Your Full Moon Valentine’s Day Forecast

One Steamy Valentine’s Day with a Full Moon!

On February 14, we’ll experience a Full Moon in scene-stealing Leo, making for a high-style, high drama day and a particularly steamy night! How can you maximize the energy of this influence? Psychic Quinn ext. 5484 suggests”If you wish to make it pump, you have to have the key. The key is made of love, humor and kindness. If you have these qualities and want to share your heart with them, hug them once, turn it twice, and then kiss them for a long good night.

Read on for more details!

Embrace Your Swagger

Whenever Leo comes into play, charisma comes out in full force. Some of us will feel it more than others, but everyone will have a certain magnetism under this influence. On that note, don’t hide your charms! Instead, try savoring the sensation of self-assurance. Whether you’re headed out on a date, staying in with your mate or hitting a party solo with your fellow singles, dress to impress, don your best smile and work it! It’s only the first component of what can be an energetic evening. On that note…

Embrace Excitement

Between the placement of Leo and a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, it’s a night to expect the unexpected. As Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058 recommends “Let Valentine’s Day be the beginning of love’s renewal.” With that in mind, rather than trying to control anything (Definitely do not try and micromanage!), you’ll be well served to relax and accept the uncertainty. Anything can and will happen with this sort of planetary interplay. Don’t try to fight it. Revel in it. Single or paired, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day to remember. And last, but certainly not least…

“On Valentine’s Day, celebrate love and affection between intimate companions. It’s a day which lovers express their love for each other.” – Psychic Snow ext. 9383

Embrace Each Other!

Tonight’s cosmic forces tell us it’s time to release any pent-up aggression or frustration you’ve been feeling with a good laugh… or a good seeing to! And while Valentine’s Day is clearly made for a romp, this year is a particularly potent one. You’ll be feeling frisky—at least from a planetary perspective! Meanwhile, if you’re single, don’t fret! Start by salving your stress with a good workout, a massage or a sauna. The idea is to use your physical body. Your mind and spirit will thank you, and the glow you get as a result may lead to some additional activities later… which on a night like this, might just be worth exploring!

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12 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Valentine’s Day Forecast

  1. Lashawn Laws

    Well I don’t know why read this for my life haves gone for the dogs and that’s mess up. I can’t find a men and if I do find one why do I find the most mess up men like there someone on my head that said I what or need a loser in my life I’m a woman so why can’t I find a good man what’s wrong with me.

  2. Ganesh Iyer

    These horoscopes are just a gimmick for individuals.They can give some tips on sun signs n not on individuals. Bejan Daruwala’s books are bogus money making schemes n.hence he writes n.says Ganesha speaks.I stopped buying his books or reading these horoscope stories. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts n too b shrewd n.careful you can succeed never waste time behind these false predictions.

  3. Mika LoPiano

    Happy valentine’s day to all! And good night! I saw my man during the day, and it was really cool, but tonight I will celebrate with My pillow, lol

  4. Dawn

    Valentine Day is for love and those that are in love with thier mate.So if you don’t have a mate,like myself,this horoscope is wrong then.

  5. lisa

    How can these horoscopes be for everyone. For example, my boyfriend cheated on me last week and we broke up. I don’t see this horoscope accurate in anyway for me.

  6. Alexandra

    Happy St.Valentine’s to everyone, specially those who are blessed
    with a lover that loves them in return and can spend this
    special “lovers” day happily celebrating together. As for
    me… no honey…so no romantic celebration but sending
    LOVE to all of Humanity..

  7. rainelle

    I believe in Valentine’s Day if a couple really is on the same page. However, I wish all the true hearted relationship’s in the world the Valentine’s Day their partner, or husband can give to them. But it must come straight from the heart.


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