Fashion Faux Pas Men Commit

Alright men, I know shopping can be a bore and some of you really just don’t care about what you wear, but hey, guess what … we usually do. With the seasons changing, and a new spring upon us, maybe it’s time to spring up your fashion? The following are some examples of clothing women would rather not see on their husbands, boyfriends, dates, or “potentials”:

1. Skinny jeans. Women, on average dislike the peg leg look on guys. Skin tight jeans accentuate skinnier legs, magnify feet, and diminish booty. Opt instead for a relaxed pair somewhere in the middle of tight and loose with a length that goes nearly to the bottom of your shoe. Shoes should look relatively new and clean, and be complete with Odor Eaters.

2. Sandals or flip flops with gnarly toenails or black socks is a big no-no. Never wear black socks with shorts or sandals, and if needed to tackle tarantula toes, pedicures are an inexpensive investment to check out. You would be surprised at how many men get pedis!

3. Strong cologne or B.O. Any strong smell, whether good or bad is a huge turn off as are sweat stains and rings under armpits. Cologne should be sprayed twice overhead and “walked into” (not bathed in—less is more) and deodorant is an all occasion must-have. Secret Unscented for women is a popular, hidden trade secret of the ladies man (yes, really).

4. Shirts with stains, holes, or with stretched out collars do nothing for your figure. It actually distracts us completely. Whether it is a dress shirt, polo’s, t-shirts, or long sleeves, shirts should be well fitted without being too tight or too loose … and of course, stain and wrinkle free (no exceptions—we notice and critique it all).

5. Matching is very important. Belts should match shoes, and when dressy, socks should match pants. To match ties and shirts, pick one solid and one pattern in complementary colors for best results.

Some additional tips for your wardrobe include: Try wearing more color, especially in the summer. Know that most of us don’t look good in beige, but blues usually work for everyone (and avoid dark colors if you have a dandruff problem you haven’t yet addressed). You may also want to pass on any loud or multicolored socks, and shiny/glittery shirts, suits, and white dress shoes. Overall, look for colors that compliment your eyes, hair, and complexion. If in doubt, I guarantee at any store, you can always ask the assistance of a female for her opinion. Chances are you won’t get turned down for help and might even get a date out of it.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas Men Commit

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  2. AngelEyes

    Style should have personal touch and always bend the rules. The real thing people should stick to is dressing themselves according to their body type. Skinny jeans look great if you have the right body for it, etc. and clothes should fit right and be well tailored. Clothing should be about quality, not quantity. It’s better to spend the money on a few well tailored items that fit right vs. having a bunch of clothes that fall apart fast and never fit you correctly.

  3. misskrystal

    I own one pair of skinny pants-actually just got. Not comfy at all. lol I have several pairs of those skinny high heels, too, they just sit there…Thank God for flair pants and wedge heeled shoes, or I don’t know what I would do. I admire women who can wear these things and feel free and comfy. Lucky them.
    But I think a woman can look and feel great in a skirt or dress, with even flats for shoes.

    I like men to look natural. No hair color etc. I think it is masculine for men to show salt and pepper;silver in their hair. I think men smell great in polo cologne, too, like Gina Rose, said. Polo-Black is another good one. But what I like isn’t for all, believe me, I realized that. And that is totally fine.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi….. Good tips!!!!

    Yes, personally speaking,…..I hate gnarly feet on a man, ( must be all the Pisces in my chart)….

    and I don’t like alot of jewelry on a man……a ring and a nice watch is good. Maybe a neck chain if you have the chest and build to wear one.

    I must admit I like chest hair on a man…. I don’t mind long hair on a guy IF he keeps it clean and combed or brushed. I hate a long, unkept mustache though…..I like mustaches, but only if they are kept trimmed.

    But, that’s just what I like.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    I love a VERY TRADITIONAL masculine scent like Bay Rum on a man……and there is something in the male cologne named POLO that I can smell for hundreds of feet away , no matter who wears it. I love POLO on a man. But again, that’s just me.


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