Date and Love a Scorpio

Are You a Match for Scorpio?

Scorpios are not only one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac; they are also considered the most mysterious. That’s probably because they glow with a magnetic aura that attracts many admirers. They are also the seekers of truth in everything and everyone they get close to. If you’ve got something to hide, they’ll know it. And if you think game-playing is just a part of everyday romance, then Scorpio might toy with you, but they’ll never reveal the entrance to their true, deeper well—their heart.

Instant Attraction

If you’ve been caught by Scorpio’s eagle-like stare, you might instantly feel naked. It’s as if they can see through you while looking at you. If you’re interested in keeping their eye on you, then make sure to lock eyes with them and give them a brief-but-withholding glance into your soul. That first taste will be enough to wet their appetite for more.

Dating a Scorpio (The Plot Unfolds)

Like reading a good mystery novel, dating a Scorpio may involve intriguing situations, tantalizing twists and unexpected turns of events as well as walks on the beach, delectable dinners by candlelight and plenty of pillow talk.

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It would be unfair to say that Scorpios like to test people, but they do want to know what makes you tick and what you’re really made of—from every angle. They will only reveal the depth of their emotion and vulnerability to those they trust. This is the ultimate connection that Scorpio deeply yearns for in relationships.

Loving a Scorpio

When a Scorpio feels they know you well and that they can trust their heart in your hands, they will repay that trust with unwavering loyalty. Getting there though, is no easy task. Scorpio’s sensitivity has taught them early in life just how easily a vulnerable heart can be pierced by love, and with each wound they’ve incurred, they’ve responded by adding another layer to the boundaries around them. Breaking past those barriers isn’t always easy, but once the walls are taken down, you will witness the purest of hearts—more uniquely beautiful than you could ever imagine.

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Love and the Scorpio Man

Once he’s taken that first plunge, the Scorpio man goes deep into love. He’s generous with that love. Just don’t take it for granted or he’ll sting you with scorpion-like precision in the very spot he knows will hurt the most. It’s an indirect way of showing he’s been paying attention.

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Love and the Scorpio Woman

She’s often viewed as shrewd and manipulative, but there is a method to her quirky madness. The sexy Scorpio woman needs to know you’ll protect her heart. Your relationship is sacred and it should be guarded against intrusion from the outside world. The bond you have made with her is like an island with admission given to only your innermost circle.

6 thoughts on “Date and Love a Scorpio

  1. Tina

    Thank you Bella……yes my daughter and I are very close, she looks like me and she is sweet as sugar! Hope you had a nice birthday too….best wishes!!

  2. Bella

    Tina good 4 you … I hope your daughter is as close as we are .. She is the love of my life , she knows it 2 she looks like me since I was adopted its nice 2 know / see a new family tree being extended but OMG she has meltdowns it might sound odd when I was younger I used 2 have dreams about her / with her dark hair her fair porcelain skin AND her big blue eyes when she was born that’s all you saw & her black hair was down 2 her back 2 dr said he’s never seen / since so much hair ever !!! & I had this dream before she ever came about … FYI that’s exactly what I got 2 + it was with her dad he’s still 1 of my bffs yes I always thought I would be great friends with him no matter what , he’s a Virgo , we keep each other grounded I’m so glad we’re / & his new wife are is still great friends … I got lucky !!! I hope you have a nice day & a happy b-day 2 you / your daughter 2 … : )

  3. LJ

    Dear Bella: I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Let’s get you feeling better with a chakra cleansing when you feel up to it. Stay in touch. And thanks for the compliment BTW.

  4. Bella

    HUMMMMM !!!! & We’ll now it is of my own beliefs ONLY Scorpio women IS the only zodiac sign I avoid like the plague TO much of everything NATA but love 4 y’all but I can see y’all coming a mile away no it’s not that I’m a very strong Capricorn woman NO & it’s NOT BCZ my daughter IS a typical Scorpio female either OR & yes she is the LOVE of my life FYI her BFF was born on the same day exactly 8 hours 2 the minute a part 2 (( FYI the # 8 is a rebirth process or IF you believe FYI or the witching HOUR lol lol )) you see GOD loves me lol lol BUT oh NO she is a lot work & full of high / full OF drama good Lordy OMG 2 & melt downs from hell AND all of thee above that y’all have mentioned FYI & yes / FYI it’s not funny !!! She’s a good Christian girl though .. 🙂 🙂 she does her mom proud 2 … . & we’ll now on 2 the Scorpio males dept I hate 2 say it YEA most all Scorpio men are NATA but DRAMA & is the sex worth it WELL NOW as individuals you’ll need 2 be the judge of that 1 IF who says so / determines so FYI swim @ your OWN risk 2 FYI THEY sting 2 hurt you !!!! & yes they are no doubt best lovers or AS or iS == 2 both “” LEO’S / Capricorn ‘S males (( FYI 3 me only they BOTH have the very fFRANK passionate SEXUAL staying SEX power that leaves ME both breathless / speechless asking myself WRG just happened 2 however 4 me it was both 4 LOVE only )) remember I only HAS (6) boyfriends 2 twice 4 over 15 years & @ different times (1) died in the car accident then (1) was a Scorpio as I’ve explained I get why he / we are = us IS so traumatized feel he/ I still am it’s my 1st & my last thoughts everyday !!!! AND with (1) is a Capricorn he’s made / make mistakes $m& requests that is utter BS soooo what I think ms Quinn Like I said / I know I AM gone yes I miss / love him everyday “” it is what it is “” … Ms Quinn with my new Virgo man in giving it a chance but he’s not like my 1ST love Virgo who died & NO ma’ma I am not trying 2 replace him ever I can’t FYI no he don’t get ME @ all he says he does but NO it might be maybe it’s 2 much FBI BS lol Lol ways “” it is what it is “” remember yes this it’s OF MY OWN beliefs !!! yes they are ALL (3) full OF NATA but drama which is exhausting most days , BUT most all Scorpio males are the same as it is with both MALES & female traits , it is of by own personal experience , however only with 2 of them 1 is great but way 2 possessive due 2 me being a fatal car accident where his cousin & my BFF DIED in it , FYI he saw the whole thing unfold before his very eyes I’ve accepted that / IT & OK WTH ever yes I DO get / GOT that 1 , but with the 2nd 1 I TALKED 2 him 4 AH LESS THAN a week BCZ I sized him up took 5 more weeks 2 get RID of him COME 2 find out he stalked be out bc of my high profile pro bono FREE legal work I do bc it’s called always doing the right thing by /4 folks bc IT was always the right thing 2 DO you SEE !!! BUT long story shirt it was a 1 class psychology from fell BC then it took a protective order & my uncle who was the DA where I live @ 2 put him in jail NOW he out HE MUST / has 2 where a ankle monitor & IF he violates it 1 time he goes back in prison 2 serve out 17 more years OF his time left !!! Yep that’s my Scorpio male / female stories & I’m sticking 2 IT With that being said I DO respect them both !!!! You see I have NATA but love 4 your scorpions makes / females I just keep 2 myself anyway “”” HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 y’all ALL “” !!!! 😉 😉 Sorry LJ I had more throat surgery I woke up in pain & I was just chilling passing time by until I got my pain medication @ 7am lol lol now I’m 🙂 just being honest lol , FYI they are 30 minutes LATE !!!! But 4 now it’s so so so nite nite Demerol & zothran lol … & thank you so much yes it is true as usual with your individuals zodiac size ups NO doubt your 1 of the best I’ve ever seen so thank you once again nitty nite “” HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 all SCORPIO ‘S out there have a great b-day !!! 🙂 🙂


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