Psychic Brooke: Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

From Small Steps to Big Steps in Manifestation

Okay, you’ve watched The Secret and read every book out there, but nothing seems to work. What are you doing wrong? You’re probably just missing a step or two. Some key steps to remember when trying to manifest are the letting go part and the excitement part. Believe 100% with no doubt that what you’re manifesting will come to you. Don’t put limits on how it will arrive and learn to let go.

Steps for Manifesting What You Want

1. Set your intention when you’re in a happy mood. Since you want to attract a positive outcome, you want to be in a positive energy space. Tap into your inner child and start setting your intention. Don’t try to manifest when you’re feeling angry or down.

One of the easiest ways to tap into your inner child is listen to some of that music that makes you want to sing it at the top of your lungs and dance to it. The added perk of tapping into your inner child is it also helps raise your vibration which is great for doors opening for you in your day to day life.

2. Visualize. Picture the outcome, not how it comes about. The longer you can hold onto that thought, the stronger the energy is received by the universe. You can even make a success map to help keep the end result in your mind. An example would be if you’re wanting a specific vehicle, find a picture of it, like a 2012 black Toyota 4Runner.

3. Let Go. We’ve all heard the saying Let Go, Let God. It’s exactly the same thing. Once you set the intent, just let it go. Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. Don’t worry about when it will happen. Just have the faith that it will happen. The surest way to make it not happen is by constantly worrying about it, because then those negative thoughts cancel out the positive.

4. Expectations. Be reasonable when setting expectations. Again, this goes back to step two. It’s okay to want to manifest extra money coming in or a raise at work. But don’t try to manifest winning the lottery, because that won’t work. Again, it’s about not putting any expectations on how your wish will be delivered. If you want to manifest money, it’s a good idea to have a set amount if you’re needing it to pay a bill. Focus on that dollar amount coming to you in a surprising way. Don’t put limitations on how it will arrive. Just know that it will.

Once you get the hang of manifesting you’ll be using it all the time. Keep a journal and date when you set your intent, than forget about it. Once it has happened, come back to your journal and date when it is completed.

You can also have more than one desire going on at a time. But I recommend starting with small projections in order to test the waters. The more comfortable you get manifesting when you see the end results materializing, the easier the bigger desires will be to manifest.

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  1. Cant Say

    I love her personality … laid back & she seemed very focused & answered my questions in a timely manner .. If i choose to call again i would choose her for sure !

  2. Brooke


    Sorry, no I am not Brooke Davis, nor am I the actress that plays Brooke. But I always felt a kinship to her because of our shared names 🙂

    Brooke ext 5685

  3. chuck

    This sounds like what I’ve been looking for. I’m going to try something small at first. Going to tag this article for future use.
    Its worth a try and don’t cost a thing but a little time.


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