Your Daily Focus: June 8-14

Your Daily Focus for June 8-14 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Greetings again, gentle readers! The month of June is rolling along, and all manner of excitement and activities are filling up your calendars. June is the month that kids are out of school and people everywhere are getting married. It is one of the busiest months of the year.

For this reason, we are going to explore stress and pressure. One may create the other, but these are two completely different traits that seem to take center stage in our 21 century lives. Many things can create stress, but some stress can create good things. Sometimes the pressure you may feel will push you into a much stronger position than you could experience any other way.

Stress should be viewed as a springboard: use it to help you fly, not to hold you in place. Pressure can turn carbon into a diamond, but it must be released in order for it to be a positive thing. The fastest way to release pressure and get out from under the weight of stress is to change your perception of your current situation. If you have people handing you a million things to do, all of which must be done yesterday, remember that you are in control.

Take a deep breath. Now take another. One more. Now…don’t you feel better? Now start a list of priorities and take on one project at a time. The goal is to enjoy your life, not work endlessly until there is no joy left to find. Let this daily focus remove some of that pressure from your world today.

As you read these words, slow your breathing and relax your shoulders. You have the same priority and importance as the people who are demanding your time and effort. In fact, you actually have MORE of a priority. If you simply stopped, all those people would continue on with their lives, they just would have to be more responsible for themselves. You, however, would suffer from the collapse and wouldn’t be available to help anyone, including yourself. There is a reason the airlines tell you to place your oxygen mask on first: if you aren’t around, you can’t be there for others.

June 8

“The greatest stress is created when we try to live our lives in accordance to pleasing others.”

There is a great difference between helping or serving humanity and trying to please other people. When you find yourself chasing after the approval of other people, you find yourself chasing an ever-moving carrot on a stick. People’s ideas and moods change continually. If they are only in your life for what you do for them, they don’t need to be in your life. Never allow someone else’s perceptions dominate how you live your life.

June 9

“Today I will find reasons to appreciate and care for my body. We make a great team!”

A great deal of stress can be created when we don’t take care of our bodies. Exercising your body in any way dramatically improves the body’s stress responses. Show your body some love and watch its response make you feel much better in many ways. A gentle walk, a quick swim, or a few minutes of yoga have been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, improve oxygen saturation, and bring a healthy glow to a once stress-filled body.

June 10

“I will fill my life with love that I will offer to the world. In so doing, I will not have time to engage in wild imaginings of negative thoughts.”

Sometimes when our world feels very closed in and small, the tiniest things can feel enormous. We can focus on something to the point that it becomes an obsession. When we focus our love and gratitude outward, we begin to see the hidden gifts that each day offers. Love is far bigger than romantic connections, and it is as constant as the tides.

June 11

“I will not compare myself to others. Instead, I will know that I am worth emulating.”

A change in perception does wonders for reducing stress. You are a genuine, original work of art There is no other person in all the world just like you. Do not compare yourself to others. Celebrate your unique beauty, inside and out.

June 12

“It is only when you are tested that you can see your majestic courage rise.”

Sometimes stress can show us what needs to change in our lives. If you find yourself continually having anxiety attacks and going to bed each night with a panic attack, it’s time to realize they are called “attacks” for a reason. It is time to defend yourself and have faith in your own abilities. You aren’t a survivor, you’re a THRIVER! Embrace your courage and know that you have the ability to overcome and release any stressor that comes your way.

June 13

“I am making my spiritual, mental, psychic, and physical self a real priority.”

You are greater than all the obligations that come your way. You are greater than your credit report, your job, or your bank account. You are not what you possess. Give yourself some credit and some real priority today. Go for a vacation on your lunch break. Turn off your phone and the noise. Feed your soul.

June 14

“To live a reasonably stress-free life, just remember that such freedom comes from knowing you have the ability to choose between two thoughts.”

At any point in time, the human spirit can flip the switch and change the outcome of any situation. There are countless cases of people going through difficult times who managed to find a way to make a child laugh in spite of their own situation. At any moment, you have the option of finding something good in the world or acquiescing to the pressures of today’s society.

Choose joy! And have a great week.

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