Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer | California Psychics

A Lunar Eclipse of Change

Our planet enjoys unusual and wonderful phenomena due to our moon’s size and distance from Earth, in the form of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The various types of Lunar Eclipses appear when the sun’s light is blocked by Earth’s shadow.

A Moment of Transformation

On January 10, 2020, we will have a penumbral eclipse. This is where the Earth blocks part of the sun’s light and projects a shadow on the moon. It will be visible in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia, yet it impacts the entire planet astrologically. This unusual sight foreshadows phenomenal changes.

This Lunar Eclipse predicts major transformation, requiring adaptation to new ways of life. Eclipses bring surprises and changes, felt most strongly during the weeks surrounding them. Yet there are on-going repercussions tied to other sky events for many years.

What this Eclipse Means for Your Sign

This eclipse focuses on our relationship with the technology we’ve created. Our “online self” never sleeps and interacts with the entire planet. At the same time, we want and need intimate, personal interactions in our lives. Powerful communications help us integrate these different expressions of self, defining what’s real and valuable in life:


Teach others from the powerful experiences of your personal life, allowing your public image to grow around this January 10 eclipse. If you’re an athlete, a warrior for peace, or are sharing the wisdom of your ancestors, you’ll have an amazingly positive impact on others, and in return, your own life.


Your rich new ideas are based in both Earth and reality. While you might not see an immediate result from your inspired new view, you’ll perceive the positive energies that you’re creating with your family and friends. You might even want to put these ideas into art projects that are musical, handcrafted, or culinary endeavors that can delight and heal.


Your ability to communicate clearly will help you guide high-energy partners in a brilliant new direction. Your personal values are tested to assure that your words reflect your highest ideals. You have the energy you need to achieve greatness.


This Lunar Eclipse is in your sun sign, so you’ll find particular power during this period. Communications and travel give you amazing insight and strength. You sense that the time has come when it’s essential to promote equality and inclusiveness. Your sensitivity guides you to create breakthroughs that bring joy to yourself and others.


This particular eclipse series is highly personal to you with Leo prominent in the source chart. You express the need for true love that feels real for yourself and others. Start by recognizing the need for both freedom and profound personal connections in relationships. You’ll find new ways to incorporate this into your own.


Your personal language has real power, and sharing your ideas takes many forms. You’ll profoundly reach others through a friendly card or email. Sharing and teaching your special talents will bring joy to yourself and others. You’re causing beauty and love to take a physical form.


Your natural desire for balance and fairness reaches a crescendo during this time. You speak up at work and at home, expressing powerful compassion for others. Your ability to see each person’s special gifts serves you and all those who surround you, creating breakthroughs.


You see much of what’s coming during this eclipse period. Siblings and those you regularly communicate with support your desire to do what’s best for the future – both immediate and long-term. You’re inspired creativity has a mystical feel. This may be through your love and protection of the oceans, or connecting with others through emotional kindness.


You’re energized by sharing personal knowledge and finding innovative new ways to offer love to another person or an entire group. Taking a lover or another partner to a sports event – even an event that displays mental agility – can create a loving connection from your shared experience. Games teach skills needed by humans.


This eclipse is “shadowing” your Capricorn sun, allowing you to peek behind the curtains of past, present, and future. Your communications during this period go to the source of loving connections becoming reality. Your insights can be expressed through a blog, a scientific creation, or electrifying a group with your unique ideas.


This eclipse impacts your deepest self, allowing expression through your daily work, young relatives, and pets. Pay attention to what you hear from all of these influences in your life. Apply these new ideas with the joy you find in them through your creative work, your love life, or compassionate, healing words.


You’re wonderfully in touch with the power of this Full Moon. Your artistic efforts and connections with children are emotionally satisfying for everyone you touch. Friends are intense, and at the same time, generous. You’re in a position to make the most of it all. If you’re inclined to protect water resources, you also have special words to effect change.

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