Self-Care Tips for the New Year

Self-Care Tips for the New Year | California Psychics

Embracing Self-Care

It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is actually here. With each new year, many of us resolve to makeover our lives, and ourselves, for the better. To really succeed, however, we first and foremost need to take good care of ourselves.

So, as the year begins to ramp up, take some time to map out how you’ll kick off this next trip around the sun with you as the focus. Because, when you take care of yourself first, everything (and everyone!) in your life benefits.

Review Your Resolutions

It’s easy to create new year’s resolutions—it’s much harder to stick with them. Sit down with yourself to really think about what you want to accomplish (or change) about yourself and your life in 2020. What goals are realistic? Which ones could set you up to fail? Also check your intentions. Which goals sound good on paper but don’t match what’s really in your heart? What resolutions are you making to please others? When you can align your goals with your values and what’s really best for you, you’ll be more successful.

Create Action Steps for Your Goals

Most people abandon their resolutions by the end of January—and many feel pretty defeated as a result. Treat your goals as if they matter, because they do. Set yourself up for accomplishment by writing down specific action steps for your goals. This act of self-care prevents you from getting down on yourself if you fall off the resolution wagon and gives you a clear roadmap for success.

Slow Down

After the busy holiday season, we all need to take a break, in some shape or form. Allow yourself to slow down and give into what you need—especially if what you need is rest. Tap into a less hurried pace, leave your to-do list hanging, and allow yourself to ease into this new year. This will put you in a less stressful place mentally and allow you to really focus on what’s important and necessary this year.

Consider Dry January

The idea of not drinking alcohol in January has become popular recently, giving people a measurable goal for the new year after all of that holiday-related partying. Tweak this concept for whatever you need to take a break from in the new year. Maybe you need some time alone after too much socializing. Maybe you spent too much money on presents and travel. Maybe you didn’t get to the gym or out in nature as much as you wanted to. However you need to detox, let yourself do it—ban alcohol, sugar, shopping, social events, or anything you feel that you overindulged in. This will help you reset physically and mentally.

Schedule Self-Care

Make yourself a priority by putting self-care on your calendar. Whatever way you like to take care of yourself, you need to make that activity just as important (heck, more so!) than the other to-dos and appointments in your life. Block out time to meditate, go to yoga, get a massage, read your book, journal, etc., a few hours a week. When you can see the time is already allotted for you, you’ll be more likely to stop what you’re doing and keep these oh-so-important appointments with yourself.

Give Yourself a Break

The new year is a time for new beginnings and renewing our commitments to ourselves, but it becomes harder to do when we are stressed out about keeping those commitments. So, give yourself a little “me time” this month to help get your world in order the way you need it, and you may find that 2020 becomes the year you truly hoped for.

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