Know Your Goddess: Bast

Powerful protectress and Ancient Egyptian Goddess of sensual pleasure, Bast is depicted as a slender woman with the head of a lion or desert sand cat.

She often holds a rattle in her right hand and a protective totem (which happens to be a kitty), in her left. Agile and lithe, she is the daughter of Isis and Osiris and also, the original catwoman, possessing the power to simultaneously attract and repel. And how appropriate…

With a name that means devouring lady, Bast beckons us to celebrate our seemingly discordant qualities.

As both the defender of the Pharaoh and a goddess of fertility, she symbolizes both strength and femininity, reminding us that a satisfying existence involves complexity. By following Bast’s feline example however, her message crystallizes. The way to nurture wholeness is by having fun.

Create room for playtime in your life. Seize the day and be the wild cat that you are – it doesn’t mean sacrificing productivity. As her wide-reaching areas of domain indicate, Bast is the mythological mistress of multitasking!

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