Ask Your Spirit Guides: Why Did It End?

Amelia in New York writes:

For more than I year I called a number of different psychics with different gifts and tools every week about a relationship that I really, really wanted. They all told me it was going to happen, that he and I were meant to be together, and that I just needed to be patient. Now it’s over and none of what they promised happened. I feel betrayed by the universe and my spirit guides, and I have nowhere to turn, no one to trust. Why has this happened to me?

Dear Amelia,

First, I don’t think the relationship is “over.” I do think that it probably will not work out in the way that your psychics originally saw, but according to what my Guides are telling me, both you and your man exercised your choice to use free will and did not complete your souls’ agreement to help each other grow and change — the outcome your psychics saw, changed as a result.

This usually happens for two reasons. Either the advice you’ve received went completely against your nature or habitual responses — such as in your case when you’re action-oriented and you’re advised to wait and do nothing … you are unable to follow the advice completely. Or you’re too stressed, or too stuck in old patterns to even recognize the opportunity when it arrives, and I think this is what happened to him.

I notice that you were advised to be patient. Were you actually able to do that, to allow the situation to unfold on its own? Or were you expecting immediate progress or action from the man you were interested in? Patience is an attitude of trust and relaxation, and the fact that you invested a year in the situation doesn’t necessarily mean that you were actually patient while it was going on!

Often the kind of challenge you faced arises when you have outgrown old habits and the universe is presenting you with the motivation to change your patterns by offering the possibility of a reward such as a long dreamed-of relationship or a desired career change.

The fact that this one probably won’t turn out as you hoped doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or even that you’ve made a mistake, because that’s not what this is about. This is about your eternal self creating circumstances which offer you the opportunity to grow, to change or become more. And this kind of change is rather like learning to ride a bike. You are likely to have a fall or two before you get the hang of it. The opportunity always comes again, usually quickly, and by then you’ll probably have learned what you need from this first attempt.

I know this isn’t very comforting, but remember, the relationship you asked about isn’t over. You will find closure, and another opportunity to co-create a healthy, loving relationship is on its way to you!

Good luck!

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