February 2009 Forecast

“Start the revolution” is the motto for February as an impressive lineup of Aquarius placements propel us toward change. It’s all about self-expression and eliminating restrictions that hold you back from moving forward. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune transiting through this innovative Air sign energize socializing, philanthropy, technology, science and the quest for freedom and enlightenment.

Such a powerful concentration of Aquarius placements is sure to shake things up a bit. Adding to the chaotic vibe is the Saturn-Uranus opposition throughout February, which seeks to break down the status quo to make way for innovation. This influence will accelerate the ongoing eruptions in the business world and financial markets. On a personal level, you may suddenly get the urge to transform some part of your life, but you may also be prone to overacting to stressful situations, especially if you have Sun or ascendant in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. Whatever your sign, it’s time to do some soul-searching about where you’re stuck and take some steps to remove the blocks to your personal growth.

Transit tales
Venus transiting into Aries on February 2 fires up romantic encounters, especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This passionate, willful energy encourages the expression of individuality through relationships. The challenge is cooperation. Cerebral encounters are energized after Mars enters Aquarius on the 4th. This influence favors group activities, scientific projects and fighting for a cause you care passionately about. It’s especially energizing for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Mercury joins the Aquarius cadre on the 14th, which favors brainstorming innovative ideas. It can inspire some inventive flirting, too! Finally, the Sun transiting into dreamy Pisces on the 18th provides inspiration for artistic and spiritual pursuits.

Lunar magic
The Full Moon eclipse in Leo on the 9th runs headlong into Neptune, which creates an aura of idealism, spirituality and fantasy. It can awaken your muse for creative projects, but watch out for a tendency to overlook problems in romantic encounters, especially if you’re a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. The New Moon in idealistic Pisces on the 24th encourages a “we are all one” view of the world. It awakens our compassion by illuminating the plight of those in need. It also energizes artistic and spiritual endeavors.

Planetary highlights:

February 1-28: Saturn opposing Uranus is all about change, which can rattle our comfort zones. Are you opting for security over personal growth?

February 2: Venus transiting into Aries fuses love and passion and can prompt some spontaneous romantic encounters.

February 4: Mars transiting into Aquarius energizes socializing, innovation and philanthropic endeavors.

February 5: Venus square Pluto is a willful influence that can make jealousy and control issues erupt in relationships.

February 9: The Full Moon eclipse in Leo opposing Neptune heightens idealism and creative inspiration, but unrealistic expectations can cause disillusionment, so stay grounded.

February 12: Sun opposing Neptune adds to the aura of idealism and fantasy that began with the Full Moon on the 9th.

February 14: Mercury transiting into Aquarius favors social networking, scientific endeavors and thinking outside the box.

February 17: Mars conjunct Jupiter is an expansive influence that favors taking action on endeavors pertaining to technology, science and social causes.

February 18: The Sun transiting into Pisces energizes spiritual and artistic activities.

February 23: Mercury conjunct Jupiter expands ideas pertaining to technology, science and philanthropy.

February 24: The New Moon in Pisces brings a new cycle of compassion, spirituality and creativity to the world.

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