Your Summer in the Cards

Your Summertime Forecast Using Ordinary Playing Cards

The playing cards in many ways represent a calendar. 52 playing cards in a deck relate to the 52 weeks in a full year. The four suits represent the four seasons. Each suit has 13 cards just as each season is 13 weeks long. Add up all the numbers in each suit and we get a total of 91. This is also the number of days in a season. Adding the total number of cards in a deck and we calculate 364— the same number of days in the lunar calendar. Therefore, I have decided to use a playing card for each week of summer and interpret its meaning for the week ahead. The suit that represents summer is clubs.

1st week of Summer (21 June) 7 of Clubs ♣ 

Expect finances to improve. This is a time of personal success and a feeling of greater security. Look at your own abilities to make more money and more use of the opportunities that are coming in. Plan more rest and relaxation. Start to make clear plans in all areas to do with home and leisure.

Love Card: A blonde, youthful person brings some great news.

2nd Week of Summer (28 June) Queen of Clubs ♣ 

This is all about a woman. She’s attractive and dark-haired. She is so confident. She is so very sexually charged one could wonder if she is on fire! You’ll wonder what is going on behind those brown eyes. She is the center of everything this week. Get ready for a lot of attention! You certainly deserve it and if she is a lover, friend or family member, expect to have a lot of interaction with her this week. She is going to be arranging gatherings and parties.

Love Card: Beware of one-sided relationships.

3rd Week of Summer (5 July) 10 of Clubs ♣ 

This is a real time of completion for you, as old plans are completed and new plans begin for a new and exciting phase. There will be lots of movement and change and you can expect to hear about a windfall. This card also shows news of travelling abroad.

Love Card: Acquaintances reconnect or lovers are reunited.

4th Week of Summer (12 July) Ace of Clubs ♣ 

This week is all about money and security. There will be new opportunities and enterprises. Take full advantage of the creative vibration that the ace of clubs is generating this week. Enthusiasm is in abundance. This week is all about breaking down barriers, going beyond expectation and inspiring others around you.

Love Card: True happiness and fulfillment can be yours as dictated by fate and destiny.

5th Week of Summer ( 19 July) 2 of Clubs ♣

Expect some disappointment in an area. The Sun cannot shine all the time! Be realistic. More effort is required in some area. You will recognize your own personal power this week. Confront all situations head on. This is certainly a time for snatching success from the jaws of defeat.

Love Card: Romance is in the air. Engagements and weddings are announced.

6th Week of Summer ( 26 July) King of Clubs ♣

A mature man with dark brown hair and a rich complexion will certainly figure in your life in some aspect this week. He is most faithful and so very experienced. He is wisdom personified. Full of life with an abundance of sexual vitality, this man will certainly bring a smile to the faces of all that come across him. Hey, if this is you, yes you are great and yes you have a lot of charisma, but a touch of humility would not go amiss!

Love Card: Romantic days and the most passionate nights are quite possible!

7th Week of Summer (2 August) 4 of Clubs ♣

Foundations need to be laid down. Expect surprises, especially in terms of communications. This could certainly be a week of celebrations and taking part in some significant ceremony or rite. If you are feeling drained, please listen to your body and focus on yourself. Take a little time to recharge that battery!

Love Card: Do not be surprised if people find you most desirable and attractive. Enjoy it!

8th Week of Summer (9 August) 5 of Clubs ♣

This is a week of action and much change, especially with respect to work, business or major life projects. Good luck is predicted. Some will be considering major changes regarding a new path that they are considering walking. This will be a week of much planning and coordination. You must be dedicated to the task at hand.

Love Card: Intimate relationships require attention and careful handling.

9th Week of Summer (16 August) 3 of Clubs ♣

Get ready to plan some important seeds and use your foresight and inner vision to think outside the box. New ideas are certainly coming out. Look for guidance from your own past experiences. Demonstrate the leadership qualities you know you have.

Love Card: Compromises must now be made in loving relationships.

10th Week of Summer (23 August) 8 of Clubs ♣

This is a bit of a wishy-washy week in some areas. It’s also a week of transition. You could find yourself feeling stuck in a rut. However, its only a passing phase. Rest your mind and body. As you awaken, let your mind wander and help you visualize what you want. This is a time of really trusting your intuition and instinct. Prepare now for the journey ahead.

Love Card: A mature, light-haired man with blue eyes will feature this week (partner, lover/potential lover or father-in-law).

11th Week of Summer (30 August) 6 of Clubs ♣ 

This is a week of partnerships. This week is about what truly needs to be done and there will be positive outcomes all round. It’s also a week of pressure and tension. Expect out-of-the-blue assistance and news of money. It will be an interesting and surprising week all round.

Love Card: This is the most fortunate card of lovers, soulmates and twin flames. Expect strong, romantic encounters.

12th Week of Summer (6 September) Jack of Clubs ♣

This week a child or young person will feature heavily. Expect to give advice and assistance in some area. Enjoy and embrace the joy they bring to you. Delight in their youth and natural optimism. This could be a most fulfilling week for you. Some wonderful news worth celebrating could come to you during this week.

Love Card: A loving, fair-haired woman will feature in some form during this week, possibly bringing in some interesting and delightful news.

13th Week of Summer (13 September) 9 of Clubs ♣ 

In this the final week of summer expect lucky breaks. This week points to improvements in finance. It is a week when journeys of all types will be considered—business, pleasure, spiritual or even emotional. Blessings will indeed be bestowed upon you.

Love Card: Pause and reflect on deep matters of the heart.

These are just snapshots highlighting some of the vibrations affecting your life today. For a fuller prediction of what your week offers you in all areas of your life, be sure to phone one of our dedicated and professional psychics today!

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