Your Daily Focus: August 20-26

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This week, let’s finish exploring the houses of the zodiac wheel. In particular, this Daily Focus will look at the outer houses, the external houses that deal with the desire to explore, connect, and make a mark on the world at large. They also say a lot about relationships, money, and work, in contrast to the more internally focused houses that make up the first half of the wheel. If you didn’t read last week’s Daily Focus, you can go here to read about the first six houses.

Everyone has a sign that dominates each house, even if they don’t have any planets, or placements, in that house. The order in which they fall can tell you a lot about your personal mythological journey and what traits you hold closest to your heart.

Saturday, August 20

“The first six houses set the foundation for our sense of self, but once we breach the descendant line — the other side of our ascendant sign — we move from the metaphorical underworld into the light.”

The outer houses are really about how you interface with different aspects of the world rather than yourself. This is about how you interact with the world thanks to the foundation built by the first half of the wheel. The fact that the signs move in the order of the precession of the equinox allows for a mythological story arc within everyone.

Sunday, August 21

“The seventh house is ruled by Libra, and it tells us about our outer desires: what we’re attracted to in people, in style, in design, and in art.”

While the fifth house tells people about their inner desires, the seventh house widens that net. This placement tells you what you want deeply. What sorts of things are to your taste? It’s a bit more superficial, and a lot more flexible. For instance, Capricorn in the fifth house would suggest that someone likes practical, functional styles and partners. Gemini here, however, would show a love of variety, as well as a tendency toward non-monogamy, flirtation, and a desire to explore all the flavors of the world.

Monday, August 22

“The eighth house is governed by Scorpio, and it can tell us about our relationship with the underworld and with death.”

This house can seem a bit spooky. However, in reality, it isn’t about death predictions and more about where people find — and how they confront — major changes in life. After all, in Tarot, astrology, and mythology, death is also a form of rebirth.

Tuesday, August 23

“Sagittarius rules the ninth house, the house of adventure, travel, worldliness, and exploration.”

If Sagittarius is natal to your ninth house, it means you will travel the world. In contrast, a sign like Cancer might indicate a big move to the city of your dreams at some point. Meanwhile, Taurus here could indicate a more stable, local lifestyle.

Wednesday, August 24

“The tenth house is also called the midheaven, and it is connected to career, leadership, and fraternal aspects.”

People like to think that the midheaven is all about career and work, but it is arguably bigger than work in the traditional sense. Instead, you might find that it refers to work in the cosmic, mythological sense. What is your larger purpose? How are you leading, and where are you heading?

Thursday, August 25

“Aquarius rules the eleventh house, which revolves around community and humanitarian efforts.”

This is the house that informs your relationship with your community. Aquarius is the great humanitarian of the zodiac, and so having that sign here may indicate a tendency toward strong community leadership. Air signs tend to want to share in the burden, making them great group leaders. Earth signs, on the other hand, like to lead alone. Fire signs are the creative minds, and water signs are the ones who connect one-on-one with people.

Friday, August 26

“Pisces rules the twelfth and final house, which is about friendship, connection, and the people we surround ourselves with.”

This house is all about your inner circle and the people you will be surrounded by during your lifetime. Pisces is the oldest and wisest member of the zodiac. They care deeply about everyone around them, and this house shows where your love lands. For instance, Libra here might indicate a wide circle and variety of friends and partners, while Virgo would suggest a much smaller and tighter circle of trust.

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