Find the Upside to Mercury Retrograde

The Positive Spin on Mercury Retrograde

As with most things in life, there are positives to be garnered from negatives, or in this case, perceived negatives. Mercury Retrograde is one such occurrence. Sure, it wreaks havoc on our lives when the ruler of communication appears to turn backwards in the sky. But appearances are deceiving. No planet actually spins in reverse orbit. Rather, the earth rotates at a different pace than the other planets, causing the illusion of backward motion in relation to us.

So then, it’s no wonder Mercury Retrograde is all about how we relate to each other, ourselves and the world around us. And while it’s definitely worth heeding all the advice to keep things as smooth as possible, it’s also worth examining the positives.

Here’s your upside to this Mercury Retrograde in Cancer from June 26 – July 20.


While it’s not a great time for moving or renovations, this Mercury Retrograde (all the way through August 3) is ideal for reorganization and decoration. Do what you can to make your space feel right to you.


Got an old friend (not an old love) on your mind? Pick up the phone or hit them up on Facebook. It’s a perfect time for renewed acquaintances.


You’re probably thinking about finances or more specifically, how you make money. While you don’t want to delve into anything new during this period, it’s a great time for reviewing your options and coming up with some new possibilities.


Okay, so this one’s not the easiest for you. But it can be the most fruitful. Now is a time to take stock of who you are, who you want to be and how you come across. It’s that last one that you can work on. Let the outside reflect the inside.


Similarly to your astrological neighbor, Cancer, this Mercury Retrograde offers you the chance to delve deep. It’s not a time for saying what you feel, but rather assessing it to be sure it’s authentic.


It’s an ideal time to take a walk down memory lane. How did you become this person? With whom did you grow over time? Who has influenced you? Whom do you miss? Get in touch with those people.


You may be feeling like your life path needs to change. Now is the ideal time to suss out what you actually want. Actions should not yet be taken, but at the moment you have an opportunity to re-imagine your reality. You’ll reform it later.


Look at your finances. Then look some more. Rather than spending on things you want materially, think about what you want financially. When this cycle is over, you’ll have the opportunity to make good on your plans—if you’re smart.

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You’re discovering a deeper side of yourself—particularly in terms of how you relate to others on an intimate level. This is not necessarily sexual, though it can be. Whatever the case, it’s a chance to grow more comfortable with closeness.


Now is your chance to take some time for yourself. With partnership issues of all kinds arising, the stars beckon you to seek out some space. It’s a wonderful thing to do to get clear and this Mercury Retrograde for you is all about finding clarity.

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Refine your work. Revisit existing projects. Take a detailed brush to the finer points of your assignments and get them just right. It will pay off later when people respond positively to what you’ve done.


Similar to Aquarius, now is a time of revision. This applies to creative ventures, work and relationships. You needn’t start anything new. Work with what you’ve got to reshape it in a way you see fit.

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3 thoughts on “Find the Upside to Mercury Retrograde

  1. Sherry

    The purpose of a Mercury Retrograde period is to rethink, reconsider, shift the focus, and see things from another perspective–to sort it out, think before finalizing the purchase, signing on the dotted line, etc. It’s not the time to “seal the deal” but rather to think about what the deal really is.
    It’s clear purpose is to not cause us panic and hope we don’t make mistakes under this transit, but rather to think things through, so that mistakes are NOT made and regrets DO NOT happen, once Mercury goes direct again.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    A bit of astrology trivia :
    Most people don’t know that IF Mercury was in Retrograde at the time of your birth ( check your natal chart to find out ) than, usually, current Mercury Retrogrades won’t affect you as adversely as it does others.


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