Daily Focus: September 26 – October 2

Your Daily Focus: September 26-October 2 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Crystals are wildly popular even amongst people who do not understand their energy and vibrational potential. Each type of crystal, and each crystal individually, has its own unique vibrational frequency. Crystals are so unique and so mysterious, that scientists recently discovered a type of quartz that stores massive amounts of technological data for billions of years.

We are constantly being bombarded with vibrational information and energy fields, emotions from others and cosmic forces push and pull at us and around us. When we carry crystals with us, or set them up in specific formations, we are matching and affecting the vibrational energy around us. Different stones have different capabilities, and different days of the week in which they are best utilized.

If you’re looking for new crystals, or when you purchase new crystals, make sure to feel the weight and the energy of them in your hands, feel how your skin will warm around the stone. You can also charge the crystals in sunlight, moonlight, with oils, herbal water, or with mediation and prayer. If you want to create a deep and personal connection to a particular stone, wear it around your neck, close to your heart. In this week’s Daily Focus, we’ll examine the best crystals to use throughout the week to keep your vibrational energy up.

September 26


“Dark as night, only starless, as dark as the deepest part of the sea.”

Saturday is Saturn’s day, the planet of death and darkness. Jet, a stone as black as night, is often used to absorb negative energy and fear. It is a powerful protection stone, forged from petrified wood and organic material. It contains within it a living soul, and often requires care to keep the crystal from cracking in its raw form. Polished jet is smooth and sleek. Carry it with you for added protection.

September 27


“Fool’s gold is fine when you’re the fool.”

I could have gone with gold for Sunday, but there’s something about pyrite, or fool’s gold, that I just love. This crystal is affordable and easy to find, unlike the much rarer stone it mimics. Although they look similar, pyrite lacks its cousin’s ability to be melted and molded easily into sturdy tools; however, from a mystical point of view, pyrite is just as effective. It is as golden as the sun, and often used to symbolize the star, and all of the masculine energy that comes along with that; however, it is of the earth, often below ground, and is more connected to that element than to Fire. It will bring you luck and good fortune if you carry it with you.

September 28


“A tiny moon in a jar, in the palm of your hand, in your pocket.”

Moonstone is one of my favorite stones, because I am a sucker for anything with a rainbow. This stone is white and shot through with holographic rainbows. It’s a stone for rebirth, new beginnings, and personal growth. When you carry moonstone, new opportunities will manifest.

September 29


“Red as blood or mars in the night.”

Jasper is a healing stone, often associated with blood and circulation. It is the same bright red as Mars and is associated with that planet. The anger, tension, and visions of war that the idea of Mars conjures are flipped and shifted here. Jasper is protective, nurturing, and healing, it is what you need to escape tension and stress.

September 30


“Tiny rainbows trapped in dark stone, like a third eye peering out of a skull.”

Labradorite is without a doubt my favorite stone. This dark grey stone contains bright streaks of rainbow opalescence. This powerful crystal is used to open the third eye, increase psychic abilities, and encourage psychic dreams. It can also be used to calm the nerves and heal the body, mind, and spirit.

October 1

Yellow Sapphire

“A yellow sapphire is as bright and striking as lighting.”

Yellow sapphire is rarer than its brother, blue sapphire, and has more connections to the element of Air than of Water. It is known as Thor’s stone, and so Thursday is a great day to cleanse and use this crystal, if you manage to track one down. It has the ability to increase brain power and help with intellectual stimulation.

October 2

Rose Quartz

“Rose Quartz in your pocket will open your heart.”

Rose quartz is a beautiful, light pink crystal. One of the most common kinds of crystals, it is used to encourage love, romance, friendship, and kindness. Rose is a vital component of love spells of every kind, and pink is the color of love. Friday is the day for love as well, named for Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, and who is associated with Venus and Aphrodite. Friday is a great day to charge and cleanse this sweet little stone, so it will help bring wonderful things into your life for the rest of the week.

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