The Meaning of a Hummingbird Sighting

The Meaning of a Hummingbird Sighting

A Symbol of Infinite Joy, Resilience, and Energy

Have you ever had a hummingbird sighting? Despite their size, they are able to do things that no other bird or animal can do. For instance, hummingbirds can fly backward and forwards and even hover in mid-air. Hummingbirds may be tiny, but their spiritual message is huge—you have the flexibility and stamina to do far more than you think possible. Perhaps there’s a place in your life that calls for you to be more flexible, to bend like a willow without breaking like a mighty oak. It’s fluidity versus rigidity. In other words, try not to get too stuck in your ways.

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As a small and colorful bird, it’s possible that the hummingbird’s appearance is a sign from Spirit that’s letting you know you’re doing okay. You’re handling life issues well and that you have shown a lot of strength, flexibility, and spirit. Spirit will also send small birds and animals that represent a shared memory between you and a loved one. In other words, a hummingbird sighting is unique, significant, and meaningful to everyone in an individual way.

Balancing Energies

You may notice how much energy and determination a hummingbird puts into finding nectar, but what you don’t often see is that they spend a good amount of time resting too. So, if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, Spirit’s message to you through a hummingbird sighting may be that you need more balance in your life and less stress through periods of rest, relaxation. and meditation.

When a hummingbird flies, his wings form the pattern of the infinity symbol. This speaks to his message of infinity and eternity. Hummingbirds can fly great distances. The message here is that everything worth pursuing in life can be a lifelong journey so don’t give up. Instead, rest when you need to and then start again.

The Medicine Animal for Your Spirit

No one can be sad when they have a hummingbird sighting. When your spirit aches or you’re feeling particularly negative and you can’t seem to shake it off, call upon the hummingbird spirit to lift your own spirit and find the simple joys within daily routines and challenges.

Your Power Animal

As a power animal, you may call upon the hummingbird when you need the strength to keep up with the many demands upon you. The hummingbird will help you accomplish great feats while also keeping your mood light and upbeat. You’ll worry less about the unnecessary stress that can zap your energy. Also, whether mental or physical, as a power animal the hummingbird can help you with flexibility. If you’re pushing to get through a workout, the hummingbird is a perfect power animal to call upon. If you find yourself working out a problem, the hummingbird can help you discover new and enlightened ways of handling issues that would normally cause you great stress.

Your Totem Animal

If the hummingbird is your totem animal, you may have the stamina and the ability to go long distances. What others view as impossible you see as accomplishable. In addition to this go-getter spirit, you probably accomplish difficult tasks with little or no complaints. You handle your business and maybe even have fun doing it. It’s that simple.

As air totems, birds are the animals closest to heaven, and the hummingbird is no different. Spirit sends us hummingbird sightings to show us how sweet life can be when we go after the joy of it—the sweet nectar of life.


The hummingbird is synonymous with keywords like; positive, uplifting, independent, quick-witted (as hummingbirds are extremely smart), responsive, light, bright, colorful, enduring, healing, peaceful, and flexible,

In Your Dreams

Having a hummingbird sighting in your dreams is good luck. It may symbolize an upcoming project or situation that requires your diligence and expediency. Don’t just let things lay dormant or ignored. The quick movements and wings that move almost faster than the eye can see symbolize accomplishment and rapid movement in a forward direction. A dream involving a hummingbird may also bring your attention to a little idea you had that has great potential for becoming something big.

Native Connections and Beliefs

In many Native American tribes, the hummingbird is a healer who often helps people in times of need and distress. Many tribes have hummingbird clans. To Northwest coastal tribes, the hummingbird is a symbol of good luck.

The ancient Aztec God, Huitzilopochtli, was often pictured as a hummingbird in Aztec art. And the Mayans have a wonderful story about the Great Spirit who created Tzunuum, a hummingbird who was prided for her wonderful flying abilities. However, she was colorless and about to be married so many birds and bits of nature, including the beautiful red cardinal, gave her bits of their color which she accepted graciously. She was so humbled by the gestures of sweetness that the Great Spirit declared that Tzunuum could wear her wedding dress every day, and so hummingbirds got their great array of colors from their fellow spirit animals.

With all that you now know about the hummingbird, do you look forward to your next hummingbird sighting?

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7 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Hummingbird Sighting

  1. Sherrie

    I had a hummingbird coming to the warehouse where I work . I have a fake tree by my desk and it kept buzzing by my head and going in the tree for 2 days . Then it got its foot stuck on top of this ledge. We rescued it but soon died .Was so sad . What does that mean ??

  2. Cynthia Owens

    Toay,October17,2018, I had just stepped out my back door to get some fresh air and a hummingbird landed on a flower only a few feet away. I automatically froze with endearment.A good 30 seconds and it was gone.It gave me a peace of tranquility.It was a beautiful feeling

  3. Erin Luden

    Love seeing hummingbirds in the beautiful Arizona Desert .
    They truly are a tiny bird of abundant beauty! I always feel lucky when they get close why hiking.

  4. LJ

    Thanks Patricia Marie: And thank you for sharing your personal hummingbird story with us. Spirit animals have a nice way of making us stop and enjoy the moment and the simple beauty in life we might sometimes take for granted. You obviously have an appreciation for life’s little wonders. Enjoy your hummingbirds; they’ll be back very soon.

    1. LJ

      Thanks Wanda – feel free to share it with someone who may be “stuck.” Glad you liked the article.

  5. Patricia Marie Whitten

    I used to have hummingbirds show up beginning in early spring when the trees and vines would start to blossom. They would really hang around the elderly couple’s enclosed patio, next door to where I lived. I used to always love to watch them when they would show up. I never thought of the meaning of the sightings of Hummingbirds until now. I did watch them when they would land on a wire or branch to rest, and the feeder’s I had for them. I knew that they flew great distances , and always wonder how they did it. They have been a favorite of mine for along time. Now I will think about them more often and what a beautiful wonderful little spirit creature they are. Thank you for the information.


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