Your Mercury Horoscope for December

mercury horoscope

Check Your Mercury Horoscope for December: Embrace Freedom of Thought!

Transiting to independent minded Sagittarius on the 4th, this month’s Mercury horoscope encourages expansive thinking. But while you’re busy thinking big, watch what comes out of your mouth. The downfall of this transit is a tendency to open mouth and insert foot!

Read on to find out how Mercury impacts you during December.


Whether you’re the teacher or the student, this month’s Mercury encourages you to be present for the dissemination of knowledge. What you learn (or what you know) may surprise you… it’ll certainly surprise everyone else!


Disagreements help you develop a clearer point of view. You can’t express what you want until you know what that is and any conflicts you encounter are there to help you ascertain that. Remember this and grow.


Be fastidious in any sort of paperwork, contractual agreements and even emails. You must express yourself clearly and thoughtfully if you’re to be understood. Look toward someone you trust for guidance; they’ll be happy to oblige.

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Practicality is the order of your month, Crab. That means, that while it may not be the most exciting, you’d be well served to use this time in preparation. Get your ducks in a row because when the New Year comes, you’ll want to be ready!


You’re feeling creative – and perhaps even amorous – this month, Leo. All this energy encourages you to go after whatever it is you want, just be conscious of expressing yourself carefully. The celestial air is filled with possibility.


You’re revisiting the past in your mind this month, Virgo. Fortunately, a good deal of socializing will keep your mind from wandering too far into nostalgia. You may be more sensitive than normal when it comes to family relationships.


You’re exchanging information with increasing numbers of people – professional or personal contacts, no matter. The point is, you’re laying the groundwork for getting things done from a distance.

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The bottom line is on your mind this month, stinger. It’s all about securing stability; unearthing practical ways to see to your needs. Here’s a hint: use your talents to get ahead. Success comes from doing something you love.


You will have a tendency to feel scattered under this influence. And no wonder; there’s a lot coming at you from every different direction. In order to cope with this fast pace, you’ll need to be sure to set aside plenty of quiet time for yourself.


While the holidays swirl around you, it’s vital to hold fast to your vision of the life you want to create. You’re highly attuned to the most subtle energies right now provided you remain grounded and centered.


While short-term plans take center stage during this busy season, it’s the long-term weighing on your mind these days, Aquarius. Put thought into you desires and how you express them.


You’re seeing things in a fresh light these days, Pisces. And why not? Unexpected opportunities come from a distance where you may be able to change course or make meaningful progress in a desired direction.

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