Your Career Horoscope for September 17 – October 17, 2013

It’s Time to Build Your Career!

September and October are perfect for bringing artistic projects into form and for taking positive action towards any dream that you would like to make a reality. This period also puts a focus on commitments—both romantic and financial. This is a time to build your career and to reap the benefits of past studies and accomplishments.


Expect career action days on September 17 and 18 when you have new, innovative ideas. Aim for results by September 30 when a female professional can help get your product or service before the public. More progress comes from travel or studies on October 8, 9 and 16.


September 17 begins a month of successful networking, group activities and communications. There will be a few surprises on September 27, but stay committed to your vision and you can win in a big way. Promote the sex appeal of your project or product on October 1 for success.

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Attention Gemini writers and public speakers! This can really be your month—particularly on September 24 and 25, September 30 and during the New Moon on October 4. If your communication talents are tied to networking, use a fresh, even child-like approach on these days. You’ll be the person to bring people (even those who disagree) to a positive, lucrative agreement.


September 17 is an outstanding time for creative efforts and related studies to forward your career. Don’t be shy about presenting your ideas and creations at work on September 26 and 27. The spotlight is on you. Use the inspiration that you receive on October 6 to offer something new on October 7. Other success days are October 14 and 15.


You inspire others with your bravery and ability to lead on September 19. Sports can also play a role in promoting your career on September 19 and 29 when travel may also be involved. Your creative talents shine on October 8 and 9. You enjoy a perfect flow of innovative ideas and the charm to promote them on October 17.


Go to your mental archives on September 22. You’ll revive an old project or idea whose time has come. Your communication skills dazzle on September 27. Your sensitive approach to communications resolves issues on October 1 and 2. Your knowledge of healthy living offers a career boost on October 10.

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Happy Birthday! Your 2013 career gift is powerful communication. September 23 through the 25th is a perfect time for travel, studies or other activities that can inspire your work. The New Moon in your sign on October 4 brings more opportunity. Focus on your creative projects October 13.


You are fully soaking in your creative flow in September and October, particularly on September 17 and 18. Others will find you to be positive and inspiring, yet what you say seems practical and possible. Travel on September 27 and 28 brings more innovative ideas and career benefits. Share your most romantic ideas for success on October 15.


September 20 brings soulful Sag. ideas. Communicate them in inclusive ways for a big win at work. You may want to have your suitcase packed for a sudden business trip on September 29. Venus entering on October 7 makes you and your ideas even more attractive. Take action on new ideas on the 8th or the 9th. More great projects come to mind on October 17.


Your career focus is on steroids during September and October. Organizations that you are involved with are demanding as well. That’s great. Just be sure to show co-workers your sensitive, caring side on September 22 and October 10. Your empathy with others also pays off on October 2 and 3.

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Travel and educational pursuits boost your career dreams in September and October. You see the future of your business on September 24. Share these discoveries with others on the 25th. The New Moon on October 4 again offers travel and educational opportunities. You shine during the weekend of October 12.


Look to your inner spirit for direction on September 17 and 18 for a career breakthrough. You have the perfect creative flow on September 26 with an excellent day to share your design on the 27th. Studies and inspirational pursuits are your keys to success on October 6, while a happy, creative flow is emphasized on October 15.

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  1. Carmen

    Will my daughters Christine and Katie get a jobs (Christine at Ucla & Katie at Ucsb) in October. They both have applied for jobs.


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