They aren’t Right for You!

There’s Something Off if They’re Not Turning You On

They might be smart and funny and even kind of cute, and sometimes they can be quite nice, but there’s something just a little off. You’re not looking for perfection, but for some reason, they just aren’t right for you and you can feel it.

Not everyone is right for everyone. At some point in your dating life, you may be in a relationship  that has some good things going for it, but there’s still something wrong.

Despite your best efforts, not everyone you meet is going to be right for you. But here’s the good news: If you can recognize what doesn’t work and who isn’t right for you, then you most certainly can recognize the right relationship when it comes along.

Warning Signs that They’re Not Your Soulmate

• Your intuition keeps telling you that things aren’t right
• You don’t enjoy doing the same things
• You have different approaches to showing affection
• They can’t get along with the most important people in your life
• They haven’t introduced you to the most important people in their life
• They’re too controlling
• They have a different (or, no) vision for the future
• You’re in a different places in life
• They won’t stop talking about their ex
• They disrespect you or disregard your feelings
• It’s all about them—never “us”

“Always remember love is an emotion and sex is a physical act. Yes, you can have sex with or without love, and yes, you can have love with or without sex. For some, this concept is hard to embrace and the lines can become blurred.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

Why Aren’t They Right for You?

Does it really matter why they’re not right for you if you know they just aren’t?

Even if you convince yourself that the differences between you can be overcome (and some small differences can), there are certain things you know aren’t negotiable in a relationship. You need to rely on your intuition and recognize the signs. You belong with your soulmate, so why knowingly stay with someone who isn’t?

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Psychic Reed ext. 5105

Karmic Connections

There may be times when we find ourselves in a karmic connection. If you know about karmic love, then you know that it can often be mistaken for real love, but they have very different outcomes. Very few karmic connections can result in everlasting love—they may feel similar, but they’re not. Karmic love often starts heated like a real relationship, but it can also be obsessive and consuming and these connections often end in a disastrous crash and burn.

Whether you’ve noticed striking differences between the two of you or you feel like something’s not right, chances are you’re in a karmic connection and hopefully you’ll see the signs and you’ll know that they’re not right for you sooner rather than later.

Your Precious Time

If you notice that something’s not right and especially if it’s something your friends and family have noticed, you’re wise to heed the warning signs. Because even though there may be plenty of fish in the sea, there’s always that pesky time factor. Your time is precious—so why waste it on someone who just isn’t right for you? And besides, real love is probably out there just waiting to find you.

Know what they want from you and your relationship during a love reading with Psychic Piper ext. 5260.

46 thoughts on “They aren’t Right for You!

  1. Nicole

    There was a sign and I believe it’s been there for a good 2 years now but didn’t really creep up as much as it is now. Sad to say, I really thought my 5 year relationship with my now ex was really my soul mate. I mean, I really had that feeling he was. Later this summer, negativity decided to get in between us. He says sexist comments about girls, about how WE should only be in the kitchen, judges everyone by their color, weight and what they wear in a rude way, he gets angry when it comes to me being friends to flirty girls and even talking to them telling me that I’m controlling but really, I’m not, but only when it comes to talking to other women. I’m afraid.., and seems to not know what he really wants. By that I say he wants to be with me forever, but then ends the relationship multiple times, thinking it’s okay and possibly guessing it’s okay to end it as much as possible since we get back together every time. Also letting me know he wants to have a future with me, such as a home and a healthy family with 4 beautiful children, but yet, he now thinks the world is over populated and we don’t need to have kids at all. He doesn’t even want to come around my family and it’s been 5 years. You would think your partner would come around the most important people in your life, right? It hurts me to know that it is true, even though I wish it wasn’t but it is. I feel pain in my heart, and I sure am confused over everything. I know for sure that he really doesn’t care and rather think about what his penis wants then his feelings. I believe I’m the right one for him, due to the fact that I do so much to keep everything in our relationship together. Yes, I mean me and I believe it is a 2 on 2 thing to keep a relationship going without nasty past situations invading it, but yet it’s a 1 on 2.

    Sometimes you need to gain the strength to convince yourself they aren’t really meant for you, even though you more of convince yourself that, “No, things will work out, I just need to give it time”. Even though I told myself that countless times I really know the truth and I need to keep walking forward without looking back. One day I’ll find the right man..

