The Meaning of 6/6 Numerology

The Meaning of 6/6 Numerology | California Psychics

The Balance of 6 in Numerology

To understand the meaning of 6/6 numerology, or the Double Six vibration, let’s first look at the single digit 6. 6 is love. It is beauty. It is balance and harmony. While other numbers have their own vibrations of love, if you have 6 in your birth date, or anywhere in your numerology chart, you are lucky, for you are a genuinely loving person by nature.

With 6, your soul is the very essence of love and kindness. You want to help others in every way you can. You tend to be sensitive, aware, empathic, and intuitive. You are generous. Your spirit is one of devotion. You are protective of your loved ones. The number 6 helps create balance and harmony among the other numbers in your numerology chart. 6 is associated with many traits in Libra, which also makes you a seeker of peace.

The Meaning of 6

In the Kabbalah Tree of Life, 6 is Tiphareth, and it is the heart of the tree. It is named Beauty. It is the glue that holds the Tree of Life together. This is where the Sun in all its light and power resides. Here, Archangels Michael and Raphael join their incredibly powerful forces of protection and healing.

The Gifts of 6

6 endows you with many lovely gifts, for it is bursting with artistic creativity. It is the eloquent communicator. It is musical. It is the dedicated teacher and healer and giver of service. It represents the Mother and Father energy that keeps family together. It is highly responsible, reliable, and there for others when it is needed most. They are wonderful on every kind of team, and they delight in being married.

Be Careful with Your Heart

They do have to be aware of the sacrificial parts of their character and avoid being badly used and abused by those who would take advantage of them without compunction. They can be overly trusting; a 6 can be like an open candy store filled with delicious things. Decent people know to pay or trade for the sweet goodies they wish to take home. But wicked people run in, scoop up all the yummy delights they want and run out, laughing all the way at how easy was. This is devastating to the 6, and even more so to the Double 6, for it is very hard for them to understand how some people can behave like that when they have only shown love and generosity.

6’s have to avoid tolerating the intolerable and giving to those who take everything and give nothing back. They have an infinite capacity to hope that their love will inspire the cruel, selfish, abusive, and abandoning people to change. Miracles can certainly happen, but it’s far better to abandon the proven abusers and save themselves from brutal heartbreak. This is equally true about abusers among both their family and friends.

The Double-Edged Sword of 6

The 6 is powerful, but the thing about power is that it can be used for good or evil. All of these amazing qualities have their opposites. A loving 6, when broken, can become a holy terror. They can out-stubborn a mule, be an arrogant, egotistical brute, argue fiercely–it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong–with the only intention being to crush their opposition, be severely controlling, critical, or cruel. They can avoid relationships, refusing to commit to anyone, and be terribly selfish. The good thing is that broken people can be healed, so there is hope, even for the worst of the worst if they want it.

6/6 in Numerology

The meaning of 6/6 numerology doubles the 6, so you multiply all the beautiful (or not so beautiful) qualities described above. For example, if your birthday is 6/6, as in June 6th, you have Double 6 energy. If your birth date reduces to six, such as the 12th or 24th day of the month, and your year adds up to six, again, you have that Double 6 energy. Also 6/6 can be added up as 6 + 6 = 12, and 12 becomes 1 + 2 = 3, a number of joy that shares several attributes of 6, but with some differences. If your Life Path adds up to 6, that is a great boon to you.

You may also have the Master Number 66 somewhere in your numerology chart. 66 is a higher octave of the single digit 6. According to Hans Decoz, the meaning of 66 is: “Generous to a fault, this number brings financial ups and downs. It is extremely loyal and loving. Often successful in spite of itself.”

If you have 6 or 6/6 (Double Six) energy in your soul’s numerology, rejoice! You have what is considered a Christ-like or Universal power of love in your heart.

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