Ask Your Spirit Guides: Encouraging Her Son’s Gifts

Debbie from California writes:

My son was born on February 22, 1989, with the gift of seeing auras. Lately he has expressed an interest in long distance healing for a friend. I try to be encouraging and give him info (he works a lot!). Is there anything I should do to encourage him along his path? And what do you see him best using his natural gifts for?

Dear Debbie,

Your son definitely was born to be a healer and bringer of change and transformation!

However, he has many choices about how he will manifest this destiny, and he will likely pursue at least three different careers over the course of his life. At least one of those careers could, if he chooses, be as a very visible leader in business, politics, social or environmental reform, or other areas of similarly broad impact, which could strongly affect our national or global future. Or he could become a reclusive spiritual master — or anything in between.

There is almost no limit to what he could become, his only obstacles being tendencies to over-analyze before acting, and to keep his expectations small.

You may want to get a detailed report or reading regarding his numerology, because he has two Master Numbers in his Destiny. First, Spiritual Master Builder 22 rules the second phase of his life, from approximately age 28 through about age 56. Even more important, his overall Destiny or Power Number is Master Number 33, a rare and transcendental vibration that is called Master of Healing Energies. This transformational destiny also appears in his astrological chart.

Because you’re naturally fascinated with spirituality and metaphysics, you have effortlessly created an atmosphere which encourages your son to confidently express and explore his considerable gifts. Never underestimate how vital that atmosphere has been to his development, and to his future!

However, you and he gain knowledge about these subjects in very different ways, according to your personalities and intellectual bent. You seem to be all about going out and making stuff happen, gathering books and data and soaking it all up joyfully. Your son, on the other hand, seems to get his knowledge directly from the universe rather than from books, and by going within to access gifts and wisdom from his many past lives as a healer.

He might never formally study any of the many techniques popular today, but that will not keep him from activating and using his talents. Just scanning internet sites or glancing through a book about healing is often more than enough to help him open up channels for wisdom from past lives, angels and spirit guides.

Whatever your son chooses, he will walk the “road less traveled,” and draw his inspiration and knowledge from mysterious and powerful sources.

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