Love Readings With the Power of Playing Cards

Can Playing Cards Show You How to Find Love?

Many people know about cartomancy (fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards) but usually they think of tarot card readings to help them understand or predict what is coming up for them regarding their love life. Less common nowadays is love readings using the unique and wonderful power of the playing cards.

In this article I am going to explain the great benefits of having a love reading using the power of playing cards. It is a tradition and art form steeped in history, well before the first tarot cards were designed or created. Playing cards in many ways represent a calendar. Fifty two playing cards in a deck relate to the fifty two weeks in a full year. The four suits represent the four seasons. Each suit has thirteen cards in just as each season is thirteen weeks long. Adding all the numbers in each suit and we get a total of 91. This is also the number of days in a season. Adding the total number of a deck and we calculate 364 the same number of days in the lunar calendar.

So when doing a love and relationship reading the reader can achieve great accuracy regarding times and periods which helps deliver highly accurate predictions.

The individual characters of the suits also go along way to helping the reader give a true insight to love and relationship developments. They also can help give an indication of the level of intimacy between possible partners. They even can show traits of betrayals and loyalty.

When I do a reading I can look within the spreads that I lay down I can see individual people’s different options and choices regarding the love and relationships within their lives.

The playing cards can forewarn me of a potential new love interest and how that love interest will indeed fulfill or disappoint the person I am reading for. The depth of revelations using the power of the playing cards can deliver, in terms of detail, is truly remarkable. Many times I have been able to see within the reading the nature of the love interest; is it purely sexual or does it offer more depth? Is this new connection with someone coming back in from a previous incarnation or life path, is it an ex returning or someone brand new? How will it progress? Will it be filled with harmony or could it possibly be a relationship fraught with difficulties and stress? Is the potential partner needy and high maintenance. Is it a soul/twin-mate connection?

What can I see about your current relationship by using the power of the playing cards; again I can see the level of passion and intimacy, will your partner person be committed, loyal and true. Will they blow hot and cold? Will they be able to deliver the level of commitment that you desire? Do they have a hidden agenda and if so what could it be?

With the power of the playing cards and through the guidance of spirit and The Divine I do not merely sketch out a vague sketch drawing in answer to your love life questions; but I am blessed to be able to deliver a reading nearly as powerful as detailed clear concise full colour high resolution photograph of where, when and how love is coming into your life. Call me soon and let me enlighten and guide you on your path towards greater understanding of your own personal love life using the power of the playing cards.

3 thoughts on “Love Readings With the Power of Playing Cards

  1. Anton ext. 5893

    Thanks for your comment; Just thought that I would clarify the timeline regarding the invention of Playing Cards; For the earliest mention of The Playing Cards we have to go back to the reign of Emperor Yizong of Tang of China around 833 AD. It is documented that packs of playing cards in some format were used in his court. Different to the ones we use but none the less they were Playing Cards. By 1300 we have evidence that they had arrived in some form into Europe. By the 15th century more cards had been added to the deck, bringing it to a total of 78 cards, thus creating what we now know as The Tarot Cards. Whilst I can indeed read the Tarot whilst studying Cartomancy Spirit directed me to use The Power of the Original simple Deck of Playing Cards to their maximum effect, which I do to great effect, now on a daily basis. I trust that this clarifies a little history about the invention of the Playing Cards. It did indeed precede the invention of the Tarot deck. I am currently working on a new Blog that will give more detail regarding the History of Playing Cards which should be published in the coming months.

    Anton ext. 5893

  2. Melania

    I took lessons reading your article which is very important for me, because I love all that is esoteric …
    Barely I found this article today …… Thank you for this lesson and way in which you explain.
    Maybe in the future I will have a reading with you,although it is more difficult here in Romania to get the phone…..Sincerely…

  3. virgo2757

    You say in the article that doing a love reading with playing cards “…is a tradition and art form steeped in history, well before the first tarot cards were designed or created.” Please forgive me, I don’t mean to come off as impertinent or a know-it-all, but I was under the impression that playing cards evolved from the tarot, so I’m confused by your statement. Could you clarify this, please? Thank you.


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