Get Bold in the Bedroom

Spice up Bedroom Time With Venus in Virgo!

Lovely Venus, ruler of all things beautiful and sensual, enters Virgo on July 22, bringing not just romance, but the carnal pleasures into razor-sharp focus. How can you maximize this influence to take things up a notch in the bedroom? Keep reading!

Send Subtle (but Undeniable) Signals

While modern associations with the word Virgin relate to abstaining from sex (particularly, never having had intercourse), the term originally meant simply that a woman was unattached and thus, possessing of a certain “untouchable” vibe. Translation? Virgins were the stuff of fantasy—so appealing they weren’t to be spoiled.

On that note, giving off that too-hot-to-handle vibe is a mainstay of Venus in Virgo. Think Sophia Loren as you attempt to take advantage of the stars’ current position. Become irresistible. Whatever it is your lover desires, make it part of your being both inside and outside the bedroom. Wear their favorite scent, dress to impress and be sure to pay attention to every detail. Quietly emphasizing your desire (and sex appeal) during your daily routine will heat things up when it comes time to do the deed.

Love is the space between sexuality and intimacy.” – Psychic Joyce ext. 9598

Practice, Practice, Practice

Another Virgo trait: perfectionism. And we all know that being good at anything—let alone perfect—requires dedication and lots of practice. Don’t be afraid to initiate sex more than you normally would, or to try new and daring things with an eye toward the ultimate satisfaction. If there’s one area you should try to be your best in under this influence, this is it.

Love is the space between  sexuality and  intimacy.” – Psychic Joyce ext. 9598

Use Your Words

Lastly, Venus in Virgo encourages us to express our desires verbally. Whether it’s reading Fifty Shades of Grey aloud, practicing a little dirty talk (Remember what we just said about practice!) or leaving notes in your paramour’s path, now is the time to unleash the sexiness via speaking. It’s bold, daring and in perfect alignment with the current astrological energies!

Define your sensuality and sexuality according to what makes you happy.” – Psychic Agnes ext. 5400

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