Born on the Cusp: What Does This Mean?

You’re on the Cusp, and You May Not Even Know It

Anyone born from the 18th to the 21st of any month is born with the Sun on a Western astrological sign cusp. While these dates indicate someone with a major life transformation underway, there are more birthdates that offer the same power.

Astrologer Darrelyn Gunzberg is finding amazing transformational spaces between the star constellations in addition to the zodiac signs. Your birth date may well be on a powerful transition “cusp,” even if it isn’t located on a tropical sign cusp. Here are the dates:

Apr 18-21 – This is the area where a person has gathered the wisdom from an experience of the full passage through the zodiac constellations and must transform the knowledge into an expression of true courage and heroism.

May 4-12 – The Sun travels through the star of Cetus the whale, representing the collective unconscious. This space offers amazing insights into humanity, and produces many popular celebrities and the challenges of public life.

June 16-23 – The Sun is in the crook of the “Great Shepherd” who protected the “circle of life” – all the animals of the zodiac. This indicates a great protective figure of life itself, along with reflecting the Egyptian god Osiris.

July 18-21 – This space carries the maternal qualities of Cancer, as it is strongly influenced by the Great Mother Bear. She is the female goddess protector of all children, including animals.

August 8-12 – This space emphasizes the fierce Mother Serpent Hydra and the Great Bear, showing the joyous transition from protective mother to the delight in their talents as they grow exhibited by Leo.

Sept 16-18 – This area reflects the great cauldron (holy grail) on the back of the Hydra, the womb that carries the gift or the gifted child.

Oct 23-Nov 5 – This liminal space is overseen by the stars of Bootes empowering you to guide huge shifts in human lifestyle. It leads to the scales of Libra – a place of passage.

Nov 23-24 – This is a quick transition from the passage through Libra through the transformation stars of the Scorpion that are about transformation.

Dec 9-18 – Since Scorpio lies below the ecliptic, the great teacher/healer Ophiuchus has an influence through this liminal space. As the sun approaches Sagittarius it faces the bow of the Great Archer and his intense stare before transitioning.

Jan 16-20 – This transition first passes under the great Eagle Aquila with his “metalic wings.” There is an aviation theme between the great warrior and the wise lawmaker, Capricorn – a symbol of the USA and ancient Rome.

15-16 Feb – The huge constellation of Aquarius overlaps Capricorn, so the abundant water-bearer begins his work within the constellation of Capricorn, going totally under the influence of Aquarius in mid-Feb.

4-13 March – This transition combines the flying horse of imagination, Pegasus with the wisdom born of the head of the Gorgon – this is representative of leaving the abundant flow to find a spiritual release.

Transformation is everywhere and, no doubt in your chart. You are its agent for good and change!

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