What Do Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs Mean?

What Do Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs Mean? | California Psychics

More Than a Single Sign

Just about everyone knows their sun sign, the placement of the sun on the day they were born. Sun sign horoscopes are what you read online, in newspapers, and the first thing you ask an Astrology Psychic about when you want to know “what’s happening” in your life. So why would anyone need to know their moon and rising signs? Well, your sun sign is a picture of your basic self, but knowing your moon and rising signs as well gives you a three-dimensional picture of the unique person you are.

Your sun sign is your core, your moon sign is your emotional self, and your rising sign (also known as your ascendant) is how you present yourself to the world.

Your Sun Sign and Your Personality

Your sun sign is the one most identify with. It’s home base. It’s the things you like, and why you like them a certain way. Your sun sign is essentially your core personality, the traits you display, and also how you view the world. Your sun sign even has sway over what revitalizes you when you feel drained. Depending on your sun sign, you tend to have a few common personality traits that you share with everyone else born under the same sign.

Aries- Fearless and intense

Taurus- Honest and loyal

Gemini- Sociable and curious

Cancer- Imaginative and warm

Leo- Charismatic and playful

Virgo- Honest and practical

Libra- Charming and romantic

Scorpio- Loyal and sensitive

Sagittarius- Adventurous and straightforward

Capricorn- Ambitious and strong

Aquarius- Creative and rebellious

Pisces- Kind and romantic

When you meet someone who shares your sun sign, you may find you have a lot in common, or you may find yourself wondering how two people born under the same sign could be so different. The answer can be found in their moon and rising signs.

Your Moon Sign and Your Emotions

Your moon sign is determined by the moon’s position in the sky at your time of birth. Your moon sign is your emotional center. It’s the source of your reactions to other people, different situations, and even how you feel about yourself. This is the part of you that you may only choose to share with those close to you, because your moon sign is all about your secret, inner self. The moon rules emotions and femininity, and therefore your moon sign rules those things in you, no matter your gender, for we all have a mix of masculine and feminine in us. Most importantly, while your sun sign reigns over what you do and don’t like, your moon sign rules your reactions to all of those same things. While the moon sign’s effects on everyone will be a bit different, there are a few traits that everyone with the moon in a specific sign will share.

Aries- Restless and self-sufficient

Taurus- Quiet and tidy

Gemini- Amiable and communicative

Cancer- Serene and steady

Leo- Ambitious and optimistic

Virgo- Devoted and sincere

Libra- Objective and romantic

Scorpio- Dependable and original

Sagittarius- Cheerful and supportive

Capricorn- Perceptive and resolute

Aquarius- Observant and protective

Pisces- Generous and warmhearted

Your Rising Sign and Your Outer Perception

Your rising or ascendant sign, is the sign that was dawning on the Eastern horizon on the day you were born. It is the side that you show to the world, and how you present yourself to others. It’s the physical you and your preferred style. Some astrologers also believe that your rising sign will also tell you your soul’s purpose. Your rising sign may even be the reason you associate with the traits of your sun sign as others do. If your rising sign’s element clashes with your sun sign (Earth sun, Air rising or Fire sun, Water rising) the personality traits of the two signs may clash a great deal, muting many of your sun sign’s usually dominant personality traits. In the same vein, if your sun and rising signs are complimentary elements (Fire and Air, Water and Earth) or share the same element, then your sun sign’s personality traits will probably be enhanced, or even exaggerated at times.

Depending on your rising sign, you tend to have a few common personality traits that you share with everyone else born under the same sign.

Aries- Devoted and steadfast

Taurus- Direct and resourceful

Gemini- Casual and trustworthy

Cancer- Genuine and sweet

Leo- Astute and romantic

Virgo- Inventive and modest

Libra- Accessible and magnetic

Scorpio- Adventurous and radical

Sagittarius- Cheerful and innovative

Capricorn- Persistent and resolute

Aquarius- Authentic and idealistic

Pisces- Compassionate and sympathetic

A Unique Combination

Your sun, moon, and rising signs form a three-dimensional view of who you are. Each is as important as the other, but understanding how they work together can give you a deeper understanding of self, why you do the things you do, and why you feel so strongly about particular subjects. It may also provide you with clues to putting you on the path to true happiness. This trinity of signs is what makes you the unique personality that you are. Of course, while most know their sun signs, not everyone knows their moon or rising signs. The best way to learn them is by having your birth chart created and read for you by an Astrology Psychic. Join our Karma Rewards program and you can receive your birth chart for free!

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33 thoughts on “What Do Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs Mean?

