Mend a Broken Heart

California Psychics are well-versed on the subject of dealing with broken hearts. The mix of shock, confusion, anger, loss of self-esteem and jealousy which creates that excruciatingly painful hole in one’s heart, also compels callers to seek relief or guidance in a psychic reading.

Are they coming back? How do I get over them? How did this happen? are frequent questions from those suffering from relentless heartache. We asked some of our finest relationship specialists, to look into the answers.

They tell us that broken hearts are most often caused by a lack of closure. Clients are literally blind-sided by a lover’s sudden disappearance from their lives. They call struggling with the silence and the “why” questions that are part and parcel of the seemingly irreparable anguish that comes when a relationship ends without a goodbye.

It’s not unusual to get callers who haven’t heard from a lover for weeks or months. They may even have been left hanging for years, tells Tammy ext. 9380, a Clairvoyant, Tarot reader and Medium. “In a reading, I can look into a person’s aura or do some remote viewing to see if the other person’s life situation has changed.” People move on without saying anything or just change their mind, she says. “I just had a caller who had a married boyfriend for 30 years. She hadn’t heard from him in weeks and she was worried. She had no way of contacting him. I saw that he was still very much in love with her, but had made the choice to uncomplicate his life.”

From a name, birth date and a spread of her Tarot cards, Ciarra ext. 8624 who is Clairvoyant, can tell what is going to happen in a relationship and why it is happening. “When I look into the cards, I tell callers what they need to know, not what they want to hear…” though she reveals the tough stuff gently, she says. “Knowing may be the best thing for them and their self esteem.”

What’s disturbing, Ciarra says, is the kind of heartbreak that people are suffering as a result of Internet dating. People who have never met, but have spent months and years communicating, often intimately, with another, are finding themselves “dumped” online, despite promises of love and a future. Others who have invested the same kind of time and energy into getting to know someone via video calls and email, across miles and oceans, finally meet and find to their great horror that the other person has misrepresented themself substantially. Both psychics suggest staying alert to red flags when communicating with online dates.

Staying out of denial is the key to moving away from heartbreak, the psychics agree. Stop believing that the heartbreaker is the same perfect romantic catch they appeared to be in the first weeks of the “honeymoon phase” even though their personality went downhill from there. Get counseling if you are fixated on someone who no longer is interested in you, or if you’re having fantasies about someone coming back that aren’t realistic. Don’t be in such a hurry to find someone – pay attention to your hunches and intuition. It takes the test of time to discover whether or not a person really is your soulmate, Tammy warns.

So what’s a good prescription for heartbreak? Avoid dating seriously right away, the psychics suggest strongly, because healing takes time. “Give in to emotion, cry, talk it out, take long walks, play with your pets, get hugs, massages, take vacations… go out and dance your derriere off, flirt outrageously, but go home alone.

And most importantly, our psychics know from years and years of counseling, have faith that you will feel whole again. After all, weren’t you fine before you met this person?

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