Portland Tarot: September 1-7

Portland Tarot: September 1-7

The Power of Tarot

As we open the chapter onto September, it’s time to span the distance between summer and fall with a revisit to the Portland bridges. This brilliant tarot deck, brainchild of native Theresa Pridemore, is the perfect symbolic pathway from our everyday thought to deep, inner knowing.

Our quotes below are taken from the Major Arcana Reading and Interpretation Guide by Theresa Pridemore and Jamie Morris. Let’s allow our feet to carry us along the Fool’s spontaneous path now. It will lead us into a deeper understanding of the week ahead!

Sunday September 1

The Emperor

“Stand in your power and create the world you want to live in.”

That is the Emperor’s message for us today. This will require single-mindedness and a gathering of our resources: financial, social, and spiritual. Challenges will come but the structures we can create will hold firm if we cultivate the courage to lead. Do not ask for permission today on a matter that spirit has assigned you to accomplish. Establish order and set boundaries. Recognize and serve your peoples’ needs if you want to make the structures last. To be unbending, cold, or domineering will bring failure. Grounded and reasonable foundations will bring success.

Monday September 2

Mount St. Helens

“There is a monumental shift on the horizon.”

Egotistical structures and strategies could be setting you up for an eruption. Destabilization is the inevitable result of rigidity and repression. Heed the warning signs and get the spiritual “lesson” before disaster ensues. If the situation is already pretty far along, a creative response will save the day. We can create more authentic ways of living based on better foundations.

Tuesday September 3

The Devil

“What am I willing to risk to be free?”

What am I doing that tunes out the voice of my soul? This could be anything from a substance addiction, to too many electronics, to a destructive relationship pattern. Consumerism makes us believe that we can buy our way to happiness and safety, but it ends up being a cage. To free ourselves we will need to take drastic measures. We may be labeled crazy or even “bad” for doing so. Directly facing down the gaze of “the devil” transforms our shadow into passions we speak and live freely.

Wednesday September 4

The Star

“Healing is likely.”

Help is on the way and things will be better soon. Refer to inner knowing, whether it is for you, angels, a Higher Power, or your deeper self. Stars have always been used for navigation. Allow your balanced idealism to lead you to True North. Let the Star renew your hope and be sure to extend love and light to others. Don’t do things for “face,” do them for “soul.”

Thursday September 5

The Sun

“Life’s a playground.”

Luck improves today. Adventure beckons and a new path is there to be found. It will be revealed through play. Positive outcomes can be expected. Radiant health and psychological strength are there for the asking. There is plenty of light for us to see things clearly if we resolve to see them. Be bravely expressive today and meet challenges with a can do attitude. The Universe is lighting your path.

Friday September 6

The Vista Bridge (3 card mini spread)

  1. (Card 1) “WTF?!?!?!”/You are Here/Death

A “bottom” has been hit in some area of your life. The good news is this: Yes, you are here but the Universe hears you!

  1. (Card 2) The View across the river?/Judgment

What is the positive outcome of my current struggle?

  1. (Card 3) The Bridge/The Saint John’s Bridge

What are the best steps and attitudes you can take to attract the most grace and benefit under current conditions? This card is a hand reaching out from the Universe pulling you through the dark to safety.

 Saturday September 7

The City

“I am complete in myself and safe in the world.”

Today you will feel a cycle being completed. You have reached your personal land of milk and honey. You feel one with your surroundings; the sights, sounds, people, and animals around you. You expand this to include the whole cosmos! Like the abundant blossoms in springtime, you are flourishing in beautiful ways.

 Another Fun Spread to Try:

 It Takes Two to Tango/Relationship Spread

This spread works beautifully when a relationship is really rocking your sense of peace. Use it to explore what you both are feeling and where you can meet on common ground.

Shuffle the cards as usual and turn them face down. Draw three cards.

Card 1: How do I feel about this relationship?

Card 2: What do this person and I have in want in common? Where can we meet?

Card 3: What is she/he really feeling about me?

Now, pull three more cards randomly.

Card 4: What do I bring to this collaboration?

Card 5: What is the best way to work together for the ideal result?

Card 6: What does she/he bring to the collaboration?

Now, pull a final three cards from the deck.

Card 7: How does this relationship help me grow?

Card 8: What are the challenges inherent in this relationship?

Card 9: Why am I drawn to this relationship?

Reflect until your answers come to you. This can sometimes be later in the same day, through a direct thought, a message on a billboard, or an overheard conversation.

Thanks for joining me this week! See you again.

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