Your Career Forecast for December 17 – January 17

What’s Ahead for Your Career and Finances? Find Out!

December and January are both highly active in everyone’s career pursuits. Yet it’s a time to rethink your approach to personal marketing and promotion. 2014 is the year when it really will “take a village” to accomplish career and personal goals, and partnering is essential to your success.

Profound events are taking place for every sign in the zodiac and the December-January period is the opening scene on the phenomenal year of 2014. Check your career forecast:


You have been transforming your approach to your career for several years now, and December/January begins the most important period to really begin building toward your ultimate goals. In the midst of surprises and breakthroughs, you’ll love discovering more balance and better communication in your life. Days for attaining growth/success are: December 20-22, 30-31, January 8, 16-17.


Your energy in December/January focuses on the workplace and investment in your career future. Travel and teaching others will benefit you on the 23-24 and January 2. January 9-10 is great for creative strategizing and finding the perfect words to influence others.


You are so overwhelmed by your creative drive and the excitement in the air during December/January that you’ll barely be able to sleep. You’ll enjoy benefits that can manifest in your career through socializing and networking on the 20th and the 25th-26th. Travel and friends inspire you on January 3-4 and emotional communications bring career motivation on January 12-13.


If there is a way to work in your home during December/January, you’ll be in a good position to “go with the flow.” If not, just be prepared to balance home demands with changing situations at work. Inspiration on December 17-18 and the 27th-28th fuels major accomplishments. Travel and a strong spiritual sense on January 4-5 and 14-15 bring positive feelings and solid action.

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December/January is a particularly creative period. Success comes from promoting your sexiest image as a performer or a leader. You begin a period when your natural confidence and positive attitude help everyone stay focused. Your best days for personal image are December 2-3, 10-11, 20-21 and the 29th through New Year’s Eve.


Be a warrior for your most cherished values using your wonderfully compassionate, “fact-checked” style for career success during this Holiday period. Your effective, solid approach to creativity saves the day on December 18, 22-24 and New Year’s Eve. January 9-10 is a great time for travel and communications


This Holiday period has you looking after your own interests in your career, finally! Be certain to notice and take credit for all that you do in addition to sharing accolades with the “team.” December 26 is a good day to remind people that they are dependent on your efforts for success. By January 2-3 and the 12th you’ll be able to use your new-found sense of self – even your anger at injustice – in creative efforts.

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If you work in psychology or medical care the Holidays will begin a busy period for you of steady progress. If not, you’ll benefit from deep self-assessment or extensive research efforts. December 18-19 is good for business travel and the 27th-28th offers passionate, spirited action. You are the source of inspiration that makes something “real” happen at work on January 4-5 and the 14th.


Your social life and internet activities during this Holiday period spark interest in you and what you have to offer. There is a great deal of focus on your finances during this time, continuing through February. Your ideas and communications are brilliant on December 20-21, 29-31 and January 6 so use or save them for the future. Use your intuition on January 16-17 to help in business decisions.


This Holiday season brings surprises and changes and you’re well-equipped to handle them. The Sun enters your sign on the 21st and Mercury follows on Christmas Eve as your revolutionary ideas gain traction. Strategize on December 22-23. Then appeal to important contacts you make on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Legal action or good moves politically can be very successful on January 9-10.


Your excellent capacity to step back and not only see the whole picture, but a view of the future will make you an important figure at work during the Holiday period, and this is just the beginning. December 20-21 is great for partnering with others in creative efforts. On Christmas Day and the 30th you bring insights where others see upsets. January 2-3 puts you in the spotlight and January 11 and 12 are creative days.


Parties and other social networking serve your career well during the Holiday season. Your creative juices are flowing on December 17-18 and 27-28. The 27th-28th are good travel days. You are inspired, inspiring and charismatic on January 5-6, so make the most of this energy. You’ll make others feel better at work on a rather chaotic January 14.

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