Your Full Moon Forecast for September 2013

Heal Your Heart During the Full Moon

On September 19, the Full Moon in Pisces sheds a little light on some of life’s greater mysteries. It can be a time of self-discovery, or conversely, feeling lost. With intuition on a yearly high (Pisces is the zodiac’s most psychic sign.), lies are thinly veiled and life takes on deeper meaning. It can be emotionally intense, but it can also be massively rewarding. Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence…

Connect to Kindred Spirits

A Piscean Full Moon is the perfect setting for a dinner party with the people who mean the most to you. If you can’t all be in the same place, reach out to those you hold in esteem and to whom you feel inexplicably connected. By fostering your ties to like minds, you feel less alone in the world and experience profound gratitude. This is a great way to become present to the blessings that are bestowed upon you, which in turn helps you move forward in a positive direction, implementing the lessons of what may have been a difficult cycle.

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Whether it’s with intention or purpose (lucid dreaming) or simply to see where your heart takes you, this is a perfect day for exploring your subconscious in a creative way. Do a guided meditation or give yourself some time after a yoga session to sit with your thoughts. You may uncover divine guidance about your future or any number of other things pertinent to yourself or those you love. Our imaginations (particularly when influenced by Pisces) are a tool for spiritual communion with the universe. Who’s to say what you have dreamed up isn’t real? Perhaps it’s just not yet realized.

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Practice Unconditional Love

Be tender and caring with everyone—starting with yourself. Do the things you need to do to feel your best and make a conscious effort to bring out the best in others. Notice their successes and accept their more difficult points as well as your own. This is not a day for changing anyone else (or changing yourself just yet), but rather it’s for pondering life’s mysteries, including those that make you who you are. After all, what is the meaning of life, if not to love? And who is more important to you than yourself?

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45 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Forecast for September 2013

  1. Tammy

    everything has fallen in place today. Yesterday I was telling a relative I was feeling lost and wanted to move or just get away from everything that I had no control over changing…also a heavy feeling of sadness and unsureness…pushed through the day and came home and had a uneasy night of sleep??

  2. Consuella

    Can I wear my silver rainbow moonstone cross tonite? I have placed it last night 18th of Sep, on a yellow cloth to clean and recharge and now I am wearing it. Should I take it off tonite or leave it as it is, around my neck? Pl ease respond in due time, I will appreciate it….Thank you…

  3. Tina

    my daughter is 19 and shge moved out and living with her boyfriend. I’M having a hard time thinking she’s ok without being at home and thinking she’s ok.

  4. Francine

    Suddenly the person I was seeing for the past 3years stopped calling . Do you think he’ll come around soon and wake up what is in front of him? And when?

  5. Rosealie

    Ineed to know if my boyfriend who is a Scorpio will come back. I cheated on him and he fond out and after he ask i admitted. now he dont speak to me but when i am on facebook he comes on read what i write then go. i am really sorry for hurting him and have been trying hard to get him back what can i do

  6. T.Luna

    The man of my heart has been gone… we recently crossed paths slightly again. I am excited but scared that it will be nothing.. although his heart is with me, despite is absence- He’s hast been. WILL HE RETURN TO ME??? WILL WE ‘BE’ AGAIN???

  7. Sharon M

    thank you for all that you do for others, and reminding all of us how fragile we can be or how strong. You are blessed with a special ability, not all people can use with such respect for others.

  8. Glenn Cordes

    I cleaned out a well or a shaft under my home and I think I released a spirit that has been there for a hundred years or so. Now I think the spirit is possessing my son who is trying to chase me away and take over my home. I am in a bad place. I need help.

  9. Mona Odom

    Hi .! I feel all the thing I just reading of unverifiable emotion of relieve of every thing and thank him ! He did forget about .dear lord,jesses , and angle , thank you ,a new world

  10. Joe sablic

    I, am a coma survivor and LOVE is simply hard for others to accept me.

    So maybe this full moon may change another ladies opinion of me.
    Full moons are supposed to be romantic
    Sincerely yours,

  11. cathy riches

    It looks like it’s going to be an awesome day for you!

    I love and miss you, when do you work next and what are your days off?

  12. tammy

    I have a friend her name is Stephanie and I need yo know was she truly my friend and we’ll she keep her word even though we a ‘re not talking and will I find a lovet


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