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Edwina comes from a long line of Irish seers. She was brought up in a very spiritual family. Both her mother and her grandmother were psychics in Ireland, and the gift of clairvoyance developed deep within her when she was quite young. California Psychics sat down with Psychic Edwina to discuss the first moments her abilities began to surface. Here’s what she said about becoming a psychic.

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California Psychics: Did you have familiarity at an early age with the psychic world and what it means to be intuitive?

Edwina: I was born into a psychic family. It goes back at least five generations. I can remember my Nana telling me about her grandmother reading the cards for people and how she could feel someone’s ailments. She was amazing. In our family, most of us received our gifts around puberty; for me, it happened when I was 12.

CP: Was there a defining moment that particularly activated your gift, or was it a more gradual process of becoming attuned to the spirit world?

Edwina: I was visiting my Nana and grandpa Joe for the summer. My grandfather was a retired navy man. He used to teach me how to macramé and make beautiful belts using knots. I loved sitting with him and learning from him. For some reason, he suddenly began feeling ill and losing energy. My Nana arranged for him to go to the hospital for tests. When it was time for him to go in, I hugged him and kissed him goodbye. When I kissed him goodbye I saw a vision of him dead. It was a total shock. It took my breath away and I couldn’t keep from crying. He looked at me and smiled and said not to worry, that he would be home in a couple of days. He had no idea how true that statement was.

CP: How did you respond to having such a graphic vision of something so terrible yet so close to your heart?

Edwina: While my Nana and grandpa were at the hospital, I took all of his things and put them in a box. When my Nana returned she looked around and asked where all of Pop’s things were. I told her I put them away, and this, of course, upset her. She said, “You know how Pop feels about his things being touched.” Then I told her Pop would not be coming home. She raised her voice and said that he would be home in a couple of days. I knew better but said no more about it.

CP: Was your vision accurate in the end?

Edwina: Two days passed and there was a knock at the front door. It was a police officer. My Nana answered and he told her he was sorry but that her husband had passed away early that morning. I’ll never forget the look on her face. When she came back into the living room, she looked at me and said, “You knew.” I nodded my head yes. My Nana then hugged me and said, “You have the sight.”

CP: What happened next? How did your abilities continue developing?

Edwina: Two weeks later, my Nana told me all the stories of our family and how they received “the sight.” Everyone was different and their psychic abilities surface in different ways. She told me she would now tell my story to the others as well. I was to remember all the stories shared that night and pass this history onto my children when I had my own family one day. I felt so proud. My Nana told me that it was natural and a gift from our maker. We were to use it to help others and for no self-serving purpose.

CP: Did you ever feel anxious or fearful for possessing this kind of gift and access to Spirit from such a young age?

Edwina: Many people have the gift but fear it. I was lucky to be in a family who could explain what it was and how to use it. I think it made all the difference.

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14 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Becoming a Psychic

  1. Ladonna Ext 6460

    The best way to strengthen your abilities is to trust them. So many people will receive an impression or gut feeling and then logic it out of exsistance by talking themselves out of the impression they received. Think about how many times in your life you had a gut feeling about something or someone and didn’t trust it and act upon it, only to find out later your gut was right? Learn to trust your instincts and your gift will grow and become stronger.

    1. jenny

      Ive had this ability my whole life but ignored it only to find out my son has had this since aprox age of 2 , and i dont know how to help him, he seems to want to help people but trying to get a handle on what everything he sees or hears means , i do notice he is very good at seeing into the future wether something good or bad happeneing at the time do you have any of advice or know who we can go to for this kinda help ,i think it may or may not be in a few other family members but he is the biggest one and i feel a great need to help him . there is times he does get very sick and he picks up on other peoples feelings as well .

    2. Shelby

      I have this quite often, but my gift comes to me in dreams.All of my life I have felt out of ordinary and never have been able to fit into any group. I have always had dreams , vivid dreams that I can sit here 22 years later and tell you about.I have fought evil with my spirituality and faith in God , I believe . A psychic from this network confirmed to me 6 years ago this month that I am indeed psychic myself , clairvoyant and empath. I feel that there is something holding me back and want to find a way to develop this

  2. Veronica Smith

    So im not sure that i should persue my gifts…i am a picese and i am a dreamer i have other things physically as warnings that occur as well in my conscious state as well. I always dream but have the ability to know the difference between regular dreams and informative and or warning dreams. Also my gut n eyes let me know when things arent right however i dont have the ability to know whats going to be upsetting to me until it actually happens which is really scary sometimes as we all would want to prevent being naturally warned about something upsetting but no matter how u try still encounter it. I dont know how to or whom to speak to to try to learn how to channel these gifts. Right now i just give great advice to others and can shot call their situations but cannot control my own. It can be really hurtful and frustrating some times.

  3. Dani Son

    I sometimes get weird or strange feelings before something bad happens And at times if my right eye acts up I know for sure something bad is bound to happen. A couple years ago for 2 weeks straight I had dreams of my husband cheating on me and sure enough I found proof that he was responding to some stupid girl on craigslist so I trust my gut but I wish I could somehow put good use to whatever it is I have

    1. California Psychics

      Psychic gifts are amazing to have, but need to be nurtured in order to be strengthened. We have many articles about psychic development. Feel free to check them out!

  4. Crystal

    I, too, have that psychic ability, but I am a dreamer and I have dreamt of things that have come true. My ex bestfriend was expecting her 2nd child and I dreamt of myself holding the baby, I even described to her what the baby would look like, which was dead-on. I had a dream tht the roads were falling in, something like an earthquake, then, not long after that, we had a really big sink-hole IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD that was getting bigger and bigger. One time, I woke up to a male voice calling my name over and over until I had awaken, “Crystal” “Crystal” “Crystal” it was the sweetest and most gentle voice I’ve ever heard in my life. Scary, huh?!

    1. California Psychics

      That doesn’t sound scary to us; it sounds beautiful. What an amazing gift to have! We hope you nurture it!

  5. Graciela Grammer

    I was just told zi had made the same comments my idea was that About becoming a psychic it interested me thus idea thas all

  6. Graciela Grammer

    I was just reading about becoming psychic actually I v been told that I am very intuitive I have had dreams dice zi was about 8 years old in a dream I saw areas in the USA I was in Venezuela many years later when zi was. 24 I gave had dreams that came thru in the last year II had a dream about a diamond ring coming to me then a mans voice said would you marry me!I have been a widow since 2008.I had a dream about buying an old hose that needed a lot of work it happened.

  7. Joni jandt

    My seeing has scared me so much I have trembled severely after an episode. Joni c Jandt 11/06/64. 2:58 am birth time Camden New Jersey birth place. I have tried to turn off seeing abilities. It really hurts to see something and know it will happen, knowing you can’t help or stop event. Now I am trying to understand the extent of this blessing or curse. Gifts were handed down from math teacher she told me that she had no children she can and wanted me to receive them. I still don’t understand?

  8. Lynn Vallee

    I ‘m born also in a family of Psychics i am a feeler i feel people and would love to do something about this, because of my empysemia cant work animore stuck at home


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