4 Not-So-Subtle Hints They’re Into You

If You’re Getting Subtle Hints, You May Have an Admirer!

Recognizing those subtle hints from a guy who is into you should be easy, and in fact it often is. The problem is that it is still hard to tell just how interested he is, especially if he is either a player or a little bit shy.

Before we get into some of the lesser known signs, let’s remind ourselves of a few of the more well-known ones, such as using humor, eye contact, smiling (crows feet showing), rounded shoulders and mirroring. Guys are also known to point their feet in the direction of the things or people they desire most. This means even though he may be talking to another woman, if his feet are pointed in your direction, he may actually wish he was talking to you instead. These are a few of the basic signs, but there are four others that can be even more obvious if you know what to look for.

Subtle Hint 1: Face-to-Face Communication

While studies suggest that women text regularly to strengthen their relationships, if a guy does a lot of texting it could mean that he is avoiding contact with someone he has little interest in. This can be confusing for women because they text for different reasons. If a guy wants to talk on the phone or in person, you can reasonably assume that the is more interested in you than a guy who chooses to communicate with you through his various electronic devices.

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Subtle Hint 2: Contagious Yawning

This one goes along with the mimicking behavior. If you yawn and he yawns right after you, it means that he respects and admires you. When someone says your yawning is contagious, they are also subconsciously telling you that they like you. Some experts even suggest that contagious yawning can also tell you how much your dog likes you! Go ahead and give it a try.

Subtle Hint 3: The Mickey Mouse Voice

It used to be said that the way to attract a woman was to speak to her in a low, deep voice. However, according to research by the Albright College in Pennsylvania, it is actually the higher-pitched voice that hints to a guy being infatuated with a love interest. When a guy likes a girl, he does not necessarily try to be macho (as a player might), but rather attempts to mimic her, and make her feel more comfortable. This is in much the same as mirroring a woman’s physical movements to show interest. These studies also suggested that women can detect these changes in tone, so try to be subtle and use your intuition.

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Subtle Hint 4: Trust Your Intuition

The best way to know if a guy is interested in you is to trust your intuition. When a woman senses a guy likes her, but doubts the possibility, she unconsciously pushes some of that doubt onto the guy. In other words, you’re almost subconsciously saying to him, “Are you sure about this? Are you really, really certain that you want to be involved with a girl like me?” If you instill doubt into a guy who is into you, you may inadvertently influence him to lose interest, and thus become a profit of your own failure. It is important to be on the lookout for the red flags of romance in any potential relationship. However, give a guy the benefit of the doubt—at least until he proves you wrong.

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18 thoughts on “4 Not-So-Subtle Hints They’re Into You

  1. Mary-Ann

    Yes we certainly live in a world that is hard to define let alone trust someone with your heart. I just spent a wonderful evening with a man whom I met three years ago and we did e-mail each other often…..I did not let my heart rule my head. And I had stresses … lost mu Mom….I had to have heart surgery and somehow we still kept contact and I am so happu and I do not question tomorrow because today is here now. And he also knew I had many interested in me…bit I turned myself off fo a long time. Yes I thought of him and he is taking it slow with me because yeah we look deep into each others eyes and we know our hearts are bonding deeply. I’m 55 and he is 52 and we get lost together and the world falls away. I had been through so many abusive and life threatning momnts but I still beleived a true heart was somewhere out there and we joke around about me being Lady Mariane like Robin Hood and my name is Mary-Ann so often French persons make rhat reference because of my name…and I used to say yeah but haven’t found my Robin Hood……well I de believe I have and fate kept us always in each other’s hearts even past the years that we only corresponded by e-mails after meeting each other. Use your instincts,,believe and take it slow and easy.,it just might work out xxx

  2. J

    I’m a female and not into men, but I do I agree in these days and times you can not assume everyone that reads these articles are women, men get into this stuff too, and I need to know how to tell if a woman is into me. Just some how make the articles reader friendly for everyone.

  3. Bella

    4 Douglas, There are something’s that are done wrong that can’t ever BE undone – made right again FYI & yes that’s- this is 1 of them AS N a #1 … BCZ trust is everything N my book so yes it is everything = yes trust is something you most earn 1st .. FYI you must 1st realize this as being #1 your trust with her has been 4 ever broken … & either way with you so can you live with it- that or you can’t live with that =2 me it sounds like UR 2nd guessing UR self .. 4 what it’s worth I might 2 as N 100% BE reconsider my = UR own choice – decision if I was you … FYI remember plz this – it was of – BY UR own choice – 2 do this BCZ it’s UR own free will with this 1… so sadly your gonna be in your own with this 1 ok … FYI your a better person that what I could BE…. Other than with – about my job (N legal work = no I don’t trust NO 1) other than that yes I am great champion about forgiveness giving folks a 2nd choice on a personal level … However once an intimate TRUST is broken it can’t BE fixed – undone EVER like I said I’m sure you do realize this now ?? BCZ it broke y’all 4 ever ok = she’s gonna need 2 1st win back your trust IF she even can ?? however you know N your hearts of hearts it will always BE N the back of your mind “” is she will she or is she now or not ?? FYI that’s gonna drive you crazy = that’s no way 2 live = she will never ever BE able 2 gain – reach the goal N your heart @ a100% without ever thinking 4 1 2nd will she have a 100% have your trust EVER again like she once did … FYI you do realize this right ?? remember your the 1 who has chosen 2 4 give her so plz don’t sound like a broken record over & over again by driving your self crazy … so If you choose 2 4 give her this 1 time it’s fine & dandy so good 4 you, I don’t judge no 1 however your a better person than what I could BE,!!! BCZ N my own book “” once a cheat will always still BE a cheat “” … That’s the 1 thing i – most folks can not never 4 get – 4 give some 1 4 as N 4 never AS N 4 EVER 4 me !!! So like I said good 4 you ” it is what it is ” = will BE you see “” … Remember your gonna need 2 be able 2 live with your own decision – choice BCZ no 1 else can live it 4 you … Bottom line is this plz don’t drive yourself crazy or UR or love 1s crazy with all of this mess being “” will she or won’t SHE cheat again “” ??? BCZ it’s not being fair 2 you or 2 them ok !!! I know don’t judge me plz this – it’s this is called tough love so no I’m not being mean (I’m a Capricorn most of us R – were straight shooters) this is BY UR choice it’s- this is called tough love decision time 4 you … I wish you NATA but 4 the best N love & a Happy holidays 2 you & 2 yours … 🙂

  4. Chrming

    I have an online BF who always plays with me by mailing with different names. Finally I came to know that he is playing with maeand my feelings . I decided to quit him.. but Still I miss him a lot even though he hurt me so much…

  5. runa

    who dont trust others he or she is not reliable . intuition cant be perfect always . reality is the main thing , if any body loves anyone he or she will never experiment , they will love blindly and nothing can resist them to meet if the love is true .

  6. Douglas

    I want to know is my partner is being faithful to me from this point on, she had a affair five month ago and I forgive her just this one time, is it going to happen again, I do Love her and she is a great Lady.

  7. christy combs

    I want to know if the man I have been seeing for the last 4 years is in love with me or am I just some thing on the side he see’s when he can.

  8. paul

    it`s nice to know how a woman knows a man i s interested in her but why you teling this to a man???

    as it is i a a man and i want to know how i can spot interested women?

  9. Toots

    These are great ideas, to consider, never looked at it this way. I especially enjoyed the feet. I had a guy stand along my car for a rather long while making up conversation after spending 2 hours over lunch inside. But went on his way without an invite or follow up meeting? Now, that’s confusing!


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