Your Jupiter in Retrograde Forecast

Jupiter Retrograde and Inward Expansion

On November 7, Jupiter (the zodiac’s rainmaker, bringer of opportunity and expansion) turns retrograde and asks us to turn inward while it offers us cosmic chances to grow from the inside out!

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence:

Seek Perspective

This Jupiter retrograde hearkens back to the past (a time when you felt more connected and happy) and asks you to assimilate what you learned then. Can you reapply knowledge from another time to your current situation? If not, can you see how the steps you’ve taken previously have led you here and how you can alter your path going forward? It’s prime time for realignment, starting with removing any cognitive dissonance between your goals and your actions. What do you want, truly, beneath all the defenses? Ask yourself that question.

See Things Through to Completion

Jupiter in retrograde also marks an ideal time to finish tasks left undone. Education is particularly emphasized, however that need not be formal education. Was a life lesson interrupted by a celestial curve ball? Did events beyond your control take you off course? Now is the time to resume the track you were on and see it through to fruition (or to the knowledge you need to abandon the path for good). There’s no guarantee of success, but there is very real potential for growth.

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Commit Carefully

Finally, it’s especially easy to over-commit during this influence. In order to be successful in any endeavor, it’s vital that you save some of your energy for yourself and your internal pursuits. Tasks taken on under this influence will be inherently charitable, but may remove you of your ability to perform in other arenas. Make sure to carefully consider any prospects or plans before saying yes. Otherwise, you’ll be saying no to yourself and your own expansion!

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