  1. Valerie Meadows

    Please help me find my true self I was born Feb 4 1873 in eastern Ky at 1q:26 am who am I lol

  2. Stella Finn

    Heya, was wondering if someone could give me a bit more detail on what my specific signs all together mean???
    I’m an Aries sun, a Taurus moon and a Leo rising and to double check, my birthday is 27th March 2001 at 3:45PM
    Cheers 🙂

  3. billie

    Hi well im not sure of some of my signs and i have had some strange happening in my life. Im 45 and a pieces.3.45 am march 14 67 .i hv found a wonderful man very unexpectedly.i feel i hv knwn him for a very long time and that i found him like i had been waitting for him..this wow iv always wonted to get readings and help with my gifte but im afraid.????

  4. Padmakumar G. Nar

    Dear Sir

    Please gives us a better understanding in very easy terms. one simple man want to understand. Nobody understand sun and moon or any sign. So provide all once more clearly. Thanks

  5. Robert

    If I am born right on a cusp what do I do?

    Many tell me one sign, and others tell me different: books, magazines, and newspapers too.

  6. Robert

    If I don’t know exactly what time I was born what must I do to figure out my sign and or chart?

    How off will I be onlyknowing an aproximate time?

  7. Heidi

    Sun- Cancer Moon- Gemini and Rising is Cancer….6/28/73 @ 6:28am
    Successful long term relationships are my issue…it’s what I want but never seem to get

  8. Chardy

    @SUE: Hi Sue, your SUN sign = Aquarius. Your MOON sign = Pisces.

    If you provide your city/state of birth I will plug in my program and give you your Ascendent sign and the Planetary Aspect/Houses that each of the Planets were in at the time of your birth. The latitude/longitude (location) of birth is just as important as the time 🙂

    1. teresa

      i have the same problem my birthdate is 1-10-61 parkersburg wva now my birth time is between 6am-10am so i dont know my moon and rising i have tried
      on moon i get = libra or capricorn
      rising i get sag,scorpio,
      can anyone help me figure this out??
      thank you

  9. Randy

    I have such a shor term memory problem I forget my horor scope before I can turn my computer off unless it tells me I have a good chance a meeting a new partner. Then Istay in all day. I hope to remain single and not elgible for the rest of my life this has been my down fall. I depend on this horoscope for that reason. Gold pshics scared me to death like they really knew. I really do not know why I like candles and soft rock. Barry Manilow,Poco, Air supply and Iwas always a good painter maybe even great. Stayed nasty all the time and I like being neat and organized. Love a fresh mowed lawn. I love flowers and I am a guy. I still look at girls. Iwas like this from the time I was born. Love the girls but love hates me I think so I might keep a few harmless friends but that is all.

  10. joyce

    I;m Aquarus Have lots of changes coming up in this year..also two finicial hits.married for 55 years. ready to move but no support thanks

  11. John H. Deatsch

    I had a chart done years ago, & I was told I was an Aries double Aries- I guess fire on fire,that can both be good & bad,but I like to take the good, with great thought. I was born at 5am on the 19th of April can someone tell me my 3 dimensional signs??

  12. Stacey

    I have a Capricorn sun and Pisces ascendant with a Sagitaus descendant however my moon changes with the actual moon in this just how mine works? Every time I check the Internet for computer time readings the moon sign is never the same. It has made for a real jog if i want to keep abreast of my personal horoscope. Anyone heard of this?

  13. huong

    i’m very poor person but when u looking for me about 3 responses to what yuo mean ? i don’t understand ? and if you don’t mind can you expland to me thank you

  14. Verland Gilliam

    Being somewhat psychic, I had selected all five winning numbers to our fantasy 5 lottery but could not seem to arrange them correctly all on one line but had them mixed on a total of three lines. I have done that on several occasions but for the life of me I can’t seem to make them work in the right order. What can I do to capture my psychic abilities accurately?

  15. rachel

    but the question in my mind is how do I know what all my signs are?
    I am a Taurus and read my horoscope every day, but never knew about all the other signs. how do I find out? Thank you

  16. sathya

    there is a lot of confusion between sun sign and moon sign., some of my features seem to be more appropriate towards my moon sign.


    Read your day to day horoscopes from your rising sign which sits on your House 1 in your natal/ birth chart and it will be more accurate. My rising sign is Sagittarius, although I am a Scorpio Sun sign. I read the Sagittarius horoscope and the Capricorn horoscope because Capricorn follows shortly on in my House 1 in my natal chart. But also for safe measure I also read the Scorpio horoscope as well for total insight.

  18. Dains Motoshix

    Hello, Neat post. There’s an issue with your web site in web explorer, might check this?K IE still is the marketplace chief and a good element of folks will omit your great writing because of this problem.

  19. misskrystal

    Thanks LJ-Many times I have been mistaken for my moon or rising sign. In other words, people have asked me if I am those signs…It is interesting for sure…
    Just wanted to share. Your article makes it very simple to understand.
    Thanks, hope to see more of you on here.
    Miss Krystal

  20. Jacqueline

    Great incite, gives us a better understanding in very easy terms,
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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