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Psychic, What’s Your Sign?

Do you ever wonder about your psychic’s Sun sign? When you call us, you give us your name and birth date, so we know what your sign is, but did you ever think to ask your reader about their sign? When I get a reading, I ask my psychic what their sign is so I can get a better understanding of the vibration that goes into their reading style. Although it says on our page what style we read with, be it, compassionate, straightforward or inspirational, I think there is wiggle room with these words and if I know what sign my psychic is, I can connect better.

Some Sun signs are more in tune with certain areas of life. Here is a list of what each sign brings to the table so that as a caller you might connect better with your psychics:


If you are looking for a very confident reader, this is the one. They have mastered their skill and stand by their word. Usually very well read and full of information, an Aries will give you their best, both intellectually and spiritually.


Warmth and appreciation with a strong artistic flair, the Taurus knows how to deliver news (even the hardest) with compassion. The Taurus psychic has broad shoulders to lean on, you can go to them with any type of situation, and they stand strong beside you, giving you unconditional support.


Here you get two for the price of one. The multifaceted Gemini offers so much detail and they are the true messengers of the gods. They offer different views to the same question, giving you an opportunity to choose the direction you wish to take. They show the ways in which you can better your life condition.


If you need a nurturing hand, this is your psychic. Truthful to the max, this psychic will take care to guide you through the hardest of problems, especially those related to family and relationships. With great emotional depth, the Cancer sees just what you need to know. By the end of the call, you will be sending cyber hugs to each other.


If you’re looking for a little sunshine to brighten your day, talk to a Leo. Positive outlooks and kind words make the Leo psychic a good friend to have in your corner. The Leo psychic has no filter (thoughts to words), but speaks with such kindness. Your Leo psychic works endlessly to bring you guidance that you can count on.


Virgo psychics are sharp and detailed in delivery. You need a pad and pen to jot down the detailed facts that stream through their messages. Talk about rapid-fire readers! These psychics are fast, clear and bring the service of the spirit world to your ear.


With loving kindness, the Libra psychic offers a view of both sides of an issue and this brings balance. This psychic stands for justice for all. An “If it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander” attitude makes for a non-judgmental reading, allowing you to ask any questions no matter how private.


A Scorpio has such depth to their nature that they bring a rich connectedness to a reading. Much thought goes into answering questions—any insight given without a question is from a source of validity. The Scorpio brings patience as they delve into the unknown in search of the truth.


Reading with a Sagittarius offers a feeling of protection. This psychic will give you information straight, but with kindness. After a reading with a Sagittarius, you will feel comfort and protection as they continue to work for you even after the call is over.


If you want your query answered with a happy vibration (no matter what it is about), it will be delivered so that you can handle it, if you get a reading from a Capricorn. As the song goes, “A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Reading with a Capricorn will leave you smiling and feeling good.


Communication with the unseen is an art form for this psychic. With great knowledge acquired from years of studying metaphysics as well as other spiritual sciences, they have a pipeline to spirit and bring home the goods with spot-on information.


Spiritually graceful, artistically creative, sweet and kind the Pisces psychic has a wealth of information as they flow from one realm of life to another effortlessly. Cradling you in kindness,  this reader calms your nerves and brings peace to your spirit.

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