Watch What You Say

Everything we do, say, feel or think with intent matters. We may own a great many things, but the only thing we truly own in life is our word!

Ever heard the saying “misery loves company?” In German the saying “Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern,” and translates into “alike flocks to each other.” Sometimes it can definitely be beneficial to attract your equal. But, this concept tends to do the opposite in most cases. Hence, a martyr will attract people who are also martyrs, or others who feed into their stories of victimization and fear. An addict will hang out with those who support the addiction, fanatics will hang out with other “like-minded individuals,” and so on. Most of us will not go out of our way to hang out with those who are vastly different, because most of us are not comfortable with situations and people that are foreign to what we are used to.

Now, coming back to how our words matter. If I am an upbeat, light-hearted person, if I am dedicated to treating people with love, compassion and kindness, chances are I will attract predominantly others who do the same. This is why our words are so important. I, for example, have decided to no longer allow situations or individuals in my life who do not serve my higher self. It does not mean that I am vicious, mean or angrily discard whoever doesn’t agree with me! People with different ideas challenge me and provide room for growth, which I welcome. Attacking another, lashing out, being passive aggressive, mean, belittling or using bad language to bring your point across is not acceptable!

Your intent matters and is a reflection of your core values and character. Being dishonest, disloyal, mean, two-faced, insulting, a constant victim, passive aggressive or “broken” in any other way that actually affects others, affords me the right to quietly walk away. I have no attachment to changing you, or “make you see the light.” I do, however, have an attachment to only sharing time and space with individuals who support my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. So how we conduct ourselves matters big time, across ALL mediums!

People who know me will attest to the fact that I am always the “same.” I do not speak, write or act differently on the job, as I do at home. I do not have an “online” persona and I’ve never created a false profile. I am who I am across the board, because I am well aware that the words I put out there affect people and create an image of my being. Therefore, I have learned to be careful with my spoken word. I am making it a point to think before I speak and to realize that speaking negative, angry or accusatory words will only create the same in return. I am aware that no one is ever going to be inspired by rants that point fingers and make people feel bad about themselves. I am also no longer attached to who is reading my words. I no longer want to “change” people. I realize that some people will never hear me no matter what choice of words I use or what my intent is. The only control I do have is over myself!

So for those who claim that their words have no power, think again! Your words have more power than you might realize. Having to choose words more carefully also means thinking more carefully about the state of mind and emotion we are in. Choosing different words means choosing different emotions and a different mindset. And our mind, emotions and words do create our reality and do attract whatever it is we put out there. So before I send my word out to the universe, I make sure my words come from the right intent, and what is the right intent? That would be the one which serves my highest purpose!

17 thoughts on “Watch What You Say

  1. Carmen

    Actually, I was writing this blog more from the same space Maryfrances describes. I do welcome all kinds of people, especially those who are different than me. However, being a lightworker attracts both, dark and light, and so I found myself often in a space where people attach themselves, in hopes that I can make “things better” or do the work for them.

    There is a fine balance between understanding the need to speak your truth and “cast out” those who are actually harming you/take away your light, and being patient and tolerant with someone who is going through a rough patch in their life.

    Personally, I have decided to not surround myself with those who keep making excuses for their behaviors and keep blaming everyone else. Hence, I recently also had to break up with a friend I have had for almost 13 years.

    Light is something to be shared and given, but there is only so much light one can give before one has to call it quits.

  2. balancedesires

    Hi Lonnie!

    I loved the move Hook for that same reason, believing in ones self! Hugs! 🙂

    Sirideain, you have much wisdom & I have really enjoyed your responses!

  3. Sirideain

    While in most cases “birds of a feather flock together”, this is not always so. There are no absolutes. Being mindful is important for our own personal growth as well as for the impact it creates for others. However, there are many individuals out there that are in no way, shape or form similar to those closest to them in their lives. I consider myself in this category and attract clients in the same boat.

    Sometimes, as part of our path, it is necessary for us to be placed in a life with diversity abound simply for the lesson of learning to look beyond perceived divisions and instead toward unity.

    Additionally, we are always growing and changing, within and without. It is a well established truth that when placed among different types of influences, since we are energetic beings (exchanging energies within the auric field 60 feet or more on average physically and remotely) it is reasonable to say that people are not static, and that its an inherent part of our nature to be influenced by forces outside of ourselves and to naturally modify and adapt our thoughts, actions, behaviors, and even our values and belief systems. Change can be good =)

    Releasing attachment to changing others is a huge leap forward to peace of mind and balance. I would like to mention though, that contrary to the general consensus, it is more than fine to release people from our lives that create friction. We all walk individual paths, and most of those coming into our lives are not in it for the long haul. The important thing in every type of relationship is growth.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. lonnie5185Lonnie

    Wonderful Carmen!!I like this.
    what we say as you all said,is important and our energy of we say does affect ourselves and other into the you stated .I try to be positive everyday.LIke
    Peter Pan Says Think happy thoughts so we can Fly!!Haha.

    Smiling ,


  5. Maryfrances ext 9225

    I usually just sit very still and read our blog with a cup of coffee and smile with the energy I see and feel at how we all (both clients & readers) are moving forward in our lives and within the Universe…and as a Hospice Volunteer as well as a Reader, I see this allot as it truly impacts us all, our words our actions and has a major influence not only during our active lives, yet also when we begin our journey to depart and pass over.

    As a seasoned human being I have just recently gone through the ending of a very old friendship that I’ve had to face that wasn’t healthy for either of us and that I in fact had been enabling her by listening for decades lament her life, hoping that by association with me her mind set would change. Nope…no such interest on her part and now I see her children behave the same way. I call this the ripple effect and I asked myself, if I am seeing this same behavior across the board with her kids, how is the ripple effect affecting me? what I do, how I speak, how I walk within my life affects not just my personal life but my work with hospice and here with California Psychics. And that my friends matters hugely to me!

