hand or moreover, a truly artistic one when it comes to lusty lingo. Romantic ramblings that mix pleasure and adventure (with a healthy dose of longing thrown in) will hit the spot with Sag and bring out their more adoring side. For an added thrill, switch roles midway through pleasuring your Archer and ask them to do the talking. Catching them in the height of arousal means they’ll likely be happy to oblige and surprise you.

Sample: “I want to bring you pleasure like you’ve never known. Does it feel good when I….”


Capricorn is business minded and risk-averse, so safety is the word to remember here. And not as in S&M safe words, either! Rather, the key to unleashing a Capricorn’s saucier side (which is libidinous to say the least) is making the Goat feel understood. As such, sex talk should focus on them. Only your Capricorn can make you feel this kind of longing and lust, and as long as they know that, the world is your sexual oyster.

Sample: “Oh wow, I’ve never felt anything like the way you do.…”


Seductive but soothing words will go a long way with Aquarius, who is constantly looking to combine the pleasures of mind and body for an otherworldly experience. To get there, take your Water Bearer on an erotic expedition with your imagination. Describe (on the phone, via email or in person) the ways in which physical ecstasy can overcome their being, sending them to new heights or depths. Aquarius is not kink-averse! Special tip: Describe an orgasm from the first sensation and watch them float away, awash in your glow.

Sample: “It’s the tiniest feeling at first, like an electric current has been turned on through you, but as your breath quickens and you get …”


Playful Pisces is ruled by imaginative Neptune, which means that talking dirty is part and parcel of sex for this sign. No adventure is too outrageous and no description takes it too far, so long as you remember Pisces’ sensitive spirit. In other words, Pisces (like Capricorn and Cancer) needs to feel safe and cared for with their lover. Once that’s accomplished, the fish can skip from the lightest of play to the dirtiest depths. Versatility is one of their strong suits. To start off safe but strong, ask your Pisces how they’d feel about indulging in a little imagination … like if you were to strip them of their clothes and start at their toes, guided only by their breath and sounds … since you’re the only one allowed to speak.

Sample: “Touch me that way. You make me melt when you….”

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