Your Full Moon Forecast for July 2013

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On July 22, the skies are graced with a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Known for eccentricity and constant activity, this Air sign holds a certain amount of nervous energy. That can translate into erratic behavior, or it could be electric. This Full Moon promises a helping of each, with a focus on the latter. The end result can be transformative…with a wave of your magical, metaphysical wand.

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence:

Get Physical

The Moon is not alone in beckoning you to exercise during this time. Uranus and Mars are all aligned as such that you’d be foolish not to have some kind of physical outlet. Better still, make your activity and outdoors excursion. Go for a hike in the mountains or a run on the beach. If nothing else, do some laps in the pool or take an afternoon stroll. A little sweat will shift your mindset for the better.

Embody Your Intention

Now that your head is clear from moving around, try to focus on your heart’s desire. Hold that intention in your being for when you truly desire something, it lives and breathes within you. Let your desired end be what emanates from your every action. Want love? Be love—to everyone and anyone. Want success? Be successful—even without the end result yet in your possession. When you embody your intentions you’re just that much closer to making them realities.

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Grab Hold of the Current

Finally, once you’re vibrating at the frequency of your desires, now is the time to draw it to you. Aquarius is the Water Bearer. What does this mean exactly? The Water Bearer draws the tides, which are controlled by the Moon, conducting electricity. An Aquarius Full Moon then, by its very definition, is an ideal time to give energy to your dreams, because it’s just the time when one can catch spark and take flight. It’s time to think about what you really want and take the steps to make it happen.

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16 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Forecast for July 2013

  1. annette

    It seemed to be too good to be true….however it was truth….July 22 .with the full moon in cancer..has made my dreams and wish come true….i got just a piece of the pie…i couldn’t be more grateful.

  2. Karen Nakamura

    Where’s your Royal British Baby Boy. HURRY please. What? Leo sun first degrees, Aquarius moon first couple degrees, what else? Pluto in Capricorn…..

  3. Jennifer kirk

    Hello my name is jennifer I want to know if my decesed mother is ok and if she has any messages for me.

  4. Betty

    Had a reading from Sandy yesterday . She is fantastic and I will check in with her again . She is very real and will tell you the negative as well as the positive so you know shes not just telling you what you want to hear !

  5. hemaxi

    hello respected sir,
    i like to ask what should i do to get permanant job and salary scale,my dob 1/12/1977. tob 1:40 a.m. pob anand gujarat
    kindly mail me if u can help me.plz help me.
    thank u

  6. matthew

    Why do you keep asking me to pay for more reading and you never tell me the truth it makes me lose my respect and trust in you. If you were a little right with your psychic advice i don’t mind giving my money up.
    Thank you, Matthew Coles


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