Numerology: Compatibility by the Numbers

 Are You Two Compatible?

Numerology not only describes how compatible we are with others but it also shows deep links between souls. Your Birth Number reflects the qualities and talents you bring into this lifetime and your purpose in life. The Heart’s Desire/Soul Number shows qualities that attract you. Using any combination of these numbers to compare your numerology to another person’s is the first step to determining how well-matched you are.

Your Birth Number consists of adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number between 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = Birth Number 6. The Destiny and Heart’s Desire Numbers both use the full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, applying a numeric assignment to each letter and adding the same way. The Destiny Number uses each letter of the full name. The Heart’s Desire Number uses only the vowels of the full name.

Letters to number are this simple:
1 A J S
2 B K T
3 C L U
4 D M V
5 E N W
6 F O X
7 G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I R

Are you and your potential mate, boss or trusted friend compatible? Do you have the same Birth Number? If so, you have similar natural qualities. There’s even a sense of déjà vu between you. Shared birth numbers are often partners in marriage or business. If the other person has a Birth Number that is the same as your Destiny Number, they can balance you and teach you the qualities you are seeking to possess. These combinations of number are extremely strong in assuring an enduring relationship.

If you don’t share Birth, Destiny or Soul Numbers, you are bringing different, needed qualities to the relationship. For example, one person may be focused on homemaking and parenting while the other is career-oriented. This clearly isn’t a problem for long-term compatibility as long as each of you is seeking the other’s qualities for balance

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Below are some of the basic qualities that you’ll find with each number. The person’s inherent tendencies/abilities (birth) or what they are seeking to develop (destiny) is explained below.

Compatibility Number 1

You are independent, fearless, goal-oriented and positive. You are highly focused on any desire in life, undaunted by obstacles and you know where you want to be and when. Sharing this number with someone can be harmonious if you respect each other’s needs and drives. Your best partners would be a 2 or a 6.

Compatibility Number 2

You are relationship-oriented and seek harmony as well as a merger of minds. You want to be surrounded by peace and be in a happy environment. Communication is essential for you and you love to be reassured and understood. Sharing this number with someone means you must work to keep each other motivated. As a 2, you often seek a more dynamic number for balance in your relationship. Your best partners would be a 1, 8 or 7.

Compatibility Number 3

You are pleasure-seeking, a lover of life and a creator of beauty and joy. You offer a beautiful home with a lot of laughter and delight. Sharing your life with another 3 means you both need to share a realistic drive for success. Your best matches are more ambitious numbers like 1 and 8, a service-oriented 6 or an organized 4.

Compatibility Number 4

You love structure, organization and are self-demanding. You cab build a solid home with another 4 as long as you both  maintain the excitement. You also have no problem keeping and organizing a home for the creative 3 or 5, the ambitious 1 or 8 or the inspired 7 or 4.

Compatibility Number 5

You are high-energy, creative and dramatic. Life is never dull for a pair of 5s as long as you give each other time to be the center of attention. Be prepared to tend to the details while your partner shines. Good matches for you are independent or ambitious types like the 2, 4 and 6.

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Compatibility Number 6

You are hard-working, service-loving and devoted. You love harmony and being creative by making things real. As a 6, you get along well with most other numbers and are probably the most compatible as a Birth Number pair.

Compatibility Number 7

You are spiritual, intellectual and original. You also need the most private time, as you are constantly seeking deeper, richer thoughts. You’d be compatible with another 7 if they are seeking the same path as you and you respect each other’s privacy. Good matches for you are the other independents—1, 5 and 8.

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Compatibility Number 8

You are powerful, business-oriented and you understand the flow of money. You put the drive in a relationship and with another 8, you are an unbeatable team as long as you support each other and minimize conflict. You mesh well with a peace-seeking 2 or 3 or a service-oriented 6.

Compatibility Number 9

You are a seeker of spiritual, educational and humanitarian work. You focus on gathering a mass of knowledge in order to mold something new. With another 9, you must focus on the same ideals. You may also seek the intellect of a 7, a supportive 6 or a fun 3.

To find and keep that partner, the magic is in the numbers!

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  1. Katelyn

    @Lori is you or someone is a 10 you’d be a 1 cause 1+0=1
    numbers like 10, 25, 34 has your life path number, you just have to add it together. (: you might not come back to this and see this, but i hope you will.


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