  2. LJ

    Wow I had no clue that this article would elicit such great responses and interesting questions. I wish that I could personally answer each and every one.
    I will though say thanks to ReikiGirl and Gina Rose for their fabulous insight.
    And as for Karmic Love – I don’t mean soulmates – karmic love is when you have “unfinished business” with someone and it just has to play out in order for us to grow and move on. That is why there is an initial, unspeakable connection – you recognize each other on a soul level.
    And to “Missing” you should always listen to your instincts or to the little voice inside your head that warns you it’s no good. Don’t stay miserable – get out of your situation, even if it means being alone – you’ll be happier. You don’t need anyone to complete you, but you can always want more – want vs. need. Thanks.

  3. priscilla

    I know that mine isn’t because I don’t get affection the way I should and I always blamed it on maybe I had to give that up because of my kids but its the fact that he doesn’t do it I get blamed for being mean…i have four kids one is autistic and ever since his back went out and I do blame it on the pain medicine and pain but he doesn’t have a good relationship with his father but he did with his mother my thing is I feel neglected and I felt the same way growing up being abused and not being loved being loved and showed love is two different things you know in your heart either that person is the one…but in this case its not and despite what I read above I’m sorry but I’m not having sex with nobody who I don’t love…thats just not me I been there looking for the wrong reasons….

  4. Lashanda brown

    Can u tell me if terry my soul mate are another heart breaker does he care for me are is he wanting a relationship with me

  5. Tonya

    I,ve given so much since 2003 to 2 individuals who broke my heart to the core because I truly thought that person at that time in my life was definetly the one for me. Boy was I wrong in so many ways. All I want to know is If there is someone in this world for me than when will he come forth and in what year? What is his name?LAst but not least will the relationship with this man leads to marriage?

  6. Missing

    I should have paid heed to my instinct! Now I am married to someone who is very controlling, and is all for himself, he doesn’t get along with my kids, don’t like anyone, and is verbally abusive!
    I would like to know if I will ever get to meet someone, who truly cares for me??!!!
    And, will I ever be rid of this really miserable man?????

  7. He@ther

    I’ve had a karmic connection with someone and it was intense! We hit it off right from the start I mean the chemistry between us was amazing. I felt like I have known him all my life and that he may be the one. Unfortunately, just as the article said, these relationships crash and burn. I was crushed and it took me a while to get over it. =/

    However, I met someone new recently who is everything I am looking for in a potential mate so I am looking forward to getting to know him better and seeing where it goes.

  8. Dawn

    Pshchic Piper can you tell me the name of a man that will come into my life and be my true love?It would make life easier & safer then tying to date those that aren’t & don’t care……Can you please reply to my e-mail…thank you..

  9. joannie

    if there is a “real love and soul-mate for each and every one, why it is too hard to convince
    some-one what really love is……….?

  10. FREDDY


  11. Maria Frisenda

    Kathy… U remind me of myself, 6yrs ago… The relationship ur in now will never last… 2 young, 2 curious. Like u said, it won’t last! I have done pretty much of what u have, when it comes 2 relationship’s… The last 6yr’s has been the best … I have gone 4 help so I can be In a healthy relationship, & stop going after the BAD BOY’S, if u will… That’s what I call them. U can find ur SOULMATE seriously, I did! It really worked 4 me. I will be 60 in October, It creeps up real fast! U can be a very happy WOMAN!!! I wish u the BEST Kathy!!!


    iam look for my soulmate date is hard but i belive there someone out there for me ,God will send him in my life i have the faith

  13. Josie

    I believe everyone has more then one soul-mate. I also believe that out of those several you still have one that is the best for you. I met mine a decade back. We had very different childhoods. I moved around and he grew up and eventually does in the same town he was born in. We were opposites in many ways and balanced each other out and it was far from perfect. Thankfully I realize I will have another life with him and still have some of my soul mates still here on earth with me now.

  14. Deborah Williams

    All of these comments are from people “settling” for so much less than they deserve……. very sad….

  15. kathy barney

    There is this older man (when I say older I mean 60’s and I’m in my mid-50’s so it’s really no big deal age-wise at this point. He is retired and plays vintage baseball. His wife never comes to watch him play. My boyfriend plays, that’s why I go. But me and this 60ish man always hug when we see each other, flirt a bit. the other day he places his hand on my face and slide his hands down it then the went to my arm and did the same. that to me is a sign of interest, but I don’t think it’s real.. just a crush….

