The Meaning of a Goat Sighting

The Meaning of an Goat Sighting

Are You Ready for the Next Step?

Despite the goat’s reputation, it’s safe to say that goat energy is good energy—positive, discerning, intelligent, and adventurous. Goat energy can turn our focus to facing challenges and drive our determination to rise to the next level in life. Whether you live in a city or on a goat farm, it’s not unlikely you’ll see a goat in your lifetime. However, even if you’ve never had a goat sighting, you can still call on the spirit of goat energy when you’re ready to take that necessary next step or make a decisive move.

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Goat Traits

Some of the goat’s most noted traits are balance, curiosity, patience, accomplishment, sure-footedness, and confidence. When we need to summon these types of energies, we can tap into goat energy through meditation and level-headed concentration. Some people have the goat as one of their spirit animals. However, goat energy is available to everyone who cares to tap into that energy; it is available to all. That’s certainly something to think about the next time you have a goat sighting.

Ties to Astrology and Tarot

Think of the sign of Capricorn, ruler of the astrological 10th house of careers. Although originally depicted as they mythological sea goat, we most associate the sign of Capricorn with a goat—particularly in western culture. In careers, Capricorns are usually striving to get the best title, make the best salary, and get to the coveted top of their game. Sure, not everyone wants or needs that but those born under the sign of Capricorn are typically in some sort of leadership position or striving to get there—even if it’s just living life on their own terms.

The Devil card represents Capricorn. This association comes mostly through the spread of Christian beliefs. The World is the Tarot card that represents Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn.

Even in Chinese astrology, we have the Year of the Goat. Under the five elements in Chinese astrology, people born under the year of the goat are either:

1. Metal goats, with a tough exterior and a fragile interior
2. Water goats, who are fun-loving, carefree, and moody when they don’t get their way
3. Wood goats, who are generous and sociable
4. Fire goats, who are determined, have a small, close-knit group of associates, and almost always put themselves first
5. Earth goats, who are practical, conservative, and have their feet firmly planted on the ground

Totem Animals, Spirit Guide, and Power Animals

Those who focus on abundance and comfort by way of career or investments likely have the goat as their totem animal. They are prepared and often focused on achievements too. Someone looking to rise to the top would call upon the energy of the goat climbing the mountain all the way to the top. It is the spirit of the goat that comes through when someone is looking for balance and sure-footedness.

When it’s time to step off a perch or step down from a cliff, it’s a good time to call upon the energy of the goat—this time as a power animal. Goat energy is resilient and patient. It will study a situation and move at just the precise time that seems primed for success. The goat will not quit or back away. Therefore, the goat’s energy gives us determination. Will you feel it the next time you have a goat sighting?

Goat Associations and Mythology

Goats and their horns are part of mythology. The Satyrs of Greek mythology were half goat/half man. Zeus has an association with a goat named Amalthea, whose name means “nourishing goddess,” and one of her horns became the Cornucopia which provides unending nourishment. Each of these stories gives us the association between goats and abundance, plenty, and male virility too.

To the Chinese, who believe that energy comes in the form of yin or yang, the male goat is yang energy, representing harmony, happiness, and a positive force. While Thor, the Norse god of Thunder, chose goats to lead his battle chariots, as goats were fearless.

In general, there’s a connection between goats and sensuality, fertility, health, and vitality. You may call upon the goat’s best traits when determination is needed in finishing a project or accomplishing a goal. Also, going after your goals at the most beneficial time (rather than just jumping right in on a whim) would be another steadying, balanced approach you can borrow from the goat.

Now that you know more about the goat, are you looking forward to your next goat sighting?

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