Animal Tarot: September 27 – October 3

Animal Tarot: September 27-October 3 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Can Tarot be used for spiritual transformation as well as prediction? Unequivocally yes! This deck, The Animal Tarot, has been “vibrationally” translated by its authors, Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, to a high level of spiritual consciousness that helps us view the greatest good in every situation.

Nothing “bites” here, (no pun intended), and that’s probably why it’s one of my very favorite Tarot decks. I mean, who needs more stuff to be scared of right now? Plus, the Animal Tarot deck can be mixed in with other decks to add additional perspectives, and many layers of understanding, to our situations. Our consciousness will dictate our choices in everything we meet, and will make it about growth and spiritual evolution.

If we choose the “lower” perspective, it will be about “payment” for past actions and attitudes, which we call “karma”. Which viewpoint will you choose? So many parts of life are crystallized by reading Tarot; maybe. all of them are.

So, let’s enter the profoundly wise world of nature this week through the Animal Tarot and manifest our Greatest Good in every situation that comes up for us!

September 27 – Sunday

Ten of Winter (Swords)

So, you’ve raised that child, helped that friend to have a peaceful transition to the Spirit world, or successfully ended an aspect of your career. Release the “leash” to other hands and enjoy the freedom that entails, this card says. A better future awaits you beyond the fear of change.

September 28 – Monday

King of Autumn (Pentacles)

The Universe has your back. Resources that you need will be there when you need them. A business person has some good ideas that are worth your close attention. Literally, you could meet a new Earth sign native who becomes your business or romantic partner!

September 29 – Tuesday

Ace of Autumn (Pentacles)

You will taste success today! Money could come to you through an unusual channel. You could get lucky in games of chance, in court, or through inheritance. At the very least, things will flow for you in a fortunate way that is unexpected. A happy surprise is in the process of playing itself out.

September 30 – Wednesday

Two of Summer (Cups)

How do you feel about being “us” instead of “I”? A change is about to take place in how you meet the world. Be aware of any inner resistance and gently explore the attachment to your “me” identity. Where does it come from? You can gently release it for your highest good, when and if, you decide to. You join a group, become part of a couple, or start a family. Whatever happens, you will no longer be going it alone.

October 1 – Thursday

Nine of Spring (Wands)

You wake up today to realize that you’ve won. So, what does that mean? We each harbor pet dreams and visions, whether for our love lives, social lives, or work lives, right? What is yours? Hurry, the first one popping into your mind is the one this card points to. Now, hang a victory wreath!

October 2 – Friday

Seven of Autumn (Pentacles)

Cultivate patience today. The calm cow gazes at you serenely on this card’s picture, giving you a message. The planning, resources, and effort that you’ve put into a goal will pay off. Meditate and follow the guidance spirit reveals to you. You can trust it today.

October 3 – Saturday

Unity (Hierophant)

We unite under a new leader today. This leader has “spiritual” values free of dogma and prejudice. Everyone’s included. We are all connected to everything else that “is”, whether we realize it or not. The higher vibration of the Hierophant is of someone who creates unity, as this card points out, instead of division. It invites us to join in and work for the greatest good for all.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Transition Spread

This is a great spread to use when we’re leaving behind a relationship, friendship, job, or location that is lacking something essential to our happiness. We decide that a change must take place.

This is a seven-card spread that looks at what it would take for us to complete the necessary change, seven being the number of completion.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and concentrate on a change you are about to make. Lay the cards face down and spread them out on the table in front of you.

When you are ready, pull seven cards randomly from the deck and lay them out in a diagonal line, starting from the top left, descending downwards until you reach card seven at the bottom of the spread.

Turn the cards over, one by one, starting at the top.

Card One- What are you currently transitioning away from?

Card Two- What essential energies are contained within it?

Card Three- What parts of this situation is your higher self demanding that you leave behind? (Even if it seems like you didn’t choose the change, it reflects the goals of your higher self or it wouldn’t be happening.)

Card Four- How will you accomplish this?

Card Five- What elements are lacking in the current situation?

Card Six- What resources are available now for you to get those essential elements into your life?

Card Seven- What is your next best step forward?

Take a moment to journal what thoughts come up as you consider the answer to the question asked by card seven.

Thanks for joining me this week! May the fairies of change sprinkle stardust on your path.

Bright blessings, right at’cha!

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