  16. Rick

    Vanessa:….I totally agree wih your views re. “the soul mate”…such a “clished” expectation in this day an age. No doubt, in any human relationship (romantic or not), there are a number of factors which might facilitate better “odds” that 2 particular people would be able to have a lasting relationship (of any sort). One of these factors is simple old committment to something that “feels right” on many plains. With commitment comes “good old hard work, at times…a labour of love if you will”….to.wait for a “perfect sould mate”, is absolute nonsense (probably about 2 % of the human population are fortunate (or wise) enough to find this “unicorn” . Love can be blinding, but if you remain realistic about finding it, you will eventually…..also, the Budists caution that the only constant is change (one has to be realistically capable of accepting that little gem of wisdom, even if it stated off in nirvana”…….

  17. kathy barney

    I know about karmic love. But I thought I found two men who would love me forever and give me what i wanted. The two marriages failed because they “found someone better.” I have had a hard time rebuilding my self esteem. I am a beautiful woman at 56 years old they say, yet I feel depressed. Of course that’s what’s making me unattractive. I currently live with a man 18 years younger than me and he is wonderful, yet he has so many secrets (password protected FB and email, etc.) and different sexual tastes than I do. Nothing drastic or scary, I just can’t keep him satisfied, at least i think so, yet he seems to love me. I want a house but he doesn’t seem able or capable to find a decent job. He works hard, but it’s way below his potential. He, like me is a an artist. I don’t know what to think about out relationship. i do love him, but know that one day soon, it will end..simply because he can’t provide me with normal creature comforts. What should I do?

  18. martha

    you are so right about the warning signs, I’ve always have had a good sense of intuition when I felt that something was going on I just couldn’t put my finger on I. Then I realize this relationship is not worthy of me I deserve more than this all the warning signs were there right in front of me. You know I’d prayed and ask, to show the real him and guess what it was showed to me exactly how he was all for himself.

  19. kim

    first warning sign whether your 25 or 52,”We met online”. really when did we become so stupid that we forgot all about getting to know someone face to face look them in the eyes read the body language we have become so attached to tech. we have become a society of morons.

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Julie,

    You’ve got it right ! We are ALL connected Karmically speaking, different types of Karmic connections, at different levels and strengths for sure.

    And it’s just a fluffy bunny myth that we only have one ” souolmate”. Now, strong Karmic connections are few, but the average soul has at least 2 or 3 in any given incarnation.
    ( I’ve researched this for the last 35 years by the way ).

    Nice posting Julie, I can see you have a good level of understanding for this subject.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  21. vanessa

    I gotta call bulls–t, at any time in one’s life they can feel like they are on a different path than their lover/soulmate. A relationship takes work, wether it’s “meant to be or not.” You cannot honestly say that at any point in your life you felt alone, or that noone understood you that’s the infallible suffering of being human. But please, don’t give up something that makes you happy, simply because you may be at two different places currently. love takes work, patience, outside guidance. You will know when it is or isn’t right based ont heir affections and hopefully honest responses. If they aren’t honest, you don’t deserve them. but rely on your heart to decide if this is the person for you and let your head only make survival suggestions; i.e. don’t overthink it…

  22. menda

    Yes my old man lelt me
    And moved in with his old women gregory
    Isn’t no goog for me.iam try to move on something Is stoping me
    What Is really stoping me

  23. terri

    Will i ever find my true love really will i ?? Am 52 and this guy i met on line 2 almost 3 years ago ,yes we started to date right way ,he moved me in to his house literally,for almost a year ,it was wonderful for us at first month or two then it started ,he got really mean wanted all control of me i had to do and go where ever he wanted.Then the mental abuse started .One minute he was treating me like a queen then the next i was being treated like i was garbage.He did start using his drugs more and drinking more.Constant calling me down and always swearing at me ,he even started swearing alot at me calling me down alot ,one sec he wanted me to stay next he wanted me to get out or he would call the police blamed and lied to everyone making me the bad person,so in secretness i had to plan to move out cause even though he wanted me then he didnt .I knew he would go crazy if he knew i was moving out ,i know it makes no sense so i could not tell him but he found out.So anyways cut to the chase i fanilly got out ,its been just over a year and he has not stopped calling me or wanting to see me ,so i thought will be friends i was in contol now i thought but somehow started to see him as a friend but he still wanted the sex too.So not thinking i did because i was very vunerable i guess he knew that ,and i was not or wanting to see anybody else after him.So now its been going on a year now .Its like we never broke up,now he wanted to start to date me again ,buying stuff being all nice but still it started again hes got me so messed up ,i cant seem to get the words out to tell him no more, leave me alone ,cause am scared what he will do ,i dont want the police involled .Please tell me what should i do am so scared.

