What if Your True Love is Afraid?

Learn to Overcome Relationship Wounds for True Love

Fear is one of the most difficult challenges for any relationship. It is associated with a past wound that makes us withdraw, and sometimes, even run. Wounded Mars is the planet most likely to cut the cord in a relationship out of fear, and these energies are about to be tested in major ways for everyone. During the Lunar Eclipse on October 18 pay attention to your intuitive feelings. It is a window into what is beginning on December 7 when Mars enters the sign of commitment, Libra. Mars will stay in Libra through July 25 of 2014. Seven months is an extremely long time for Mars to be in any sign, so relationships will be in everyone’s faces. During this period people will be making commitments, panicking, breaking things off and reuniting as the Mars energy in everyone learns to overcome relationship wounds. The challenges and opportunities each sign will be experiencing will get us past old fears to new levels of love:


Your ruling planet, Mars, will be in its opposite sign, Libra, December through July. You’ll grow during this bumpy (at times) period and reach new levels in your relationship if you’re patient. Big events take place around your birthday next year.

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The Lunar Eclipse on October 18 is a good time to discuss possible future commitments with your true love. Approach the subject from a down-to-earth point of view, showing the financial advantages you’ll enjoy together. Be patient for progress over the coming months and build toward your commitment goal.


Powerful Mars in Libra will be hovering in the creative/sexy/romantic area of your life. While 2014 will be challenging for everyone, you are in a position to bring joy to your true love and offer beautiful creations that will make others feel less tense. Just know your lover is busy healing and growing and hold on through the coming months.


You’ve been through much recently and are finally feeling confident, but chances are your true love is feeling a fair amount of anxiety over the future. Mars’ long stay in relationship land impacts your home with changes likely. You could experience a new way of living with your lover in 2014.

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Your true love desires to grow spiritually and wants to experience new places and things. Clear communication keeps balance and sanity when dealing with your lover’s fears. You’ll sense future opportunities during the October 18th Lunar Eclipse. Remember those and remain patient with your lover as they grow in their capacity to commit.


Focus on your financial situation and be certain that you can weather any issues that could arise as your true love grapples with their fears. They are a bit confused and overwhelmed but will learn so much over this next period of relationship time. While you may feel a bit frustrated for the next few months, you’ll be pleased with how your special one grows.


When Mars is in your Sun Sign you’ll reach new levels of self-assertion. It is really in your nature to be accommodating to the point of depriving yourself of what you want. Use your usual supportive nature over the next several months, but make your needs clear. Events will come to a head around April, so lovingly hold your ground when it comes to your true love.


As your chart ruler, Mars’s extensive stay in Libra will bring suppressed feelings to the surface. You’ll discover that your true love has been mirroring your own suppressed discomfort with commitment due to an old wound. Share what you’ve been going through and you’ll see your lover coming around as well.


When Mars enters Libra late this year it will be impacting your feelings of affection and sexuality towards someone who may have previously just been a friend. If your true love is uncomfortable with your situation you’ll need to be patient with them through the first months of next year.


The coming months have you so focused on career changes that your true love may be feeling unsettled and insecure about what the future holds for both of you. You’ve been feeling ready for a major change for a long time while your partner probably hasn’t. Early 2014 will shake out whatever has been stuck between the two of you and you’ll have a fresh start.

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Your partner’s fears may cause them to start speaking about wanting new freedom or possibly even a change of location. In fact, you may be having those same desires yourself. Take care to keep your professional commitments during this time and your true love will come around when they feel more settled. So will you.


You sense that your soulmate is antsy these days and you may be feeling upset and worried. They are just beginning to be aware of what is bothering them, as the issues are deep. Their fears and wounds have to do with loss of another through death or sexual issues. Know that the problem isn’t yours and show support and love.

3 thoughts on “What if Your True Love is Afraid?

  1. Diane

    I think that I have lost my gteue love that I have known for many years to someone else. Will I ever find true love again with him or someone else. His name is William Kirby birthdate Feb 11′ 1943 please let me know

  2. Yolanda

    When I read ‘Learn to Overcome Relationship Wounds for True Love’ I really felt like this was something that I was going through for a long time. I read what it had to say for my sign, and it was in perfect union with what was being said that he was going through. We are both wounded, and running,and he is mirroring my own discomfort with committment due to a broken heart. Ive just been scared to tell him my true feelings, now I will. Thank you.


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