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10 Ways to Handle any Situation

Throughout our lives, we will face many difficult situations in which we must give or get bad news. No matter what the circumstances, it is ideal to remain cool, calm and collected. Accordingly, the famous writer Charles Bukowski always said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” In other words, life is going to hand you some difficult situations, but what’s most important is how you react to and handle them.

We have no control over much of what happens to us, yet we have complete control over how we react to it. Of course, this is easier said than done, but with some valuable perspective and advice, you will be well on your way to maintaining your composure no matter what life throws at you.

Here are the top 10 ways to maintain your composure, no matter what:

1. Remember, You Control Your Thoughts (Your Thoughts Don’t Control You)

You have the power to decide where you mind goes and how it gets there. Don’t let it steer your down a negative path, filled with anger, jealousy or resentment. These are all undesirable emotions.

2. Give Things Time to Sink in

Ruminate on the news before you react. It may be minutes, hours or days before something fully sets in, but take the time you need to absorb the information before you act. Going with your first emotional response is usually a bad idea because it doesn’t come from your rational thought process.

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3. Think of This as a Life Lesson

Every one of your failures, mistakes and major letdowns are opportunities to learn huge life lessons. Focus on all the good in your life and all the good that will come as a result of overcoming any obstacles and disasters that confront you.

4. Welcome Bad News

Bad news is inevitable, but it can lead to creativity. Channel the emotions you feel as a result of bad news into art, whether it be writing poetry, painting, making music or another creative endeavor. So much beautiful art comes from pain. Channel your difficulties into an aesthetic experience.

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5. (Pretend to) Be a Stoic

A stoic is a person who restrains their response to pain and distress. Pain and distress are negative feelings. Negative feelings can come from misjudging experiences and people. Strive to be a good person so that when disappointments happen, you can draw on all that is good about you to help you get over the setback.

6. Recognize that Life is Not Perfect

Experiencing bad news is a part of being alive. Accept it, deal with it and then move on with grace. A good attitude will take you far.

7. Learn to Give Harsh News

If you are giving someone harsh information, practice it a few times before you tell them. Be gentle with their emotions. Think about how you would want to hear the same news and deliver it that way.

8. Talk to an Unbiased Third Party

If you’ve received some news that is too hard to handle, talk it over with a trusted friend, therapist or psychic. Not only are they shoulders to cry on, but they all offer practical advice that is good for you.

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9. Read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

This book explains why you should always think positive and how to go about it. Your thoughts really do create your own reality, so only spend time pondering the things you want in life. Don’t focus on the things (or people) you don’t desire.

10. Get a New Mantra

Say this to yourself frequently “Everything is as it should be” and really believe it. Whatever happens is meant to happen and it’s all out of your control. Work on being your best self and always react in the most sensible way possible for your personal well-being and sanity. Life is a rough ride, so smooth it out whenever and wherever you can.

I know that giving and getting bad news can be devastating, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching, but there is no avoiding it. Just rip the Band-Aid off, apply ointment and heal! If you want a happier and more-fulfilling life, save your energy for things you can control and want to spend time on. When there is a fire blocking your path, don’t cry over the heat. Roast some marshmallows!

11 thoughts on “Give it to Me Straight

  1. arise

    Sorry, hit publish button too soon; the way to control emotions is to recognize that they pass quickly if we don’t act on them.

  2. arise

    This advice was written by a thinking type for intellectually oriented people. Many people could never live with this level of emotional suppression.

    Negative emotions aren’t “undesirable”, they are inevitable. To deny them pushes them into the unconscious where their hold on us is actually magnified. There’s no need to control emotions is to recognize that they are fleeting. We can accept them witwyou

  3. Elizabeth

    Great advice, and I can sure use a dose of your medicine. I have a super bad habit in letting stress, fear and negative thoughts entering my brain, and it takes a lot of hard work to bring in the positive, but am working on it.

  4. ellen hemighaus

    excellent advice. I already practice all of it. Don’t let anyone or anything rob you of your Joy ever!! Life is short don’t waste any of it on unimportant things. Follow your path and keep smiling.

  5. Nealia

    What a useful tool to carry with us when in the presence of negative energy. I feel like this message is especially for me.

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom!

  6. Mary

    Truly a great article and also timely. Just received some unexpected bad news and this article helped me tremendously.

  7. kim

    I enjoyed the article because there are some points that I’ve applied to my own daily life. I am still working on controlling my thougts. I have a tendency to let negativity to creep in.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    And don’t allow circumstances or, especially, other people to push your buttons….for if you do this , you are giving your power away. Don’t ever let others rob you of your power, strength, dignity and self esteem.

    STAY in your power.


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