  24. Yari

    I don’t know. I think sometimes when your with someone that may not like the same things as you and may not be on the same page as you for the future etc but is completly crazy inlove with you and you with them. That even when time passes and for what ever reason you part ways but life always brings you back together I think that’s real love. And if you feel fireworks just looking at them even when the road hasn’t been easy I think that person is your it. And I think he’s my it 🙂

  25. chuck

    I’ve been in a relationship for over three years now with the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She is still in a relationship with a man she had kids with. I can understand her staying in it for the kids, I’ve tried to make this work, she has no problem with it but I do. We had tried in the past to split up but she kept on either contacting me by phone or coming over. It’s hard to get over the one your in love with if she won’t leave you alone n she knows I’m in love with her. Things have been weighing on me for a while now and I keep getting angry for all the wrong reasons an showing my anger when it all boils down to she’s still with that guy and has no plans on leaving him. I’ve asked her to leave me alone yesterday and this time she has so far. It’s just not right for her to expect me to wait forever although when we first met I told her I would. yes there is a lot that just isn’t right.

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  27. ReikiGirl

    Beverley ~ Start today – no more casual sex with your soldier. He comes around because he knows you’ll allow him to and you already know what kind of person he is. People do not change until they want to and you cannot do that for him. If you are sensing danger, then practice self-love by distancing your Self from this situation. When his birthday comes near, use any excuse to make yourself unavailable – avoid all contact, don’t answer the phone or better yet change your number. I wish you the very best. Peace, love and light to you.

  28. ReikiGirl

    Umeano ~ First, pay the people you owe money to and do it as quickly as you can.

    To find the love you are looking for, practice loving and respecting yourself first. Another persons love isn’t going to make your life complete until you can love yourself first. This doesn’t mean being selfish or egocentric. It means making decisions that keep you healthy and in balance. Finding someone else to love will come soon enough. If you want to change the world, start with your Self first. Peace, love & light to you and I wish you the very best.

  29. Angela

    This is so true and thank you for pointing it out. I am listening to my intuition more and more each day. Again I hope others will do the same too.

  30. beverley coote

    I was along with a soldier it is now one (1) I stop having sex with him. Everytime whenever his birthday comes around he will come on the eve of his day wanting celebrate it with me.
    in a nice way I run him.

    I do not want this guy but maybe he his mad. He is a cheater, homo, sheep in wolf clothing, bad man, let face it he his dangerous .I want him to stop believing that I am going to take him back, run him away.

    thank you.

  31. John

    WOW, thanks for opening up my eyes! I have been so depressed over my recent breakup, but you absolutely hit the nail on the head! I thought I was with the woman of my dreams! Her family and friends told me she would use me and to RUN AWAY from her! I should have listened.

  32. Cheryl

    Have been so unsure about moving in with my boyfriend, always feel we are just not quite on the same page. No fireworks in our relationship for me, I just go with the flow..We are both in our 60’s and everyone tells me it not important and that I will be financially secure in my old age (he is very financially secure) Cant help feeling there is someone else out there who I will feel happier with. Am i being silly and should I think of my old age…
    Reading your remarks regarding sole mate etc…. really make me think , not to do it….

  33. Chrissi

    yes- and reader I married him- we always had lots of fun and laughs and a great time generally the first few years of our marriage though until I had our son- then everything changed- he had an affair, fathered a daughter and things really haven’t been the same since

  34. Julie

    From my life experience, I am concluding that ALL of our relationships are karmic and that we have multiple soulmates. The idea that one person out of seven billion on the planet is the only true soulmate in our lives seems like an exaggerated distortion. Using the criteria that someone not getting along with the other people in your life, that you are in “different” places in your lives sounds like a fairytale projection that is loaded with expectation. Of course, respect is required and an over controlling partner is a red flag as is an intuitive hit that something is askew. But perhaps if we can learn to balance our needs with surrendering to a ego-less detachment of loving-kindness towards our other we may experience a healthier love.
    Yes, of course take care of your self but drop the laundry list of expectations which will set you up for disappointment.

  35. Rodica

    I wonder: can there be karmic love for one, and normal love for the other one? Should someone continue in such a relationship, if it exists?

  36. UMEANO



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