Your LOVECAST™: A Madcap Romp

Romance is a madcap romp during the weekend – so have a blast! Mercury may derail communication when it turns retrograde on Monday (until June 19), so be aware.

Week of May 24 -30, 2008

Gemini: Flirting (from afar?) or during a spiritual gathering brings delight this weekend! Your intuition and creativity are heightened on Monday, but love feels serious or stilted. Mixed messages can upset your relationship on Tuesday or Wednesday. A conflict with a friend arises on Thursday. A group activity may bring an intimate encounter on Friday.


Cancer: Romance feels chaotic this weekend, so be spontaneous and go with the flow. Feelings accelerate on Monday, but something from your past may hinder desire. Take some quiet time to do some soul-searching for clarity on Tuesday and Wednesday. Don’t get pulled into a conflict on Thursday. Access your independent, adventurous side to enhance passion on Friday.


Leo: A conflict with your sweetie this weekend turns into a passionate romp between the sheets! Using your imagination heightens romance on Monday. Also, a friend may need your help. A misunderstanding with a friend or lover is likely on Tuesday or Wednesday. A power struggle arises at work on Thursday. Lust takes over (in a good way) on Friday.


Virgo: Your relationship analysis is spot on this weekend, but you’ll need to turn off your brain to enjoy the sizzle. If you overcome your reticence, promoting your ideas can enhance your career on Monday. Chaos and confusion abound in romance on Tuesday and Wednesday, so strive to stay centered. Thursday is abrasive, but passion skyrockets on Friday!


Libra: When romance lands in your lap this weekend, use your originality to turn up the heat. Monday may feel heavy, but a little fantasy in the boudoir can rev up romance, nonetheless. Stay clear of gossip at work on Wednesday or Thursday. An issue about control or jealously can unhinge your relationship on Thursday. A twosome affair enflames passion on Friday!


Scorpio: You can either jump into a conflict or focus your angst on more intimate activities this weekend. Love needs honest talk and a cozy ambiance to unblock intimacy on Monday. Confusion about sexual needs can upset romance on Wednesday or Thursday. Watch willfulness on Thursday. A crawl between the sheets sets you aflame on Friday!


Sagittarius: If you don’t go overboard, verbal naughtiness can send passion into orbit this weekend. Imaginative talk continues on Monday, but love needs a more thoughtful tone. Subterfuge and game-playing can derail romance Wednesday and Thursday. Avoid extreme talk or actions on Thursday. You’re fired up for an adventure in love on Friday!


Capricorn: Sexy spontaneity can prove delightful or alarming this weekend, so act wisely! Your inventiveness pays off at work on Monday, but you may feel unappreciated or underpaid. Avoid negative or exaggerated talk on Wednesday and Thursday. A family issue needs your attention on Thursday. Entertaining at home ignites passion on Friday.


Aquarius: You’re in a sexy but defiant mood this weekend, when passion and rebelliousness collide! Brilliant talk or flirting brings romance on Monday, but not without complications. A clash of values or spending habits can upset love on Wednesday or Thursday. Rash words derail romance on Thursday, but sexy talk heats up the sheets on Friday!


Pisces: Revealing your feelings and following your intuition make love bloom this weekend. Your allure and creativity bring admirers on Monday, but family may be challenging. Feelings and intellect clash on Wednesday and Thursday, so think before you speak. You may feel pushed on Thursday. A sexy romp is assured on Friday, if you let your desires be known!

Aries: Friends bring laughter, surprises and some argumentativeness this weekend. Your inventiveness brings kudos at work on Monday, but communications may hit a brick wall. Instincts clash with logic on Tuesday and Wednesday, so watch what you say. Aggressiveness can derail love on Thursday, but a direct approach heightens passion on Friday!


Taurus: An unusual activity or locale inspires love this weekend, but family may be challenging. Your creativity enhances career projects on Monday – if you keep your confidence and energy high. A friend or group may challenge what’s important to you Tuesday and Wednesday. Unconscious urges are revealed on Thursday. Your sexy beast comes out to play on Friday!

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