Mercury Goes Retrograde Today!

Mercury Retrograde’s Getting Started: Get Ready for Communication Breakdowns!

Well, it’s the last Mercury Retrograde of the year, and if you have any clue about what it means, you will get how hard communication will be this round. Featuring the sign of Scorpio—a deep, dark, sexy, mysterious fixed water sign holding the key to the vibrations of the space between October 21 and November 10, 2013—will make for a slower, more potent retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of communications under water—have you ever tried to talk to someone underwater? Maybe with sign language, but never with words, as drowning would occur, and that would be that. It’s impossible to open your mouth and talk. So how in the world are we going to solve problems, have discussions and clear out the old during this period?

Maybe we won’t get what we want, but surly we’ll get what we need. Scorpio rules the reproductive system—time to reproduce. How cool—during a retrograde we get to reproduce. Pulling old thoughts out of our hats, taking plans that were on the back burner, putting them up front and giving them new life is the goal of this vibration.

We find other ways to engage in connecting, in communicating. Our past loves return for a fresh start. We remember the good times and let go of the negative energy. A fresh start for us all is on the horizon, making this Mercury Retrograde a very powerful experience, especially since it’s at the end of the year.

Pain and suffering fall to the wayside, and we smile more as we reminisce about our history surrounding our love lives, work environment and family situations. We embrace the quiet level of communication as if a tree fell in the forest alone and silent. It’s the sound of one hand clapping that drives our spiritual well-being to new heights. The silence of this retrograde is calming, and we settle down within ourselves, becoming people that are more mindful.

Exploring new avenues of sexual enjoyment heightens our love lives, and there is a tranquility that allows us to think more and talk less, giving the men a little less to explain as the women on the planet are happy to be hugged and shown how much they are loved. The need to talk about how the person feels will not come into play during this time period. New ways to show how much you care present themselves in action instead of words. It’s a time when we’ll walk the walk as words fall short of meaning. Doing, taking action and being dogmatic about our wants and needs drives us to accomplish goals and deeds that bring a sense of pride to our souls and spirits.

Mercury retrogrades are often difficult to deal with. This is going to be one of those times in life when we face the facts and the truth reigns over all. We can’t hide in the darkness as the planets force our hand to be honest and real. The words “authentic and organic” ring, making reality a mirror we will enjoy looking into.

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