How Each Zodiac Sign Achieves Happiness

How Each Zodiac Sign Achieves Happiness | California Psychics

Looking for Happiness in the Stars

You naturally want happiness in love, along with plenty of money, and the joy of living a good, healthy, fulfilling life, no matter which zodiac sign you were born under. And after surviving 2020, you deserve it.

You’ve made it to 2021 (insert a hearty “Hallelujah!” here) and this is the year of happy changes. If you want to know how to attain some of this delightful goodness, read the signs for your sun, moon, and rising sign here to learn more about the preferred ways, means, and flavors for how each zodiac sign achieves happiness.


The Ram loves being Number 1! They are ecstatic when they achieve success, and the more challenging something is, the better. They delight in lots of physical activity to release their fiery energy. With their strong need to win at everything they strive for, most Mars-born are happiest when they are charging in to conquer their next new deed of derring-do.


The Bull is very happy when they have security, stability, money, and luxury in abundance. The Venus-ruled also enjoy being pampered from horn to hoof; or, from head to toe. Watch how they close their eyes and melt at just the thought of a good meal, a comforting massage, and a big, soft bed to sleep in. Give them all three and they might just follow you anywhere.


The Twins delight in communicating, learning new things, and being surrounded by people who make them laugh. One way the Mercury-born achieves (and gives) happiness is by writing, be it billet-doux, letters to friends and family, or maybe that novel they’ve been thinking about. They may especially enjoy writing their letters by hand, picking out fine stationery, and finding the perfect stamp, for this allows them to put in their thoughtful, caring, and personal touch.


Moon Children love their home, family, and good food, especially if they helped to cook it. One way the Crab achieves gratifying happiness is to pull out some traditional recipes and set themselves to making beloved dishes of comfort food. They know that when a meal is cooked with love, it is life-giving.


Big Cats attain happiness when they’re shining like the sun-ruled beings they are and feeling like the star they were born to be. They adore being adored, admired, and feeling confident. They have great fun creating worthwhile things that last, dressing to kill, and giving generously. Here’s a secret about the Lion: They love taking catnaps.


Most Mercury-ruled Virgins need to take a break from their first loves, work and problem-solving, and let themselves relax into sweet serenity. They can find real pleasure in arranging exquisite flowers just so, while drinking a warm cup of something delicious, then sinking into a warm bubble bath and reading that book they’ve been wanting to finish.


Librans delight in justice being done, and being surrounded by harmony, peace, and calm. They derive joy from all beautiful things and in feeling beautiful, too. Many of them adore sweet candies and fine chocolates. But most of all, the Venusian-born love being in love. When they are in love, they are in rapture.


Scorpions obtain tremendous satisfaction from figuring out the mystery and finding the answer by uncovering what the truth is. It’s also true that feeling powerful and sexy is their catnip. But the greatest ecstasy of all for the Pluto/Mars-born is love. Love reigns supreme in their hearts, bodies, and souls. When they are with their Beloveds, they live in blissful happiness.


The Archer is very happy when exploring, discovering, and being the philosopher they were born to be. Those born under the sign of Jupiter have high ideals and often jovial optimism. It is natural for them to believe in and hope for all things to work together for the good of everyone. Most Centaurs feel elated to just be strolling along a gorgeous mountain path lined with big, tall trees under a wild blue sky humming a joyful tune.


It is known that the Saturn-ruled Goat delights in doing satisfying work with lots of cash, gold, and diamonds to show for it, and feeling respected for their diligence in all things, but they can be quite happy tending a vegetable, fruit, or flower garden as well. They love feeling the earth between their fingers and watching the fruits of their labors grow before their eyes.


Nothing fulfills the Water Bearer’s heart to overflowing more than giving of themselves heart and soul to the cause of helping people and animals through selfless service. The Uranus/Saturn-born feel genuine happiness in being a good friend. They enjoy feeling unique, for they think outside the usual parameters and utilize their inner genius to create ways to make anything, and inspire anyone, into being somehow better than before.


Neptunians attain great depths of happiness through entertaining, singing, dancing, and performing. The Fish also feel very satisfied upon learning how to cook a great lasagna and then sharing it with their loved ones. They are very loving folks and feel blessed when they have a solid support system to make them feel safe and warm.

How Each Zodiac Achieves Happiness infographic | California Psychics

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