10 Elements of a Soulmate

Are They Truly Your Soulmate? Use This List to Find Out!

Your soulmate could be right under your nose in the form of a co-worker, friend or casual acquaintance! That’s amazing. But what’s even more amazing is the fact that you could miss your opportunity to be with them if you don’t know what to look for. But, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 observations about a person that could help you figure out if they’re your soulmate:

1. Familiarity

Soulmates may not always feel like they are your other half, but they will likely be recognized as someone you’ve met before. It doesn’t matter if you believe soulmates have known each other in past times and dimensions, or that they just fit together well. What matters is that this person feels comfortable and familiar, like your favorite pair of jeans.

2. A Fizzle

Rumor has it that finding your soulmate should be like a bang, zing, or at the very least a small pop. This is why you may initially overlook yours. If you’re waiting for a spark, you may ignore a fizzle. But a fizzle is still significant. Don’t count someone out just because they don’t sweep you off your feet right away. 

3. Help You Start a New Chapter

Relationship baggage tends to follow most people wherever they go. This will be the case for much of your dating life. However, a soulmate will have the distinct ability to start a new chapter for you. They will remove previous concerns, put aside painful experiences and help you see the world from a more positive prospective.

4. They’re Trustworthy

There is not a single relationship that can succeed without trust. It is essential to the success of every relationship, and your soulmate will have an easier time putting themselves into your hands than others have. You’ll also find it easy to trust them too.

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5. Security

Another very important element of a soulmate is their rock-solid roll in your relationship. Run-of-the-mill boyfriends and girlfriends rise with the sun, and fade with the moon based on one bad date, a missed phone call or an opposing point of view. Don’t let these kind of relationships sidetrack you from finding the one who will stick beside you through more than just the good times.

6. Starry-eyed

Research has shown (yet can’t quite explain) that some couples “fall in love” after staring into each others eyes for a period of several minutes. This does not happen often, and in fact, gazing into a strangers eyes is more likely to cause irritability. As far as your soulmate is concerned, the eyes were your initial attraction/connection, and you should continue to experience a strong bond each time you lock eyes.

7. Healing Energy

A soulmate should have an aura around them that not only makes you feel comfortable and secure, but also re-energizes you and takes you away from the negative energy of everyday life. Sometimes when you feel afraid or overwhelmed in life, just touching your soulmate can refresh your outlook and give you the confidence and courage to keep going.

8. They’re Quirky

The only difference between a partner with quirks and one with incredibly annoying habits is the strength of the connection you share. When a soulmate licks their lips and darts their tongue in and out of their mouth while concentrating on a project, that is what is known as a quirk. You’d probably find it adorable. However, if someone who wasn’t your soulmate did that, you’d probably find it annoying enough to dump them.

9. They’re Easy to be With

Just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean they’re easy to be with. Well a soulmate is easy to be with every day.

10. Your Relationship Won’t Always be Easy

People think that soulmate relationships are easier than other love relationships, but that’s not always the case. Just because your souls are meant to be together, it does not mean you’re ready to be together. As a result, a lot of problems can occur. For example, addiction and immaturity are two big reasons why soulmate relationships fail. It is true that souls can change and eventually find their way, but you don’t want to wait forever. The good news is that many experts agree that there is more than one soulmate for each of us.

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One thought on “10 Elements of a Soulmate

  1. Bella

    Ok been there done that .. Done & done blah blah blah … My biggest issues is with #4, “” trust worthy “” like my ex said FYI if I might add & he was the fine 1 2 be talking about trust however I concur with his a-s “” that they must earn my trust 1st bc trust is something you must earn , with me yeah even if I m mad @ ya , yea I will always do the right thing by them / YOU however once I am done I’m gone “” if it gets (my trust ) gets broken stick a fork in it I am done after that bc I just shut myself down = off from then bc I know it will never been the sane again 4 me “” … That’s my #1 I cut myself off = I shut down so they might as well be talking into a brick wall or an empty space back in time BCZ they want get NATA else from me ever other than a blank stare as in your the 1 who messed up not my a-s lol lol …I don’t do no kind of betrayal “” it is what it is “” what about doing some reverse role playing ???? 2 see if they are worthy of my love 1st ??? is all I am saying … 🙁


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