Sexual Skills According to Chinese Astrology

Bring Out Your Best in the Bedroom

Knowing the sexual skill sets of the animal that lives in your heart can bring out the best in a relationship. Chinese astrology brings us yearly cycles that empower us when the year is in our sign. For the other eleven signs, it can be enhancing to one’s nature or a time to make changes. The nature of each sign gives us different vibrations to work with. Here we are presenting sexy notes on each beloved animal.


The Rat is a “number one” kind of person, loving to be first at the finish line. This is good if you’re the female in the relationship. If not, the person will find himself doing do-over’s to please his partner. Rats love to kiss and experiment with different toys. Keep a pack of batteries handy and some munchies for after.


Slow and steady, strong and safe, the Ox has great upper body strength and wonderful legs. They need plenty of time to get comfortable before embarking on sexual relations. By the time you get there, you’ll find it was well worth the wait.


Totally fierce, beautiful and profoundly skilled in the sexual arena, Tigers have a strong desire to please and love long sessions of hot, steamy sex. Keep the window cracked to let in air—they will take your breath away and have the room steamed up for sure.


These two have a lazy kind of energy, but, hey, they are so soft and sweet. You just want to hold them and stroke their hair. Once you get the bunny going, they don’t want to stop. Lavishing them with love will bring out their skill set, and as they give back the good loving, you find yourself reaching for more Red Bull.


Being good with their hands makes the Dragon a hands-on kind of lover. They are not much for chitchat or expressing themselves with words. Even the Dragon woman is the strong silent type. Their sense of humor makes for fun pillow talk afterwards. Once relaxed, they’re more likely to open up and express their love with words.


Long and lean, smooth and good with unusual moves, the yogi and  kundalini-inspired Snake is a skillful master in the lovemaking realm. Nothing short of fabulous is this creature. The Snake has the ability to deliver and to bring out the best in their partner.


Giddy-up, but no saddle is necessary. The Horse is a joy to share intimate moments with, bringing satisfaction to the table. Passion and strength make this lovely creature a solid love-mate. They will take you wherever you want to go without complaining about being tired.


The Sheep is one of the sexiest signs of the Chinese zodiac. They are smart and sensual, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to pleasing their partner. With talents in the musical realm, the sheep will sing you a love song or recite a poem to bring you to your knees (No pun intended.).


What you give the Monkey, you will get back. The Monkey is only as good as their partner. They have a way of mirroring your moves. This creature is very physical, loves to play and will keep playing until you both pass out.


Did someone say threesome or foursome? This bird loves diversity. They’re in charge no matter how many are in the bed. Be it all at once or having more than one lover, they aim to please. Keeping the lights on or having daytime sessions is part of the nature of this fine-feathered friend.


Sexy and smart, the Dog is loyal and faithful, which makes for a good lover. Oral activity is a favorite of the Dog. Make sure you wear a sweet perfume as the fragrance creates an atmosphere that drives the Dog crazy and brings out the best performance possible.


Honesty gives the Boar a sense of compassion that makes lovemaking a spiritual experience. They possess a tenderness that makes you feel loved, even if the sexual act is only for fun. They are mentally creative beyond the norm, and when in motion the Boar is a tireless pleaser.

27 thoughts on “Sexual Skills According to Chinese Astrology

  1. Phil

    Which woman should I go after. My birthday is 05-22-1947

    Nadia. 10-12-1979
    Anita. 10-19-1959
    Naomi 05-05-1994

    All seem to like me.

  2. Nigar

    A lot of people wish to know what may heappn next in there life, this is good for you have at least what to expect or to avoid what may heappn next and on other thing it is for free, I like it thanks

  3. Paulette Bolah

    I have many qualities of the rooster but I see signs of the other animals in me. I think the animals should be assigned to our sign so we will know for sure where exactly we belong.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    hi everyone, i hope you all had a great weekend. your comments are so good to read.
    the chinese new year starts on the second new moon of each year. if you look at some of the other articles about chinese astro you can see what sign your YEAR is –
    each list is written in order of appearance of the animal when lord buddha was leaving this earth – they all came to say good-bye.
    there are 12 years making it a 12 year cycle.
    right now we are in the year of the dragon. 2012 – next year is the year of the snake which falls on 2/10/13.
    you can type in your search bar your birthday, day, month, year and ask what year am i born in chinese astrology and it will tell you. or you can type in chinese astro years – or read some of the other articles in the blog. many do have the years posted.
    happy hunting for the animal that lives in your heart.

  5. is

    how can we make the life better , the sexual life it’s very important to keep life settle down i not mean at all time but how to improve the person performance , and how to make the other side respect you and what the most thing that must be available to make life more success ,thank you.

  6. Amanda

    lol i am the rat & my husband is the tiger, i am always 1st to finish & am like di you do it yet can you please hurry? lol, this hit the nail right on the head!

  7. Aggie

    I have been in love with a guy for about five years, however he stoped making gesters toward me. We have never dated or gone to bed but I know he is interested. I just want to know how to get him out of my nind as he is not going to make a move toward me again. He has issues he does not share with me. I met him at a dance and dance is all we have ever done. Thanks

  8. Crystal

    I’m an Ox and he’s a Rooster, I’ve been feeling like their is someone else, so I’ve stepped back and decided to focus on the friendship. So I guess I’m wondering if the Rooster can ever settle in one hen house? Lol


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