    I chose to renegotiate my relationship and am now much more content in my life overall. There is a saying within the Medicine Ways “The Teacher is always the Student” and boy even this old alpha hasn’t been reminded to walk what comes out of my mouth! (ya just gotta love the process of growth & grace…even if one has learned at one level there are always other levels that will test you within that same lesson.)

    Once again I see that our blog just isn’t for our clients, but also for us Readers! Thanks Miss Carmen and to all who have commented!

    Mitakuye Oyasin
    “we are all related”
    Maryfrances ext 9225

  6. Jude Asher

    This is a great article and I completely identify with your points. I am currently going through this and not allowing negative people in my life anymore. I’ve had to sever a few friendships, but I feel better and less weighed down by people.


  7. Carmen

    Thanks, all of you for your wonderful comments. I do like Jai’s list of sayings. Especially this one “You can’t always judge a book by its cover but you can measure a man’s character by the company he keeps or the woman that he is with” The German equivalent translates into “Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are!”

    Thanks to Miss Krystal too. 🙂

    Love and Light,

  8. k

    I agree with all that has been said.
    How do you tell a lifelong friend that what she is telling you, you no longer want to hear? Exactly what was already said, if it is the same thing over and over again.
    I always try not to rehash the same ole, same ole. I call it.
    But a friend of 40+ years, how do you let her know you’ve heard enough?
    Just a complex problem I have had in the past and this article sort of brought attention to it.
    I agree, keeping in contact with positive energy persons is my life plan now. Its amazing how few people out there are positive in their everyday lives. Its difficult to find sometimes and difficult to maintain when things seem to be going arears.
    I always try to find the positive in everything; people, events, journeys. Its not always simple but thats why I seek out positive energy friends. They keep me on the right path and sane! lol
    So, peace to all and to all; peace. You deserve it!

  9. balancedesires

    Hi All!

    What an incredibly eye-opening & mindfully written article! I have so much respect & admiration for this article and agree with what Jai & Miss Krystal wrote. I will add this: To listen, to be patient, to be considerate are all skills. Balance, peace & harmony to you all! 😉

  10. misskrystal

    Great article. My partner grew up in Germany. I said this to him, he was surprised, thanks 😉

    Anyway, there are so many interesting points to this article. As a psychic, one thing I suggest to clients, is, be careful telling your friends your problems, on a regular basis…Give them a chance to ask you how things are going. My point, don’t keep going over it, again and again with them, especially if something has not changed. That is what us psychics are here for and have dedicated our life and service to helping you with, amongst other things we can help you with. Of course, you can and should let your friends know if you are going through a major life or, drastic change, etc. It’s one thing, however, if you are working through a big change, and it’s fresh and new. Of course that is different. But after about a season, you may want to try and talk about other things, that are more uplifting and fun with your friends. Or they could feel drained after a while. And, on that particular not, it’s not fair to say, “Well, that is not a friend.” Because your friend listened to you for months. However, do keep them posted on improvements in the situation or, any kind of shift or change. Your friends are not supposed to be your counselors. If you can’t shake a problem, after a season, perhaps your family, and for sure your psychics are a better way to go. Some people don’t even have their family to vent with. I hope those people call us, as well, because this is one of the main reasons a lot of us readers are here, and, we have dedicated our professional life to help you through your most complex times.

    Again, this article has superlative points. Please know that my goal is to help you get the most out of your life, be the best you can be, and ultimately, improve and triumpth in all of your relationships.

    Please read this article again, save it, print it, share it with your friends and family. And remember, if you can’t shake a problem, or you feel down, think about calling us here at CP, instead of your friends, especially if you already have shared the same problems with friends, for a while. Your friends don’t want to become your stress hotline, but your psychics, here, want to help you with crisis, emotions and uplift you, guide you in order so that you can become, or remain pleased in all of your relationships.

    Thanks, Carmen! I think you did great and there was not really any other way to really say this. Bravo.
    Miss Krystal

  11. Jai Krishna PonnappanJai Krishna

    Great article, with plenty of good points.
    A lot of successful positive people not only surround themselves with people who are either more successful or positive than themselves, they also do very well in guarding against negative people and negative emotions. Thoughts give birth to words. And tongues can be sharp swords that can cut for both good as well as bad. Being constructive and staying focused on plans with good intentions automatically tends to create a state of mind so powerful that there is no more looking around for trouble makers. Positive thoughts not only help eliminate fear and hypocrisy, but also go a long way in brushing aside people who perpetuate hate and negativity. A few kind and pleasant words can make a big difference to someone who is down and out. But then again actions speak louder than words. A good deed or an act of service needs no prompting if it comes from the heart.

    “Birds of a feather flock together”.
    “Bad company corrupts good character”.
    “You can’t always judge a book by its cover but you can measure a man’s character by the company he keeps or the woman that he is with”
    “You can’t always change the world but you can preach the word and share the wisdom you hold in your silence”
    Using the right words is well and truly reflective of a person’s inner state of mind esp. his/her thoughts. Thanks for the wonderful article. I just love reading the posts on this blog. Blessings 🙂

  12. Cathe

    What a wonderful article. I am working on my higher self and this article was just what I needed. Thank you with a big smile

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    ooops, sorry about the type-o…I meant….it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    My eyes aren’t the best sometimes.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article… I read this I’m reminded of what my GreatAunt used to say…’s not what you sat, sometimes, it’s how you say it!

    Whether it’s thought, action, or words…Karma is accrued in many different ways.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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